#DRIVECLUB #PS4SHARE moment - Norway Impact

This is a glimpse of #DRIVECLUB in action. The video was captured direct from #PS4, showing a cool #PS4SHARE moment from a race up on a 7,703 ft tall mountain in Norway.

The sun, the clouds and the ambient lighting inside the car will all look better soon, because we're about to upgrade the lighting and atmospheric optics. When we do, we will share a full race with you. You won't have to wait much longe

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ThatCanadianGuy5141730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Looks absolutely incredible.
Edit:LOOK at that fog in the distance.Oh my god.
Can't wait to see the new build.

Enemy1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Comment from Evolution at the source:

"The sun, the clouds and the ambient lighting inside the car will all look better soon, because we're about to upgrade the lighting and atmospheric optics. When we do, we will share a full race with you. You won't have to wait much longer."

No baked lighting or painted clouds here, folks.

GiggMan1730d ago

Looks realistic. First time I noticed the window cracking. Actually first time I have seen other actual cars on the track.

Most realistic looking racer and it's free.

Destrania1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


Kind of free ;-) I still have this baby on pre-order from Amazon. Definitely going to support the devs hard work.

ProjectVulcan1730d ago

Er wow, that has improved a lot since I last saw it in the direct feed videos!

More than I had hoped even. Delay could be the best thing happened to it?

GTgamer1730d ago

First you delay the game now you show amazing gameplay ok evolution studio my heart cant take it anymore what kind of sick game are you playing Sony. Its not funny :(

pyramidshead1730d ago

If it's going to look even better than this then I'm sure as hell glad they delayed it.

Looking spectacular. All that juicy true next gen dynamic real time stuff.

FamilyGuy1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Wow, I might just skip the PS+ edition, I already know I want this game. Guess I'll wait to see the price of upgrading PS+ Edition in to the full version first though.

Did you all re-watch the trailer like 20 times too? It looks... real, it looks fast and it looks fun. They put a lot of effort in to this and this isn't even the final build. Seeing other real cars on the track for the first time really had a big impact on the visuals too. It was like watching a sports car commercial on location in a place you'd actually want to vacation to.

The car that hits him has some red lights in its rims, I wonder how deep customization really goes. Something like that could be a signature for your specific car club. Agggh I can't wait to freakin play this.

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M-M1730d ago

THIS is next generation. I'm glad they took some more time to polish the game, it looks TOO good.

FamilyGuy1730d ago

The game looks so freakin good in this short 11v second clip that it's basically untrollable!

It looks amazing and everybody knows it.
...and it's gonna look even better soon.

awesomeperson1730d ago

I'm surprised that the Share button uploads video in this quality. Don't know why, but I was expecting it to look worse.

Can't wait to see how Driveclub progresses over the delay period, it looks phenomenal right now. Getting close to the look of the reveal. If Evolution keep improving like this, I definitely think the delay was worth it (helps with slow year 1 release period aswell).

theXtReMe11730d ago

Agreed. That fog in the background, assuming you drive up to and through it, is an effect I don't remember ever seeing before. Id love to see that in more games, especially something like Elder Scrolls.

FamilyGuy1730d ago

...Gif needed O.O
It's only 11 seconds

Guess I'm heading to neogaf.

Kayant1730d ago

Man am happy this got delayed for the better since am not getting a PS4 at launch. I can't believe it looks this good on FB's shitty video player & dat side window damage... Damn can't wait for the newer footage hopefully on gamersyde.

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black0o1730d ago

only 11 sec .. and it looks better

scott1821730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Looks too good, I got a bit nervous when he got rammed in the side and the window cracked, like the damn thing was really happening. looks absolutely incredible.

Xsilver1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

That track looks incredible damn wish it wasn't delayed but i guess it's for the best for a more polished finished game. did that mirror crack good god\(O.O)/.

Majin-vegeta1730d ago


Sorry guys to excited.

Notice the mirror break :O

FlameHawk1730d ago

Wow that background looks amazing, I'm ok with the delay if it means a graphical upgrade.

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