Killer Instinct Xbox One character guide - how Double Helix has updated the movesets

OXM:Sort of free-to-play fighter Killer Instinct launches alongside the Xbox One on 22nd November, marking the franchise's first appearance on consoles in over 17 years. Given the IP's age, it's probably safe to assume that your knowledge of the series is hazy at best, non-existent at worst. That's where we come in - it's our sworn duty to fill your head will the kind of gloriously silly nonsense only fighting game backstories can provide.

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malokevi1853d ago

Lately I have been hearing nothin but positive impressions of this game. Both in the gameplay and, particularly, in the visuals department. for 20 bucks (provided I dig the demo copy) it's pretty much a no brainier. Should have tons of replay value for couch MP.

dirigiblebill1853d ago

I'm undecided. The price per character is quite high, but I think they're onto something when they say that most people never bother with the whole roster anyway.

Gamer6661852d ago

Yeah, I like how a lot of people did not like it because it was developed by Double Helix... As if Double Helix is incapable of creating anything good.

What people don't realize is that MS probably set quality levels for them to meet and they are probably funding the project well. Something Double Helix probably appreciates and has probably not had to work under before.

malokevi1852d ago

Meh, it's the internet. Haters gon hate. Wont change the outcome.

XboxFun1852d ago

People also didn't realize that almost all of their games were movie tie-ins that more than likely were on a fixed schedule.

With KI and Strider they have the time and ample resources to develop a spectacular game.

I remember people like Root and Mr. Nuts doing their best to down KI just because of Double Helix.

andrewsqual1852d ago

Yeah the €40 for 8 characters definitely suggests Microsoft was behind it alright. Obviously their "quality level" at work as you put it. Animations are still god awful and stiff in the game though.

You get 8 characters for free with Tekken Revolution btw.

knoxin1852d ago

love this game, (but this sort of free game), if it's sort of free then its not free it's a demo

GiantEnemyCrab1852d ago

For $20 I will pick it up and it also includes the original KI.

knoxin1852d ago

the 20 bucks, you don't get the ki1 thats the $39.99 version

BigShotSmoov0071852d ago

I'm buying the game hands down. I don't need free to play for this one. This is one of the games that seem to get more and more positive feedback from people that actually seen and played the game. It's just picking up stem the closer we get to the launch of the XBO. Can't wait to pick it up.

knoxin1852d ago

Agree all the little changes they've made, takes the fight to SF4, but I only want DR3 and this so I'm going to wait

BigShotSmoov0071852d ago

I feel ya. I want everything that the new consoles has to offer. I'm getting like 6 games for the XBO. My wallet is pissed off but my soul will be happy.

CRAIG6671852d ago

I got the day one Forza 5 bundle, but KI is the game I want on XB1 more than anything, cant wait!
Next year... Gonna be so broke!
Halo5,Quantum break, Titanfall,sunset overdrive...
Not to mention the multiplats

Fireseed1852d ago

I simply cannot wait. I'm a huge fan of the series and have been following it's development VERY closely, got to play it a few weeks ago again and I'd even go so far as to say this is the best KI to date.

BigShotSmoov0071852d ago

I actually have never played a Killer Instint which I'm ashamed to say at my age lol. This game just looks gorgeous though and I'm a hugh fighting game fan so I'm really looking forward to jumping in and seeing how this runs.

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