Rewind Returns in NBA Live 14

PP:Dynamic Season and NBA Rewind were never officially announced for either NBA Elite 11 or NBA Live 13 after appearing in Live 09 and 10. Also mentioned in the feature descriptions are that Ultimate Team will include legends which has been expected ever since early this summer when legends were confirmed to be part of the product. More on Ultimate Team was scheduled to be released on Monday but instead has been pushed back to next week.

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cellfluid1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Who gives a damn live is dead!!
Nba 2k all the way!!

JetsFool35001759d ago

Lives Gameplay is gonna be better

xJumpManx1759d ago

I prefer live as well but some like a slower sim feel to basketball.

cellfluid1759d ago

Not with thoes manicuins running around its not!! The game play is Farrr from fluid all live games suffer from this it's all based on scripted animations!!

JetsFool35001759d ago

@jumpman just turn down the game speed

@cellfluid live been had physics based contact since 2010 & if anything it hardly had any animations 2k is all about animations which got even worse this year

THamm1759d ago

Legends? how about legendary teams? Yeah 2k has that and yes each player plays like his real self...

eferreira1759d ago

live players look like they're made of plastic.

Gambit_the_White1759d ago

2K14 is looking sooooooo much better based on what we've seen from both games.

strigoi8141759d ago

even they bring their parents .2K14 will just school them