Batman: Arkham Origins - First Two Hours Walkthrough

DSOGaming writes: "Warner Bros released yesterday a 17 minutes gameplay walkthrough of Batman: Arkham Origins. But who really cares for that as below you can find a two hours gameplay walkthrough video from this upcoming Batman title (captured by YouTube's "HHGamingHD")."

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mhunterjr1671d ago

This game looks awesome!!! Games like this make me think I can wait a year for a next gen console.

PS, since the combat is QTE heavy, N4G is going to bash it to pieces right? Right? Or does that only apply to MS exlusicves.

theenglishman1671d ago

The QTEs are more "action commands" than anything, and are integrated into the game seamlessly. The combat is set up more like this: Mash Square/X until you see a prompt for a counter or unique combo then press that button. It gives the combat a nice flow to it, almost like a rhythm game.

On a related note, it's nice to see Arkham Origins continuing the tradition of having awesome intro tutorials. Arkham City had one of my favourite tutorials ever (so much to teach the player with just eight words on screen!) and while Origins can't quite live up to that, it's still pretty great from what Mr. Hassan al-Hajry has shown us.

Vanhelsing27791670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Dont want to ruin my first 2 hours so i only watched the deathstroke fight since i knew about it. Bloody hell that was impressive. Apart from the occasional repeating animation, thats how to fight a human just hope the (LADY) SHIVA fight is just as good