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With Watch Dogs' Delay, Do You Still Care About the PS4 and Xbox One's Launch? Plus: Goodbye Max

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ToastyMcNibbles1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

He was still wondering what system to buy Watch Dogs on? Doesn't the PS4 version have exclusive content? Why not buy that version? Sess is awesome but I'm sure if the Xbox version of the game had the content he wouldn't even question the purchase. PS4 must be making it very hard for him to stay glued to the Xbox as he was this generation.

PSjesus1797d ago

Sessler since the backlash of Xbone been aggressive on gaming consoles in general trying to say hey don't buy new consoles until more games coming,yes a**hole because most popular consoles had hits at lunch of it's cycle(PS2 Phanta vision,PS1 ridge racer,DS and 3DS nothing)!!!!in fact Vita and Dreamcast had the best lunch line up ever but weren't a huge's A new gen consoles you professional journalist of course you wont find next gen Bioshock or eldercscroll at lunch


I would have to disagree with him, I think the xb1 has a great lineup of next gen games that I am interested in, and frankly I am excited for them.

I cannot say the same for the ps4 because the only game I am interested in for that system is killzone. If the ps4 was my only option...I could see his point.

monkeyDzoro1797d ago

Yeah because everyboy is ineterested in racing sim like Forza5, or highly GENERIC zombie games. The only game for X1 I'm interested in is Ryse.
I PREFER, because it's a matter of taste, the PS4 lineup.
Buyin a console for JUST for its lineup is like buying a $400 or $500 game. What will you do after playing those lineup games if there's no more games you're interested in ?
This is where background of those consoles come in consideration. PS4 has not only IMO more and better launch window games, plus a huge library built during former gen. And PS4 has PS+ so... choice is made.

CYCLEGAMER1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

lol...That is my point...I will not spend $470 for killzone...I am going to wait until the ps4 has more next gen games b4 I get it, because after I beat killzone...then what??

The xb1 has games that I want and the multiplayer games will be better due to its dedicated servers. Killer instinct, Forza, Dead Rising, and Ryse,and multiplates will hold me until, quantum break sunset overdrive and Halo come out.

monkeyDzoro1796d ago

I dont see any Halo game in 2014. Too early.
I'd have prefer SunsetOverdrive instead of DR3, it's pretty much the same gameplay BUT with other creatures than zombies. And about QuantumBreak, not enough info.

kingduqc1797d ago

I don't see a reason to get any consoles yet as a pc gamer, there is like 1 interesting title that isn't multiplat on the consoles and really they don't worth 400$ + the game +60 to play on line a year.

Specially games like watch dogs that will look so good on my high res 2560*1440 screen buter smooth 60 fps. UGH CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY.

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