Next-Gen Controller Hands On

Analog Addiction writes: "One of the most important parts of the console is the controller. With the PS4 and Xbox One just around the corner, and a couple of the editors here on Analog Addiction having finally gotten our hands on both controllers. Myself, PlayStation Editor George Sinclair and Xbox 360 Editor Nathan Manning share our views on the controllers."

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jatakk1735d ago

Can't wait to try them both! I'll have to say that the 360 controller is my favourite this generation over the ds3, mainly because of the triggers and the asymmetrical design of the analog sticks.

Mikelarry1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Same i am so bored of watching other people's you-tube videos and opinions on what is god and bad on both. the impulse triggers on the one and the touch pad and share button are just a few of what i want to try out

1735d ago
strickers1735d ago

The guy that couldn't tell the difference between DS3 and 4 triggers is an idiot.

darthv721735d ago

He didnt insult the controller so why feel the need to insult him?

XB1_PS41735d ago

It's an opinion, sheesh.

smoothop1735d ago

Seems like both controllers are really good, obviously we will have to spend a lot of time with them to judge them properly in the long run. Overall first impressions seem a win win situation for gamer's.

123pol1735d ago

i dont get how you could not feel the difference between ds3 and ds4. i hated the ds3 and when i tested the ds4 i almost screamed FINALLY !!!.
its a HUGE improvement . love that they finally added concave sticks and the triggers felt really nice

they are both good controllers and the only thing that really seperates them now is symetrical vs asymetrical sticks. they both feel good in the hands ( backside on ds4 is more grippy if you have sweaty hands ) the d pad is better on ds4 . but the sticks is better on xbox one controller. ( better grip ) the triggers just come down to taste.

JackISbacK1734d ago

improvements done to ds4 are great but xbox controller were having those things over one generation so it means ds4 has come closer to xbox contoller but this time xbox one controller is also having some changes which give it step further from ds4 ,we know there are not many changes but xbox contrller was close to perfection and now it has achieved perfection so still xbox one controller is the best for shooters and those conroller that can play shooters best are also best in every thing but i'am also impressed with improvements in ds4.

Sadist31734d ago

After reading your comment, I know how Batman feels when he goes against the Riddler. My mind is boggled.