Nostalgia Strikes Again with the Return of a Classic Controller

Off the back of Microsoft’s announcement that they will be adding backwards compatibility for original Xbox games, accessory manufacturer Hyperkin has announced they are joining forces with Microsoft to recreate arguably one of the most infamous peripherals in gaming history.

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JonnS176d ago

Day one , just for the hell of it .

EatCrow176d ago

Is something wrong with you?

JonnS176d ago

Nope perfectly fine .
Now you on the other hand seem to have an issue with what people want or like .
Does it bother u that someone is willing to buy what they deem good for them or simply like . Cause if not why make such a comment .

176d ago
InTheZoneAC176d ago

Don't assume, just asking a question

JonnS176d ago

I assume nothing .
simple question to the you're response and curious as to why you would think something is wrong with me .

JonnS176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

One assumptouis question deserve another.

Like i stated in my earlier comment , am perfectly fine. enjoy supporting my plat and its accessories..

Bismarn176d ago

What a time to be alive.

Jakens176d ago

From the article.

"but new additions to the design will feature an LCD screen, replacing the static Xbox logo with an animated one, and a 2.75m detachable cable"

Correrog176d ago

Some things don't need to come back. I loved the controller at the time, but I thought we moved on?

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The story is too old to be commented.