Major Nelson on Titanfall for PS4: Depends on Game, “Not Worried About” Timed Exclusivity

"Every now and again, the same question keeps coming back: Will Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall be a timed exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360? Considering the growing demand for PS4 consoles and Respawn's own replies to the same, it certainly seems possible."

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NYC_Gamer1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Its going to appear on PS4 because the game is being published and funded by EA

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CRAIG6671758d ago

I think Microsoft will be willing to spend BIG money keeping this exclusive, hence Nelson stating he's not worried...

Belking1758d ago

It's not EAs IP though. They have a publishing agreement and thats it. Respawn still has control of when and where it goes.

B-radical1758d ago

true basically EA promotes the game ships out the game makes money of the game buy mansions with profits from the game. It will be upto respawn if they want it to be released for ps4/wii u. Not microsoft or ea

Blaze9291758d ago

all of you missed the point he was trying to make with "question for titanfall"

aka, if it does well we'll keep it exclusive. if not, we won't spend our money for that.

DoubleM701758d ago

Why all the disagreements. Triple A games have to turn a big profit because of the developement cost. Sony didn't sink any money into Respawn (Titanfall). They passed on the game because they didn't have the infrastructure to support it. Why some of you Fanboys can't face those facts. I would love to see Naughty Dog go Multiplatform. I think their games should be enjoyed by all, but it want happen. I can except that and that's why I buy both consoles. I love games.

MorePowerOfGreen1758d ago

Major Nelson said he feels good that its a XB1 exclusive for good but anything is possible. That's it LMAO

PS fanboys and gamingbolt always trying to make something out of nothing.

He didn't say he's not worried about it being timed exclusive. He said he's not worried that it might some day go to PS4 because he's confident in the partnership with Respawn.

We're grasping at straws here. This gamingbolt article suggests Major Nelson is telling people it's a timed exclsuive and he's not worried about it.

We will see if MSFT is out bidded later on assuming the dev team has time to make a forth version.

MizTv1758d ago

If it's a x1 exclusive why am I going to play it on my pc?

HugoDrax1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Because as of now your PC is running which Operating System? I'll wait because I'll take a guess here and say its's a version of Windows hahaha...don't sit here and say you're running Linux either, just to say a different OS.

BG115791758d ago

@MizTv, because of the better graphics on PC and the keyboard mouse combo.

@AuricGoldfingerGive, right now yeah, but give some time, Valve's OS is around the corner...
AMD mantle, Nvidia G-SINC, revolution is a step away and when that happens PC gaming is going to change.

warczar1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

You bring up a good point Auricgoldfinger, we all are running some shitty version of windows and we all can't wait for someone else to come out with a new OS with a large enough install base so we will never have to deal with Microsoft again. hahaha.

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troylazlow1758d ago

Smart money is on it staying a MS exclusive. MS holds on to these franchises whenever possible. Halo, Gears, and now Tinfall

quenomamen1758d ago

Probably and honestly I could care less, I just can't be excited by any game made by the original " pump out the same turd every year " that was Infinity Ward and went on to become Respawn. Everybody is all moist for Titanfall yea ok, but come back and tell me how excited you are after Titanfall 5 featuring the tired gameplay and graphics. Their best game is their first, after that it's all downhill

warczar1757d ago

shows how little you know about the relationship between publisher and developer. Infinity ward had very little say in what game they were going to make next.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1758d ago

The drm flip flop killed that exclusive. Ea was trying to push just as hard as ms, with the cloudz.

XboxFun1758d ago

But doesn't MS throw money at devs to make games exclusive? I mean this is what I have been told time and time again by the insiders on N4G.

So why wouldn't this be any different? I'm sure MS will also throw money at EA to keep this game exclusive.

If everyone wants to play Titanfall so bad I think everyone needs to get a Xbox One.

MysticStrummer1758d ago

"If everyone wants to play Titanfall so bad I think everyone needs to get a Xbox One."

...or a 360... or a PC.

TheXgamerLive1758d ago

Here's the real answer. Due to an exclusivity deal TitanFall will never go to PS4 ....but a titanfall 2 game could. Thats totally up to Respawn.

malokevi1758d ago

Cool, yo. Can't wait to play this in the spring. People who dismiss it because it's "online only" or "timed exclusive" are just looking for lame excuses.

ajax171758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

It's EA, all they care about is making as much money as possible.

harrisk9541758d ago

Of course it is coming to PS4 at some point. NO ONE, NOT MS OR EA OR Respawn has said at any time that the game is a full-blown exclusive in perpetuity as opposed to a timed-exclusive. Even Larry Nelson's comment does not deny that it is timed:

Nelson replied, “As far as being an exclusive that’s really a question for Titanfall – I’m not worried about it though.”

But, the author of the article takes this to be an affirmation that it is a full exclusive title?? I don't see how he can make that leap. From the article: "No one can really say for sure, but if Nelson’s lack of worry says anything, it’s that the game might just stay exclusive after all." Ummm, yeah. Ok... So, Nelson's statement that he's "not worried about it" and to ask "Titanfall" (by the way, how does one go about asking Titanfall anything??) means that it is exclusive. Really? My read of Nelson's comment is that it is a timed-exclusive and that he is not worried about the PS4 getting the XB1's sloppy seconds a year or so from now.

Golden_Mud1758d ago

The real thing is Microsoft realize that the franchise will evolve in the future, I think there gonna buy the IP just like Halo

MuhammadJA1758d ago

it's still not confirmed for ps4, genius.

harrisk9541758d ago

Not confirmed. But, you would have to be pretty short-sighted to think that it was not a timed-exclusive. The box art would say "Only on XBox"... but, it doesn't. That is generally a sign of a timed-exclusive as opposed to a true exclusive.

Magicite1758d ago

remember the mass effect

3-4-51758d ago

If it goes to PS4 that is a GREAT thing.

It gives the dev's of Titanfall more money to use for their next game/games

PFFT1757d ago

Thats exactly what i said awhile back. If it becomes a multi-plat it will be a win win situation. XBO crew is happy Ps4 crew is happy AND Respawn will generate enough mula to fund more games be it Sequels or new IP'S.

davidDIRK1758d ago

If it gets on ps4 it will steal a lot of msoft's thunder

Kujii1758d ago

1 year timed exclusive sounds about right. EA finally have their COD killer and MS must have paid a hell of a lot of money for that timed exclusive.

It will be a system seller and a good boost for the xbox in 2014. More importantly Xbox will be associated with Titanfall much like it is with COD.

It's a smart move. But it will defiantly be coming to PS4 if EA wants to kill COD.

Eddie201011757d ago

Major nelson's lack of a real answer pretty much cements the fact that it is a timed exclusive, if it wasn't he would have said without a doubt that the game is strictly exclusive to just the Xbox cosoles and PC.

There is no reason for it to be a timed exclusive other than Microsoft payed for it. Something Microsoft is well known for doing.

The conclusions that the person writing the article came to seem like they have a fanboy bent to them.

mediate-this1757d ago

I dont know why people keep beating a dead horse. Reswan said them selves that could come to ps4 but micro supports them with their cloud. So to me that sounds like a timed.

Bjut who knows, only time will tell

xtremeimport1757d ago

I feel like Nelson doesn't even know its coming to PC as well as Xbox consoles.

mediate-this1757d ago

Wether you buy it on 360,pc, or xbone. Your still giving money to micro.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141758d ago

It's common sense that it will be on PS4.Sooner then later i'd say, once PS4 begins to distance itself sales wise from xbone.

CBOAT even confirmed it a long time ago.

MS still relying on timed exclusives lol
What's next? no longterm first party support? Gaps (sometimes years) with no worthwhile games at all? All focus on gimmicky kinect games?

pyramidshead1758d ago

You can understand it though if you've got bag loads of cash to throw about and not enough first party studies in the mix producing anything out at least in time for launch or launch window.

What I like to think about are the devs looking over at the other camp and seeing all the awesome press and pre-order numbers the console they're not releasing on is getting. Almost feel sorry for them lol. No way would they be passing on translating all those ps4s sold into game sales.

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GTgamer1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Lets put this one way If EA wants CoD profits for Titanfall it will have to go Multiplatform simple as that. EA is all about making more money look at Mass Effect.

HugoDrax1758d ago

EA is the publisher, it's up to Respawn. From my understanding it has little to do with EA wanting COD profits, it's more like if Respawn wants COD profits since they own the IP.

Then again no one knows how much money Zampella & West was awarded during their settlement with Activision. Could have been 500 million, or 1 billion..Public documents revealed they settled for a disclosed amount.

I'm just acknowledging that maybe Respawns goal is to acquire a fan base, and not so much being concerned with profits? because the settlement with Activision has taken care of Respawn from a financial stand point, that their main focus is just creating a great game. So far, so good as TITANFALL has already broken records and become one of the most anticipated games of 2014.

Revolver_X_1758d ago

Respawn not concerned with profits? What world do you live in Auric?

Volkama1758d ago

They seem to have a pretty strong line-up of games so far, exclusive or otherwise.

I would expect them to keep releasing good games for so long as that's conducive to good Live subscription numbers.

People seem to think Microsoft treated 360 gamers like dirt, but I don't regret buying a 360 at all. If the One gets the same level of support it'll be worth the money.

GodGinrai1758d ago

"People seem to think Microsoft treated 360 gamers like dirt, but I don't regret buying a 360 at all. If the One gets the same level of support it'll be worth the money."

I somewhat agree. Bought my first 360 in 2005..replaced it in 2007 due to RROD(didnt cost me a penny) Granted they could have made more exclusives but I would hardly call the lack of exclusives treating your customer base like dirt. XBL has been great, so many memories over the years with my clan, family and freinds over so many MP games. Its been a great machine.

Volkama1758d ago

I'm not saying the games for the last couple of years have been great. I pretty much stopped using both consoles 2 or 3 years ago (until very recently). Those first years were enough to justify the purchase.

How many years of games does it take to justify £350 or £430? The answer surely varies from person to person, but I am confident both the new consoles will be worth the money to me.

GodGinrai1758d ago

Yh, for me Im ready to buy new consoles after 5 years. This gen was waaaay to long for my liking. I got so impatient I turned to PC gaming , because I fealt like I had seen it all as far as 360/PS3 goes, years ago.

I buy a new phone every year. I upgrade my tablet every 2 years. I change my car ever 4-5 (getting a new BMW m4 coupe next year). I updade my PC and music equipment every 5 years, and my DAW everytime a newer version comes out.. My xbox360 and PS3 are the oldest bits of tech I own.

H0RSE1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

You hear xbox get a lot of slack for their lack of exclusives, but honestly I don't care, since the majority of the games my friends and I play are all multiplat games, like BF and Borderlands, and Mass Effect MP. When it comes down to preference, I will take the functionality and features of XBL over PSN any day.

I don't base my purchase around exclusives. I base it around which console is going to allow for the best gaming experience with my friends, and we all agreed that it was xbox - we simply like the platform more.

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I am not going to say that it will never come to the ps4, but I will say this...when and if it does, it will in 2015 or 2016. By that time people will have moved on from titanfall 1.

I would say that Titanfall 2 is more likely.

fullymoated1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Why would I wait when i don't have to? X1 plays my 2 favourite franchises (battlefield and CoD) and it has Titanfall. I don't see what you gain in hating the X1.. just don't buy it if you don't want it.

MizTv1758d ago

But the power of the cloud....

srd44841758d ago

Oh CBOAT said it so it must be true.

ThatCanadianGuy5141758d ago

Interesting how you leave out the part of common sense - but then again, i shouldn't be surprised.

TheFallenAngel1758d ago

90% of what he says its true. He predicted that dead rising was going to he exclusive. Its common sense that it will come on ps4

GiantEnemyCrab1758d ago

MS still relying on timed exclusives

Have you looked at the exclusives in the launch lineup?
How are they relying on timed exclusives?

I guess they could just take the Sony route and buy the studio out. Then no other platforms but the Xbox get the games.

ThatCanadianGuy5141758d ago

"How are they relying on timed exclusives? "

By touting a timed exclusive as exclusive? The first of many to come, i'm sure.All of which, much like this gen, will make their PS debut with all DLC etc.

And much like this gen, i expect xbox fans to continue covering their ears and shouting nopenopenopenope as it happens everytime.


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djplonker1758d ago

I dont see what all the hype is about it looks like mirrors edges meets call of duty with some front mission evolved thrown in!

mhunterjr1758d ago

Yeah, and that's exactly what all the hype is about....

Haki11121758d ago

if it was ps4 only i bet you could see the hype

djplonker1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

@haki1112 nopeI have a perfectly good gaming rig so I can play it day one if I want to but I dont.... also puppateer is ps3 only I dont care for that either ;)

It has nothing to do with the platform!

Revolver_X_1758d ago

I love when xbots try to find hypocrisy at every turn. "If it was on PS4 you'd see the hype." Uh, no. Look at the player base for every multiplatform FPS. Xbox has more players because they have nothing else. PS offers way more genres where we dont spend months on end drooling over the same FPS'.

DirtyLary1758d ago

Not feeling the wall jumping mechanics. I guess I'll just wait for STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT for my infantry / mech battles.

B1663r1758d ago

PS4 lacks the critical dedicated server and compute infrastructure to support this game. For that reason alone, this game remains a console exclusive to the X1.

PFFT1758d ago

Both will be using the AZURE cloud lol
Does Sony have access to those servers?? NOPE

1758d ago
mhunterjr1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

The pc version is using the xb1 cloud. And the Xbox360 version is an entirely different game, built by an entirely different team.

As far as a ps4 version goes, there's no reason (other than added costs) respawn couldn't set up their own dedicated servers or revert to a p2p model. The latter would likely either effect framerates or take away from the npc count though.

Of course there is always a chance that Sony would foot the server bill if it meant winning a critical exclusive from MS.

WeAreLegion1758d ago

Actually, yes. Sony does have access to those servers. Everyone does. Microsoft and Sony are business partners, as far as laptops and desktops are concerned. Microsoft, as a whole, owns the AZURE cloud; not the Xbox division. If Sony wanted to use AZURE, they could easily just pay to use it.

B-radical1758d ago

PC is using azure also. But i think 360 may use p2p as its being made by a different studio

MrBeatdown1758d ago

"What... Microsoft would in no way allow Sony to use their Azure servers for the Playstation brand, it's one of their key marketing strategies, you're dreaming."

You're dreaming.

Azure isn't an Xbox "marketing strategy". It's an element of MS's business, completely independent of Xbox, that Xbox happens to have to take advantage of.

Either MS is going to make money by renting servers to anyone, including competitors, regardless of how they use them, or they are going to drive that business to Azure's competition.

The idea that developers are interested in shipping a dedicated server-based multiplayer mode on Xbox, and P2P or something on other versions is a pipe dream of Xbox fanboys. DICE said it best the other day... they're looking for Battlefield solutions... not Xbox solutions.

MS can either embrace that, and turn Azure into the go-to place when the gaming industry has server needs, or they can drive business away, unless every element of their customers' business aligns with MS's goals.

Call me crazy, but I'm sure MS would love to roll in the money they can generate by turning Azure into an attractive option for the entire gaming industry, and not hoping and praying that by blocking access to Azure on other platforms, they'll handicap non-Xbox versions, and hope that translates into sales.

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Fishy Fingers1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Eh? It's on PC and 360 as well. Nor do they.

Edit: beaten to the punch.

pwnsause_returns1758d ago

i still cant believe that people are still believing in the crap that Microsoft is spewing over on.

Godmars2901758d ago

The main reason PS+ is going to be required for multiplayer titles on PS4 is to provide for servers.


Pancit_Canton1758d ago

Do you realized that most PS3 games runs on dedicated server? I wouldn't be surprise that PS4 would do the same thing with the help of Gaikai Technology.

Blaze9291758d ago

most? what is this rubbish that you speak of when Killzone Shadow Fall - a PS4 title, is not even on dedicated servers?