Day One: Garry's Incident Studio Accused Of Creating Fake Metacritic Reviews

Wild Games Studio accused of creating fake Metacritic user scores to boost the user-rating of the game.

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FlameHawk1730d ago

Wow lmao, yeah that is pure bs. I'm surprised its still available on steam.

1729d ago
GentlemenRUs1729d ago

Sometimes I feel sorry that I'm even part of the gaming community...

iamnsuperman1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

It gets worse if this turns out to be true

It is a shame how some indie developers ruin it for everyone else

abc12331729d ago

Here I was thinking no one could possibly mess up PR as badly as MS...

Godmars2901729d ago

This seems to have become standard practice since publishers started using metacritic scores as a measure of a game's success and any bonuses they pay out. Devs are tipping the scale, greatly compromising themselves and their work.

kB01729d ago

It seems unfair mostly to the people that funded this trash of a game.

Indie games are now becoming profit games just like regular mega games....

I buy and play indie because it's usually fresh perspective and they take chances to give us new games that actually represent art of game play and imaging.

This is just the lowest form of low and I would never recommend this game to any1 nor would I ever accept a resume from any of these devs.

Thanks RIP Wild Games Studio.

Still one Garry's game stand, and it's Garry's mod not incident.

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