Day One: Garry's Incident PJ review

PJ: "Oh dear, poor Garry has gotten himself into quite a sticky situation! First, Garry the humble bush pilot had a bit of a mishap during a not-so routine transport job due to Yellowstone’s Mount Saint Helena erupting right as he passed over it, resulting in a crash landing in the middle of...The Amazon jungle? If that wasn’t bad enough, Garry now needs to endure countless lethal cannibalistic natives chasing after him all over the place, puzzles that’ll test your patience and game-breaking bugs that are as hilarious as they are frustrating. Let’s take a look at Garry’s Incident."

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Nitrowolf21796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Oh no, you better not write a low score review for this game otherwise the devs are gonna censor you guys.

The team lost my respect the moment they started doing that

PoSTedUP1795d ago

he gave them points? they deserve a 0 and a slap upside the head.