Creators of Myst launch new project on Kickstarter

"Cyan Inc., best known for their PC adventures games Myst and its sequel Riven, are taking their idea for a new game titled Obduction to Kickstarter.

Rand Miller, the co-founder of Cyan, has stated that Obduction will be the spiritual successor to Myst rather than directly related. Like their previous games, Obduction‘s gameplay will be largely focused on exploration. Players will find themselves abducted to a strange new world where exploring in their only tool for answers." -Stephen Hilger

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thereapersson1731d ago

YES! Would probably be the first Kickstarter I donate to.

Baylex1731d ago

This would be awsome!!

1731d ago
Snookies121731d ago

Nice! Definitely looking forward to this!

isarai1731d ago

My eye is literally glued to this right now, if i had the cash i would so fund this thing. i hope they make plans to release on console. would so love to play this on my couch, gamepad in hand, on my 1080p 40"

ElementX1731d ago

I contributed however 2015 is a long ways away

Venox20081731d ago

i think its made on Unreal 4 engine

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