Build your own Steam Machine

That means we’ll be able to build our own Steam Machines to fit our living rooms. With that in mind, I’ve scoured the world of small form-factor hardware to create two sample Steam machines, a no-holds barred powerhouse and a powerful but more sensibly priced offering.

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ATi_Elite1611d ago

I like the Budget build in the LOW/Ultra Compact Case.

(I'm so Anti-Titan it's crazy. My HD7970GE CFX set-up is 30% better than a Titan and cost $300 Less than a Titan.)

Still pricey at $904 but PC Gamer did pick some high end parts.

You can build a good PC for $600 and bang out some pretty high settings in most games.

Also since it's a PC you can do other things with it to make back the money you spent building it.

looking forward to SteamOS, gonna slap that into my HTPC!

hellzsupernova1611d ago

I wish computer parts were as cheap here as they are in the USA, here it is insane the mark up. I would do almost all of my gaming on pc if it wasn't for the cost

UltimateMaster1611d ago

Which store will sell built Steam Machines?

UltimateMaster1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

"Valve have struck a blow for open-source gaming must have reverberated around the corridors of Microsoft’s Redmond HQ like the last peal at a funeral."


"Okay, that’s overselling it a bit, but the groundswell of support surrounding Linux as a viable gaming OS alternative to Windows, currently spearheaded by Valve, really could change things."

Yeah! I mean, who can say no to a free OS, right?

josephayal1611d ago

Super Expensive Why not just get a PS4/X1 and get very 'better' close to high end for graphics?

Jovanian 1611d ago

"get very 'better' close to high end for graphics?"

it may be due to the fact that coffee is coursing through my veins from prolonged awakedness and midterm preparation, but I have no clue what you just said

MidnytRain1611d ago

Because the disparity between the platforms will only grow like they did last gen and the consoles will graphically fall behind again. In addition, there is more to PC gaming than the eye candy.

mr-phillips1611d ago

Why not both. PC for multi-platform and console for exclusives.

edqe1611d ago

Well, because consoles has no games from genres like; simulators, 4X, strategy, complex and deep RPGs, MUDs, etc.

And of course with PC you can play games from other platforms: GameCube, Wii, Amiga, C64, etc.

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fsfsxii1611d ago

Biggest mistake in my gaming journey was building a PC.

Jovanian 1611d ago

it was the best step in my 'gaming journey'

GameOn1611d ago

Me too. Haven't looked back.

combatcash1611d ago

Your pc must perform poorly.

fsfsxii1611d ago

Not that, i don't like the games. And thats about it.

NeoTribe1611d ago

If warcraft 4 is announced and is set to release on steam box, I would have no choice but to buy one. That or upgrade my pc :(