Drive Club Officially Delayed To Early 2014

Playstation Blog: "SCE Worldwide Studios and the team at Evolution Studios have made the difficult decision to delay the release of DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition until early 2014. DRIVECLUB will be a truly innovative, socially connected racing game, but the team requires more time in order to deliver on their vision — and I’m fully confident the game will surpass your expectations."

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allformats1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I think it was the right decision. If the game needs work, I see no reason to rush it out at launch and get bad reviews that could possibly kill the brand new franchise.

Tough, but good call.

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pogayoga11881d ago

They were "targeting" 60 fps when getting this game ready for launch. Now that it's been delayed to early 2014, a constant 60fps looks more realistic. It's a blow to the launch lineup, but I doubt anyone was clamoring over a racing game like this.

_FantasmA_1881d ago

What do you mean we weren't clamoring for this? Other than Killzone I was looking forward to playing this almost everyday. I had preordered the Watchdogs bundle and was maybe going to get the full edition of Driveclub, but thats 2 games I wanted to buy that are now delayed.

I know Killzone will be amazing but I wanted something else to play. I may have to just cancel my preorder now because I really needed a racer. I only owned one racing game this generation and now my dreams have been crashed :(. Killzone+Driveclub would have kept me busy for a few months, but now I don't know how long we will have to wait for The Order.

This sucks big time. I know you hardcore fanboys will vote me down, even though I hate Xbox and will never buy another M$ product, I may have to cancel my preorder because I'll only have one big game to play.

SniperControl1881d ago


Dude, dont fret.
Look, i know it is 5h1tty news, i was really looking forward to DC as well, but if it means getting a polished game in 6 months then so be it.

Do you own a PS3? If you do just get Gran Turismo 6, that will keep you busy till DC is out.

NewMonday1881d ago


Need for Speed is launching with the PS4 and is more fun, so you get your racing fix

Deathdeliverer1881d ago

Personally I'm glad. It lightened the blow on my wallet for the month of November. Getting both the PS4 and the XB1 made money tight because of the game purchases that I wanted day 1. The systems have been paid off for months but I procrastinated on games. This and watch dog delays were perfect. I was going to get the boxed version of Drive Club. Now it's BF4, KZ:SF, Knack, (debating AC4) for PS4 and KI and Dead R 3 for One on day one respectively. Plus I can still eat regularly.

yanikins1111881d ago

Im with Fantasma. I was looking forward to 3 games, 2 of which are now delayed. $700+ for a console with one major game and some indy titles isn't only not appealing to me, it sounds down right insane.

thorstein1881d ago

Yani... hold the phone. We are getting Contrast and Resogun at Launch with the console (yeah, you need to Dload and yes, I am already a Plus member) but I don't recall other systems doing that.

Honestly, I don't know how much Dclub I was going to be doing anyway. But you still get the PS Plus version when it is available...

badz1491881d ago

GAAHH...god DAMN IT! was really looking forward to play it at launch! let's just hope these delays don't trend!

Philoctetes1881d ago

I was actually really looking forward to this as a launch title, especially since it was going to be on PS+. Hopefully the delay results in a better game, but this still weakens Sony's launch lineup quite a bit for me. (Still getting a PS4 on day one though).

OCEANGROWNKUSH1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Actually i was really looking forward to every ps4 player having this game on day one to play online... This was one of my most anticipated titles for the holiday season, just because you may not care for a racing title does not mean other people feel the same, this is a huge letdown.

guitarded771880d ago

@ _FantasmA_

I agree that it sucks. Some will sugar coat it, but my pre-order is stacked with shooters now. At least we have Gran Turismo 6 coming to the PS3. Watch Dogs and Drive Club being delayed in the same week (or so) is crappy. There's still enough to keep me confident with my pre-order, but having those two games delayed was a kick in the nuts.

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majiebeast1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Not good :(

Im looking at it from a positive side though, 60FPS Driveclub.

Bundi1881d ago

You wanna maybe take back what you said about TSC after they broke the iital rumour?

DoctorJones1881d ago

Bundi does have a point majiebeast.

majiebeast + 1d 21h ago
No name site that hasnt had a story above 100 heat, makes up bogus rumour about PS4 launch game.

vigilante_man1881d ago

What Next?

As a day one PS4 buyer this week is a bad one. Granted there have been many great ones this year for Sony. But a bad week is a bad week.

Driveclub has been pushed so much by Sony and a big selling point for continuing PS+. Watch Dogs was sponsored heavily by Sony. Sony must be wandering what the heck is going on with these developers when Sony have bent over backwards to accommodate them.

Games are always delayed. We all know that. But launch titles should be ready at launch. It is a wee bit embarrassing. Lets all be honest here!

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JoGam1881d ago

Another Delayed game? OK WHO'S NEXT? I understand the games need to be polished but this a mess. That's two games already. These companies better stop acting like the are ready when deep down they know its not. Getting everyone exited for these games.

ProA0071881d ago

like I said above, they're rushing. And Sony probably more so than Microsoft.

rambi801881d ago

Game teases..gonna give me blue controller

TheEvilWithin1881d ago

Three games were delayed. Ubisofts The Crew and Watch Dogs both got pushed to some time next year and now Drive Club.

Brix901881d ago


Are blind even Penello acknowledged that there were more games on Ps4 that were running at 1080p 60fps then X1. Not too mention Crytek had to rewrite code on the X1 to run properly. Both consoles will be ready but judging by a lot of other games we can see PS4 is ready. Not too mention what does a game being delayed have anything to do with the Ps4 not being ready the games just isn't ready thats it. Dice sad BF4 was almost delayed on both consoles so I guess X1 would be rushed too then.

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nukeitall1881d ago

I knew this was going to happen.

Called it back when dev said 40% at E3!

My eyes just about popped out of their socket.

And get this, they were aiming to achieve 60fps at 1080p. Sony knew back then it couldn't have been released in time for launch, but Sony just strung you along!

HugoDrax1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

"but Sony just strung you along!"

I'll say one thing, I'm no fanboy...but during E3 presentations, whatever comes out of Sony/Nintendo/Microsofts mouth I take with a grain of salt until the product is sitting on store shelves for me to purchase. All 3 companies are guilty of stringing us gamers along, and right when they have your pre order (Money) they release news months later and say

"Oh yeah gamers, that game we mentioned months ago, that you pre ordered our console and the game for, yeah that game is delayed. Thanks for your capital though muuuhahahaha <- EVIL LAUGH

The 3 scenarios that come to mind on how I was bamboozled by all 3 companies who sold me a lie.

1) SONY: KILLZONE E3 presentation for PS3, Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Versus.....
2) Microsoft: Project MILO
3) Nintendo: ZELDA HD Wii U, instead they release a remake of a Zelda game I played on my GameCube, yet the year before the Wii U released you showcased an HD version of Zelda only to turn around and not mention it anymore.

Yet it never matters in the end. A gamer will wait to play the game he/she is interested in, regardless how long it is delayed :-)

DigitalRaptor1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

This is bad news for PS4 gamers, but good news for the game.

However, what is not unclear is that you are a MS troll, looking to attempt to push any bad news for Sony, and treat it like it can match the torrent of negative news MS has had over the past 8 months or so.

I remember when the whole, "forced bundles being mandated by Sony" rumour came about and you were on predator mode trying to ensure that Sony were tagged as being in the wrong, going as far as saying "It is a bait and switch scam and Sony is behind it!" - even though it turned out to be a pack or horseshit that of course you clung onto

And now it's "Sony strung you along", when they were trying to get Evolution to have a game ready for launch, and things didn't go to plan. Of course they did. In your eyes.

torchic1881d ago Show
T21881d ago

How is Sony stringing you along when a developer runs into delays? pretty much every comment you make is trolling, no idea how you have any bubbles.

Also anyone who said ps4 was rushed, in no way related to the console is the developer running driveclub... dumbest comments yet.

imt5581881d ago

Stop bullshiting, man!

Sony knew that Driveclub will be delayed? Well, why Sony didn't knew that Watch Dogs will be delayed to. Watch Dogs had a heavy promotion on PS4 and one of the biggest games on PS4 and so many bundles are preordered. C'mon, dude.

Btw. Driveclub release date are early 2014. So, roughly january or february. And these months are basically the launch months of PS4. So, Driveclub is still a launch game.

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Animal Mutha 761881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

F**ckin hell. This will hit 1000deg in no time.

So the rumours were correct. I'm surprised because the game wasn't in bad shape when I played it although it was on a dev kit and had a few minor bugs.

Some rumours I've seen suggest that devs are having some driver/optimisation troubles with PS4 but we will see on that I guess.

Shame for PS4 and that's coming from an mainly Xbox player. I do think it's poor that they build something up for months then delay it late on after most PS4 preorders have been made.


I couldn't possibly elaborate but let's just say the site in question is not highly regarded here and the source is from a claimed multi plat developer. Anyway it's just a rumour no facts to back it up as yet. The suggestion is also that devs got access to final hardware quite late into their programmes and that final optimisation tweaks are required in many cases.

Kayant1881d ago

"Some rumours I've seen suggest that devs are having some driver/optimisation troubles with PS4 but we will see on that I guess."

What rumours???

Ezz20131881d ago

"" Some rumours I've seen suggest that devs are having some driver/optimisation troubles with PS4 but we will see on that I guess. ""

what rumors ?! any link ?!
this is not true at all

NewMonday1881d ago

@Animal Mutha 76

"Some rumours I've seen.."

please tell use more we are very interested, can you give use the links?

Blaze9291881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

PS4 is supposed to be 50% faster and stronger as well as super easy to developer for though right? What happened to that to where a simple free-to-play racing game can't even be completed in time? Oh i do wonder...

mkis0071881d ago

@Kayant @Ezz2013 -He just started it.

majiebeast1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )


Driveclub is a full fledged game that has a PS+ edition, unlike Killer Instinct with its pathetic 6 character roster maybe they should delay that game but nope Microsoft is gonna ship that with a embarassingly small roster.

Get the facts before you start making an ass out of yourself.

Kayant1881d ago

If it's from a multi-plat dev why would the source not be regarded here??


Hmmmm... I don't see anything..... No links, no nothing.

DigitalRaptor1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

@ blaze

It's kinda cute to see you try and downplay the PS4 after its first misstep this entire year. The desperation is taking you over man. I guess that's what happens after the company you're loyal to is subjected to valid criticism and negative news for 8 months straight. You can't help but seek "retribution".

DriveClub is a retail game with a ton of content and a number of dynamic systems, but of course you would look at ONE way it is being delivered to gamers and pretend that is somehow a bad thing and spells the quality of the game. Might as well call the entire AAA PS+ catalogue free-to-play if you're going to take that approach.

So, if Killzone: Shadow Fall is the best looking next generation game and is ready for launch with no hitches, how is the console being "50% faster and stronger as well as being super easy to developer for" in question?

As we can see, we hear a lot of you guys complaining about Sony fanboys, but you are one of the most hypocritical fanbases out there, with your trollish behaviour and your friend Animal Mutha 76 up there making up rumours about PS4 driver problems.

GTgamer1881d ago

@Digital don't be too hard on blaze he just got his panty wet when he heard the bad news he knew he wanted to say some dumb stuff like he did earlier, any who DC will live to see another day now it was evolutions fault for being ambition but in the end they will make a complete product that should be great but we all know we were gonna get the free version so this hardly effects Sony fans still very much looking forward to the game.

black0o1881d ago

let it all out .. u'll feel better after

I wonder does the rumors about xbone being incapable of 1080p true as well

cell9891881d ago

"Some rumours I've seen suggest that devs are having some driver/optimisation troubles"

Nah nah you got a little confused there, that rumor is attached to the xbone, when devs complained Microsoft was way behind on driver optimization

PimpDaddy1881d ago

Damn!!! Sony Defense Force is all over this article trying to spin, deny, and downplay anything negative about DriveClub and the PS4. Weren't most of you attacking the credibility of DriveClub being delayed over the past few days???

Sony fanboys are the biggest Hippocrates on the Internet!!!

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Shakengandulf1881d ago

Agree completely, tough call but i beleive its the right one.
This might even sway me to pick up knack and try something different.

come_bom1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

For me it won't make a much of a difference, I'm only purchasing the console in Q1 or Q2 2014. Too bad about the gamers that purchase the console at launch, and want to play a racing game.

I find the console launch exclusives for the PS4 quite lacking, and it's getting worse day by day with delays. I honestly don't understand why people are rushing to buy the console at launch simply to play a pretty brainless FPS that's Killzone, Knack or a couple of indies.

mkis0071881d ago

Killzone is just as brainless as any other FPS out there. It actually has some sort of feeling that makes it feel good that I can not explain.

black0o1881d ago

EA sure are happy know .. more sells for NFS

TheEvilWithin1881d ago

That's why I'm waiting... Nothing I want at launch. Getting my PS4 in Feb cause it will be closer to Infamous second son and other great games but for now I'm content with my Wii U and PS3.

WarThunder1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Finally the official source.

This is good news. More time to polish the game to run at 1080p 60fps with all the Global illumination, Dynamic lighting and Day and night cycles for all tracks.
We don't need crunching and rushed games.

Not a big deal for me because im still buying the PS4 next year.

EvilDragonX1881d ago

This doesn't bother me since i don't play racing games. But i noticed no one has mentioned Yoshida-san saying they were going to give PS+ members another game, and still get driveclub when it comes out.

"For the PS4 launch, in addition to Resogun, I’m pleased to announce that Contrast, the highly anticipated game from Compulsion Games will also be available to PlayStation Plus members for free as part of Instant Game Collection."

Magicite1881d ago

If they will make it 1080/60 and better looking/played than Forza 5, then sure, take your time.

CRAIG6671881d ago

The right decision decision would have been to never promote it as a launch game...

G20WLY1881d ago

Newsflash: plans change sometimes. :O

BallsEye1881d ago

somewhere in the far future...

Fantangoooo1881d ago

well they best get it done properly before release than release a half done game. I dont see any issue with that... So i guess one lunch game down for ps4 now..

MiHX21881d ago

How much delays for today?Um,lets see.Watch dogs,The crew,Driveclub.Right up:Ryse,Forza 5,Assassin's creed IV,Killzone:SF,Xbox One,PS4,Call of Duty Ghosts,Below,PINGAS,The Amazing Spider-Man 2,etc.

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Aceman181881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I'm a little saddened, but I'll live its not like I won't have plenty of games to play on the system Lol.

If it makes for a better product I really don't see the issue. Hell I wasn't even mad when Watchdogs got delayed.

B_Real1881d ago

Why wait a month before it is supposed to come out to cancel it? I'm all for quality but this could have been announced 3 months ago. It seems very suspicious that they would announce it now: possibly to try and up PS4 pre-order numbers? Seems like a bad move on Sony's part.

BallsEye1881d ago Show
hqgamez1881d ago

BS I lost watch dogs, driveclub, could of lost battlefield 4. I believe that since these developers are willing to make hard choices. I won't be surprised if more come to follow.

DonFreezer1881d ago Show
Jaqen_Hghar1881d ago

A man actually is more interested in Contrast and we still get Driveclub free too when it launches! A man will be too busy with Resogun, Contrast, KZ Shadowfall, and the free to plays at launch and then Battlefield 4 and Knack at Christmas.

Mystogan1881d ago Show
UnHoly_One1881d ago

Let's be honest here, nobody was buying a PS4 for Drive Club.

Not saying it won't be good, or that people aren't excited about it, I'm just saying it isn't going to be a big deal in the long run because it wasn't a 'system seller' like a Killzone or inFAMOUS.

Pogmathoin1881d ago

Hehehe, I do not think its bad.... Look at GTA 5.... Turned out more awesome than I could imagine.... As someone getting both, this sucks as it was free, Watch dogs too... Damn, but however, means I might get something great I might have overlooked.... KZ for PS, but now watch dogs delayed, do not know what to get for X1.... Swaying towards Dead Rising....

xtremeimport1881d ago

polyphony digital has a sigh of relief thinking "we're not the only ones now."

cant wait to give this game a try.

Divine1881d ago

plleeeeeasssseeee make it open world pleaseee!!!!

showtimefolks1880d ago

people will over react but its nothing new, a game needed more time and sony is giving it also another game or 2 needed more time and UBI gave it too

i rather play a game 4 months later but by than hopefully it will be a better overall product, also stop complaining whenever t launches PSN_Plus edition will still be there for free

i don't see MS giving away free games for xbox one at launch?

and to all the haters saying ps4 has no game, yeh if we are only counting numbers than ps4 has 2 times the amount of games than xbox one, but now AAA argument is being made when for last few years xbox fanboys have touted how indie is the real deal. make up your mind, so when ms isn't supporting indie now its not important

free to play games at launch don't require psn-plus, so when you buy a ps4 there are games you can enjoy for free, free nothing to pay just free

some of those same games require xblive gold account on xbox one, so yeh sony is doing everything wrong

give me a damn break, some of sony's biggest studios have yet to reveal anything so if you are jealous and a hater now than you will become even a bigger hater in few months when ND announce its next game along with sony santa monica and MM among many others

take your time evolution studios, and kudos to sony for allowing more time

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DarkLordMalik1881d ago

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. - Shigeru Miyamoto

GarrusVakarian1881d ago

Perfect comment right there, so true.

1881d ago
sobotz1881d ago

When Ubisoft is doing it, it suck ass, Ubisoft is suck, they're just afraid of GTA

But when Sony is doing it, it's a perfect choice, it's right to delayed it to next year

You guys are funny sometimes

Delayed game is eventually good? lol at Aliens Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem or Diablo 3 PC

Baka-akaB1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Uh there were people like myself actually cool with the Watchdogs delay . It was a pain having to deal with that many high profile titles even if multi generation and platforms , right at launch . The biggest issues are for those who pre-ordered bundles with WD (or driveclub now for that matter) .

Besides two sides can play this game . According to many xbox fanboys , Driveclub was crap and irrelevant ... and now that's its delayed suddenly it's a major game from Sony's lineup that is gone ? Yeah right .

Anyway i saw nothing yet that made me want to purchase the game , barely a month from release and still no footage that looked like a complete game . So it's not that surprising , yet still dissapointing i guess for those looking forward to it .

Imo they should just have released a free prologue of sort

Ezz20131881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

well said,
i never buy console for launch titles

i look at the bigger pic here
the 1st/2nd party support
free games on ps+
Most powerful console which will give the console more life than the rivals