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Report: "Forced" PS4 bundles by retailers mandated by Sony

It seems like it wasn't down to retailers to force bundles upon their customers. (PS4, Sony)

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Lovable  +   784d ago
Well that sucks...why forced people to buy games for your system? That's ridiculous.
Navick  +   784d ago | Well said
What is everyone talking about? There definitely was bundles but a standalone system was also available. And multiple bundle options were available for the most popular games. Let me guess people were going to buy the system so that it could look pretty under their tv?
Lovable  +   784d ago
Sony offers lots of free games on top of the free stuff you get from PS+.
pedrof93  +   784d ago
Aparently this is a scandal.

A very lame one btw.
Eonjay  +   784d ago
Did Sony also force the GameStop Xbox One bundles on us as well. Of course I'm kidding here. So what. Let me tell you something, if you waited this long to worry about a day one stand-alone unit, you better act like you know whats good and get you ass in line the night of Thursday November 14th at somebody's Walmart because nobody feels bad for you. Same with people who wanted the Day One Xbox Units.

Too bad. You lose. Take your gorgeous Killzone Bundle or get the eff in line.
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gaffyh  +   784d ago
Lol this is an example of a mountain out of a molehill/storm in a teacup situation. Sony have created bundle boxes, and are mainly shipping those from now on, so people who preorder from now on will of course have to order a bundle. This is to be expected when the standalone unit preorders are fulfilled, and is why if you wanted the console on its own, you should have preordered early.

With that said, getting a bundle, for whatever console, is not necessarily a bad thing, because you are bound to be buying one of the launch games anyway.
ohiostatesman   784d ago | Trolling | show
nukeitall  +   784d ago
The issue is that customers ordered standalone PS4, and there is a switch and bait scam going on. Which mean the retailer later tell you have to buy more stuff to get the console long after you pre-ordered. You know when the standalone console is no longer available.

We thought Simply Games (etailer) had tried to force onto customers extras. Turns out Sony was the one forcing it!

Why aren't anyone mad about this?

At least with Xbox One, you knew what you were buying.


"Lol this is an example of a mountain out of a molehill/storm in a teacup situation. Sony have created bundle boxes, and are mainly shipping those from now on, so people who preorder from now on will of course have to order a bundle."

That is not what the story is saying. It is saying Sony promised standalone units, but changed their mind and now changing the order to half bundle and half stand alone forcing retailers to force their customers whom already pre-ordered to order a bundled.

It is a bait and switch scam and Sony is behind it!
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Eonjay  +   784d ago | Well said
@nukeitall... because its nonsense. Of course the retailer is going to try to make it look like its Sony's own doing. Retailers receive a certain amount of stock to sell as pre orders. There is no way Sony is going to bait and switch a retailer. This is the simply a retailer being greedy and trying to capitalize on potential sales by bloating the price of a console like on Ebay.

Don't be fooled by their story, thats not how the pre-order business works. Microsoft wouldn't do this and Sony hasn't done this.

The fact that you can go to Amazon.co.uk right now and get a PS4 at 349.99 with a release date of 11/29/13 should let you know that this retailer is full of crap.
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gaffyh  +   784d ago
@nuke - Well it's not happened with my preorder, and that's with Amazon. SimplyGames is one of the least reputable UK e-retailers. If it was Play, ShopTo, Amazon, or Game, then it would be a big deal. I didn't bother reading the article all the way through before, which is why I assumed the situation was like it was in my previous post.
Gasian  +   784d ago
@eonjay I will with my watchdogs bundle my friend. :)
thechosenone  +   784d ago
More worthless click bait BS.

"They haven't forced anything.

A lot of these bundles are recent developments, and it's not so simple to just say 'we're going to allocate 50% consoles only and 50% bundles only' or some nonsense. There are only so many units that can be manufactured. Certain retailers are offering bundle options to consumers as alternatives first before some of them start offering them to all other customers. It's to prioritise those people with the potentially better value options if it fits their needs. Certain retailers will also have better stock of the hardware so they're able to do the above.

Other retailers may not be given as much stock of the console on its own because everyone gets a different allocation, and most will be getting both console and bundles. Now, if a certain retailer is unfortunately not getting enough stock to fulfill day one pre-orders for sole console owners, that is unfortunate if they're having to offer the bundle option as a day one priority instead, but this has absolutely nothing to do with SCE forcing their hand. There certainly isn't some imaginary mandate by SCE.

There is more important shit to handle, no offence."

DigitalRaptor  +   784d ago
@ nukeitall

I guess you're so sick of Microsoft getting their comeuppance for their anti-consumer implementations and practices that you'll grasp at anything that you think will paint Sony in the same light, and hope it will become of anything?

Read up: http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

Your comment is cute.
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Pogmathoin  +   784d ago
Ohiostatesman, you are crazy. Sony loves us so much! They do wonderful things for the Earth. That Malware was just to make sure we did not copy stuff or anything. It was within their rights to spy on you.... What? Sony? Sssshhh.... Cannot let that out, it would break a fanboys heart...
shadow2797  +   784d ago
This is false, plain and simple. Here's what Sony had to say about the bundle:

[The company has told UK retailers to alert those who have pre-ordered PS4 that they now have the option to upgrade to one of these.

"It [the mega bundle] is in limited volume, and therefore it is probably going to go mainly to current pre-order customers, then follow-up volume may well be post-Christmas," Gara added.

"Starting yesterday, our retail partners are contacting their pre-order customers in order, so starting with the first, working up to when they run out of that special bundle, saying, we now have clarity on exactly what PlayStation 4 bundles we have to offer for day one. Would you like option A, B, C or D?

"Everybody who has pre-ordered in the expectation they're getting just the PS4, including the DualShock 4 and the headset - the basic configuration. But as we've worked through the details and worked through the options we've come up with some great bundle offers. And it is only fair the first people in the queue get first chance to get that.

"It's a brilliant thing to do for the gamer. In theory there could be some free on day one, but I think it's unlikely, because the people in that queue are going to say yes please."]

pyramidshead  +   784d ago
Wow and all those people who screamed bloody murder when 'sony fanboys' jumped to conclusions.

Nice case of hypocrisy above! :)(Not directly above me, btw)
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v6volume  +   784d ago
So only 1 retailer is claiming they were forced and not even a popular one. When Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart, etc announce this then we should fairly criticize it
lsujester  +   783d ago
This sounds to me like this one retailer screwed the pooch somehow and are trying to blame it on Sony.
worldwidegaming  +   783d ago
Rent? Borrow? Other options are avaliabke..maybe even cheaper ones...
FamilyGuy  +   783d ago

This story is funny!
If a retailer up an told me I couldn't buy my pre-ordered launch day console the way I ordered it and would have to upgrade it to a more costly bundle I would either have them charged with false advertisement or drop that day 1 pre-order and get it in store (unbundled) on launch day.

In any case that ISN'T the situation, as pointed out by shadow2797 above in the REAL article explaining this http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...

They are simply giving the first people that pre-ordered the option to get the bundle. If you don't want that bundle all you have to do is ignore the email. There is nothing being forced, just some retailer that didn't understand the what Sonys note said or blindly opt to grab those bundles thinking their customers would jump at the chance to change their order.

There's a few options here and paying for something you didn't order and don't want isn't the only one. It says "retailers" then only names one and has one anonymous. Why is one anonymous? What repercussion could there be to where this other source would want to hide?
These guys were taking day 1, system only pre-orders and are accountable to fulfill that agreement or it's false advertisement.
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ziggurcat  +   783d ago
@ nukeitall:

"The issue is that customers ordered standalone PS4, and there is a switch and bait scam going on."

no there isn't. i pre-ordered the standalone PS4, and i have not once been forced to get a bundle.

you're also taking an e-mail letting people know that they *could* upgrade to the bundle if they wanted to as sony forcing people to buy bundles.

i would give you an A for effort, but that was one of the worst attempts at spinning a non-issue into a bait and switch scam i've ever seen.
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SegaSaturn669  +   783d ago
Larry Hryb, stop sending your spin doctors to submit articles you silly-willy ;D/
pixelsword  +   783d ago
Even if they did, so what?
G20WLY  +   783d ago
Duplicate: http://n4g.com/news/1367435...

Also, it's spun in a desperate attempt to get something, ANYTHING negative about PS4. Shame on Pixel Enemy and CustardTrout for spamming N4G.
user5575708  +   783d ago
who cares if its forced...its bundled with a game and if you dont want the game dont buy the bundle. its not like they bundled a peripheral no one wants 0_o
andrewsqual  +   784d ago
This is true BUT it is 50% of the retailers stock that is the 2 Killzone bundles and the Watchdogs bundle. They are €500 and €440. There is very limited of the Mega Killzone one with the 2nd controller, Killzone and camera for €500. The first article was BULLSHIT claiming 500 sterling.
Who preordered the PS4 in the last 6 months and won't want to grab any one of these great money saving bundles? So nobody will be buying Watchdogs? Okay.
vigilante_man  +   784d ago
That's not the point. Give people choice not forced decisions. I ordered just the console at the start of June from ShopTo. They have sent me emails this week confirming my Day One purchase.

They have also told me of other Day One bundles should I wish to swap but this is only optional. I am sticking with my £349.99 purchase. Glad to have the choice, though. Well done ShopTo - one of the best!

It should be illegal to take your order then force you to upgrade. Sounds dodgy to me.
andrewsqual  +   783d ago
You didn't read what I said. FIFTY PERCENT OF ALL RETAILERS' STOCK WILL STILL BE STANDALONE CONSOLES. What do you think will happen to the bundle that you refused? It goes to the next person until there is none left. What happens when a lot of people don't refuse the bundles like you did (and I say this because already we are running out of the bundles)?
Nobody is being forced anything, it would be completely different if all PS4 stock was going to be the official bundles. You are reading it wrong like so many others. BTW you don't want Watch Dogs or Killzone at a discounted price? Are you planning on just staring at your console launch day?
gaelic_laoch  +   784d ago
Being forced to buy Killzone, a Controller and Camera is like being forced to have a Foursome with some of Heffs PlayBunnies!
TheTwelve  +   784d ago
I shouldn't laugh at this but this was too funny.
pedrof93  +   784d ago
robotgargoyle  +   784d ago
Not quite. I'd take a playboy bunny anyday over any game console.
Pogmathoin  +   783d ago
Either way gargoyle, they are full of silicone...

Gaelic, st pats for sure now.... :) Sadly you got more disagrees..... Site is full of dickless, humourless wet fanboys....
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solid_snake3656  +   783d ago
Only difference is killzone, a controller and a camera won't give you Std's.
Soldierone  +   784d ago
It's not for forcing the customers, it was forcing the companies to sell the bundles. If Sony didn't "force" it, then a majority of retailers would have just sold the hell out of the stand alone unit. Leaving people that wanted bundles to not be able to get them.

It also deters the morons that buy up all the stock to try and flip it on Ebay. Now they have to spend extra on games and accessories and try to get rid of those too.

And reading comments below, this statement is bs anyways since this store didn't even offer the official bundles....
MajorMayhem70  +   784d ago
We gotta do what to sell what? Those bundles will sell out as well so people better hurry up and buy it. Cause once they sell out, it's time to see me and my "solus" on EBay.
SegaSaturn669  +   784d ago
One time sony forced me to have fun.

I still haven't quite forgiven them.

The nerve.
max0583  +   783d ago
No way, Sony, Never, they love me they give me free games all the time,they pay my rent and my car.They are not business man trying to make money.NOOOOOOOOOOH WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY
Bundi  +   784d ago
My my, the defense force is out in numbers already. Yikes!
tiffac008  +   783d ago
Just like haters looking to grasp on some straws, yikes.
onyoursistersback  +   784d ago
Well this sucks!! What if they run out on Killzone bundles, and they want to force me to buy one with a game I don't want...?!?
I would be pissed about placing my pre-order....

Bundles are great, if they have what I'm looking for
UnHoly_One  +   784d ago
They have to try something to get people to buy games.

PS3 owners bought quite a few less games than 360 owners.

Unless that changed towards the end of the generation, but I never heard about it, if it did.
vigilante_man  +   784d ago
PS3 software is selling more this year than 360 software. That's a fact. So try to stick to the story at hand.
strifeblade  +   784d ago
^^^^^^^^^^^OK maybe this year but try telling your facts about the last 8 years.

Fact alot of ppl bought ps3 for blu ray. fact ppl bought ps3 for netflix. FACT no ONE bought 360 for dvd or netflix. Get your facts straight its only natural 360 has the generally high attachment rate. Man sony fanboy defense force over here
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BlackTar187  +   784d ago
It's nto a fact someone paid $400 for a netflix player. Get out of here.

here's one.

Alot of people only bought 360 because it was the only system out FACT.

Xbox only sold that many units becasue for a year or 2 RROD wasn't covered in warranty.

This is fun /s this is dumb you know nothing to state fact so just stop trying. As dumb as i look for those stupid points you look just as dumb the difference is my post is all sarcasm.
UnHoly_One  +   784d ago
Thank you, Strife.
shadow2797  +   784d ago
According to VG Chartz, X360 has an attach rate of 10.3 and PS3 has an attach rate of 9.2. So there is a pretty big difference.
#1.7.5 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
Statix  +   784d ago

A difference of one game? OMG, that's a HUGE difference!

That's a far cry from the idiotic fanboy statements like "most people only bought the PS3 for Blu-ray, duurrrrr." The fact of the matter is, even your own link shows PS3 gamers bought almost as many games as X360 gamers did.
rainslacker  +   783d ago
Attach rate is pretty even between the two. Just more people buy more of specific titles on the 360, as opposed to a broader range of titles like on the PS3. If it makes you feel better, the Vita and the 3DS both have higher attach rates than either the PS3 or 360 though. Chew on that for a while.

Also VG charts is saying they're both too high. Most sources put them at around mid 8's.

Also...lol at using VGChartz as a source.
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tiffac008  +   783d ago
Attach rates depends by region. Who knows what the numbers really is because not all the markets are tracked and if you are using Vgchartz, take it with a grain of salt.
d3nworth1  +   784d ago
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3-4-5  +   784d ago
Wii U has bundles......XB1 has bundles...

Every console EVER had bundles.

Was this written by somebody who has played a video game?
thelaughingwiseman  +   783d ago
Some times (by which I mean most times) people don't want to pay extra money for forced bundles. I just want my console, I don't want to pay for extra shit I don't want. I am still looking for a PS3 Slime (500 GB) without a forced bundle attached to it.
max0583  +   783d ago
Here we go,You just opened the flood gates of Sony Fan boys.Seems Internet are full of Loyal Sony lovers
max0583  +   783d ago
Disagrees sure are telling signs
showtimefolks  +   783d ago
Every console maker does that nothing new

It's just like when other tech stuff launches there are always bundles
TruthBTold  +   783d ago
I call BS on this "report". Sony as a manufacturer takes orders for their PS4 consoles. Store A orders 100 standalone PS4s and when Sony takes that order that is the agreement. Sony must deliver those 100 consoles as per the purchase order placed by store A. The delivery time is a different issue. If demand has left certain last orders place with Sony on longer lead times, meaning they wont arrive by the release date. Sony might have bundle skus that have been in production and they can advice store A of these other skus they can deliver for release date. It is up to store A to say, "no, please try to expedite my current order or ship partials so I at least get some consoles by launch date" or they can say " please change my order from100 standalone skus to 50 standalone skus and 50 bundle skus". It is up to the store to decide what skus they buy from Sony as they are the customer. It works the same as you going to a store and buying a game. If they are out they tell you we are out and they might suggest another available game but they will never take your money and tell you we dont have your game fo you have to take this other one and you cant have your money back. There are laws that a manufacturer must follow and what this story indicates is that Sony is breaking them by changing orders and invoicing their customers more money. Sorry, not buying the story. I can believe Sony cant supply the standalone consoles and the store decided to order the bundles instead to be able to sell consoles on launch date. They promised consoles and instead of saying we wont get the consoles we ordered or we placed our orders past the deadline so we can only offer packages now to our customers. They just dont want to lose the sale and tell customers its Sony focing this which would be a lie as it would be illegal. Ti be honest not sure the story is even real. An annonymous source? Right. No manufacturer of any product can legally change a purchase order from a distributor/reseller. That would be a SOX violation. Only the customer can approve a change order.
shysun  +   783d ago
to make money?....
GamerzElite  +   783d ago
Forced ? Are u serious! I pre-ordered only system on 16 june, planning to get games via digital download. But I never forced to buy a bundle.
Ps4Console  +   783d ago
I got a phone call Wednesday from GAME asking me if I wanted a Bundle I said yes of course here's my bundle , Ps4 with a years live with Drive Club plus KillZone SF all for £439 yeah .
kennyg3739  +   784d ago
Imagine if Microsoft did this...
Lovable  +   784d ago
They are with kinect and people don't like it.
AlexanderNevermind  +   784d ago
If Sony is then they need to stop. They should honor the original agreement or give them some sort of bonus for having to upgrade. Say the camera for free...
Death  +   784d ago
Kinect isn't "forced" in a bundle, it is included with the system. The people that complain most about Kinect seem to be Playstation fans.
Xsilver  +   784d ago
@death that straight BS and you know it xbox fans have been complaining about kinect for the longest so please stop u think they don't want the xone to be cheaper when it's beneficial to them most people would like that option.
#2.1.3 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(8) | Report
Death  +   784d ago
The assumption you make is the system would be cheaper without Kinect. What is to prevent Microsoft from dropping the system price to $399 and still include the camera? The BS is people saying no one wants Kinect included. None of my friends have complained about it. I'm personally looking forward to what devs can do with it knowing everyone has it. That is the line between being a gimmick like the original Kinect and PSEye has been and will be.
Xsilver  +   784d ago
@Death the amount of money MS put into kinect u really think that would be a smart business decision to sell it separately when everyone knows allot of people won't buy it, u call the PSeye a gimmick at least its only $60 and sold separately so who will complain about that, i want you to go on Xboxlive and ask people how many times they used their kinect today or for the whole year because i know a ton of xbox gamers who put kinect to the side and just play games with a normal controller matter of fact have u used kinect today or for the whole week i'm guessing no.
@xboxfun u will take anything from MS so be quiet.forcing a share button dufaq is wrong with you your just anti Sony everyday i see.
#2.1.5 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report
nukeitall  +   784d ago

There is a big difference though.

What Sony is forcing the retailers to do, is called a bait and switch scam. It is illegal!

MS isn't forcing you, because you knew what you were buying and agreed upon, even if you did NOT want Kinect One.
XboxFun  +   784d ago
I like it with Kinect.

If you don't want Kinect, get a PS4.

If you want a cheaper system then get a WiiU.

But don't sit here and say no one wants Kinect or Kinect is forced on you. It is no more forced on us than the a controller that comes with the system

Again, it's only the sony fanboys that seem to be looking out for the welfare of us Xbox fans and letting everyone know that they won't buy an Xbox One because MS "forced" Kinect on them.

Sony forced the share button on me, I never wanted that on my controller!
XboxFun  +   784d ago

And you will gladly open wide for anything Sony shoves, so please stop.

A share button being forced is just as ridiculous as saying the Kinect 2 is forced. That was my whole point, but a tool like you who does nothing but slam MS can't see that.

If you don't want the Kinect, don't buy the Xbox One. Plain and simple right? I mean hell even a little child knows this. But for some unknown reason we get people like you spreading troll nonsense like "it's forced!" on the consumer.

Absolute stupid logic right there.
GTgamer  +   784d ago
@xboxfun are u comparing a product against a button and think that's smart logic well clearly your not smart your name is xbox fun clearly a troll don't know how u managed to have two bubbles.
malokevi  +   784d ago
MS didn't decide to include Kinect after everyone was done buying the console...

the amount of excuses being made on this page for Sony is ridiculous. You people are so predictable and transparent... if ever there was an article that demonstrated N4Gs obvious an senseless bias, it's this one.

lol. Insane.
UnHoly_One  +   784d ago
I can't believe even the insane Sony fans on this site can believe that this is the same as putting Kinect in the box.

You people are out of your minds.

Kinect is part of the console. It's one package that all comes together.

This is an article about forcing separate products to be bundled together.

What you are saying is like getting pissed at Nintendo because the put the Wii motion tracking sensor in the box.
GTgamer  +   783d ago
@Un_Holy so Sony fans are insane for defending a rumor that might not even be true like what MS fans has always been doing i remember before Ms changed their polices when you guys first heard rumors of what they were planning you were quick to defend it calling it false and then still defended it when it all was true so does that make u guys insane too i guess but here comes you guys trying to put down Sony over a rumor hmmmmm why? Because Sony hardly gets bad news its called doing something rite. If this turns out to be false and it was just the retailer will Sony still be the enemy in your eyes i wonder.
#2.1.12 (Edited 783d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
ziggurcat  +   783d ago
@ nukeitall:

you don't even know what bait and switch means, do you...

UnHoly_One  +   783d ago
GTGamer, I wasn't even talking about whether the rumor is true or not.

Read my post again.

I'm talking about them comparing this to Kinect being part of the console, which is two COMPLETELY different things.
ThatCanadianGuy514   784d ago | Trolling | show
gaelic_laoch  +   784d ago
What is with bringing M$ into every SONY article! It's like someone farting on the bus!


@ falviousuk

Lighten Up!

“It's always funny until someone gets hurt.

Then it's just hilarious.”
― Bill Hicks
#2.3 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
falviousuk  +   784d ago
you are ridiculous, you troll almost every xbox article then complain about someone in an article about the Playstation.

You are one of the worst types of people on here, not a real gamer, just someone who tries to hate on everything gaming.

Take some advice, don't buy any console, just go away and read a book instead. perhaps some of your crap will dissipate as your start to gain some intelligence
Wikkid666  +   784d ago
Almost as bad as you and all the GS fanboys on the MS articles.
CrossingEden  +   784d ago
"What is with bringing M$ into every SONY article! It's like someone farting on the bus!"
Convas  +   784d ago
You're joking with the sudden victim stance, right?
GiggMan  +   784d ago
I thought it was funny lol.
vigilante_man  +   784d ago
This story is fair game. Its about selling practices. Bad Microsoft doings are bad. Bad Sony doings are bad. Just unusual this year to see Sony doing anything bad. Its been a bad trail of green so far.

Sony, keep allowing us the freedom to make our own choices like you have done so far.
TechMech2  +   784d ago
Every Microsoft article has Sony fanboys ripping on Xbox one because they have nothing better to do though.....so it really goes both ways.
DigitalRaptor  +   784d ago
What's with everyone taking gaelic_laoch seriously?

He's one of the most jokey folks on this site. Lighten up people.
gaelic_laoch  +   784d ago
@ DigitalRaptor

Finally someone who can intemperate for me!!!! Can you tell your fellow earthlings I come in peace!


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AceBlazer13  +   784d ago
And an anonymous source says Sony supplies al queda with weapons.I have emailed sony and have yet to receive a reply I'll keep you updated.
husomc  +   784d ago
sony supplied Iraq with WMDs, saddam stockpiled his warehouses with PS2s so u might actually have something there about al qaeda and sony :)
Deadpoolio  +   784d ago
Well except of course for the fact that Saddam and Al Qaeda had no ties to each other whatsoever...Nor would they when 1 is doing everything in the name of their religion and the other just loves himself lol
gamertk421  +   784d ago
I knew it...
DigitalRaptor  +   779d ago
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majiebeast  +   784d ago
So let me get this straight, Sony is the one forcing the non official PS4 bundles that only simplygames seems to offer on their consumers... Yeah i call BS this is all on simplygames. When we start hearing this from bigger retailers like Amazon and GAME then its Sony.
Xsilver  +   784d ago
so far this a Rumor and should be treated as such.
Deadpoolio  +   784d ago
Yeah Uh somehow I seriously doubt Sony is going to say something like "hmmmm lets force this little unknown pissant retailer to sell bundles"...If they were going to do anything remotely like that they would do it with actual big time retailers....

But it I guess sounds good to lie to your customers and tell them it's Sony forcing us to do this rather than tell them the truth that it was some manager or corporate guy somewhere that decided they would sell more crap that way
joeorc  +   784d ago


"According to a retailer who wished to remain anonymous, it seems Sony themselves are forcing the bundles upon retailers — at least in the UK. We’ve included his statement in full below:"

lol, imagine.

So you order late and if the bundles is what is left, in the retail chain, you blame Sony?
DigitalRaptor  +   784d ago
It's classic desperation. I've seen it before.

They are so sick of the criticism Microsoft is getting (deserved might I add), so they just want to destroy the balance we currently have. The sun is no longer shining on their side of the room, and its making them uncomfortable. They want Sony dragged down to Microsoft's anti-consumer level.. pathetic.

It's a good thing we use the organ in our skulls to communicate logic.
#4.3.1 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report
pyramidshead  +   784d ago
AutoCad  +   784d ago
DeadManIV  +   784d ago
Its an effing rumour
from the beach  +   784d ago
Where's Fergal O'Gara at?
WeAreLegion  +   784d ago
With a name like that, he's probably at the pub.
from the beach  +   784d ago
Awful stereotyping, just awful :P
vigilante_man  +   784d ago
Its the truth. It is Friday night...
WeAreLegion  +   784d ago
I'm glad at least a few people have a sense of humor.
ALARM-clock  +   784d ago
If this is true then why is amazon still securing my stand alone launch unit? The retailer Simply Games is doing this of their own will because they see the demand is there, it's a way to maximize profits by supplying only those who are willing to pay more. And believe me, most people are willing to pay more to get their console at launch.
rainslacker  +   783d ago
Because it's not true. There's no reason for Sony to force it because retailers will make their own bundles anyways. They know people will buy them. More often than not it's not a big deal unless it's like the crap Wii U bundles from Wal-Mart which had more Wii stuff than Wii U stuff in them.

If it is true, then it means every console maker is doing it, because every retailer quickly makes bundles the only way to buy the system. Think it's been that way since the SNES days.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   784d ago
If they were forced to upgrade, wouldn't we be hearing a lot more complaints? Fishy!
Dlacy13g  +   784d ago
Ugghh... I don't like hearing these kinds of "forced upgrades" being "mandated" by the company. Lets hope there is more to this than what it seems ...and by that I mean its not as insidious as it seems.
DeadManIV  +   784d ago
It's an effing rumour
abusador  +   784d ago
Gamestop has mandated me to switch myyyyy launch to a bundle at launch but I would if I was guaranteed a bundle at launch but I'm too scared to switch.
rainslacker  +   783d ago
That's odd since I, and several people I know that pre-ordered there, haven't been forced to do such a thing.
abusador  +   783d ago
It was a typo, it should have said "GameStop "has" not mandated me to switch my launch to a bundle"
WeaseL  +   784d ago
simplygames trying damage control,
"It wasn't us, they made us do it"

simplygames is the only one I found not listing PS4 on its own
majiebeast  +   784d ago
Or the official killzone bundle. Just their own ripoff bundles.
D-ROB  +   784d ago
Until official word comes from Sony, it's all rumours. It makes more sense to get a bundle as you can save up to near enough £60 in some instances.... Love you SONY!
Soldierone  +   784d ago
If you got the quote from Simply Games, you might not want to "apologize" to them in the same article where they wanted to be anonymous lol
P_Bomb  +   784d ago
Consoles should come bundled with a game IMO, same as they come bundled with a controller. We buy to play, right? Even if you don't end up liking the game, trade it in for credit to something else.
vigilante_man  +   784d ago
For these prices they should! At least a couple of demos pre-installed to show the different features of your controller and in XB1 case the camera functionality. Good point!
KiLLeRCLaM  +   784d ago
You have a choice to buy it..You don't have too..If you don't like the bundle wait couple weeks or months after PS4 release to buy it so it can look nice underneath your TV with no game..
VonBraunschweigg  +   784d ago
PS4 will be hard to get this holliday season, so I don't care what they bundle it with, I'll buy it. Toasters, cars, a house, anything. Bundle it with a Xbone, I don't care.
SirBradders  +   784d ago
Thats real mans talk there.
grassyknoll  +   784d ago
Tesco have sent emails saying their not offering bundles before launch. Another rubbish rumour on this site.
jhoward585  +   784d ago
I see what Sony is trying to do here.

First off, Sony makes money of the games and not the systems.

Second, it doesn't make much sense for people to purchase the PS4 and not buy a game at launch, especially if they're waiting for the 2nd wave of games to come out.

That way it gives one the chance to play the 1st wave of games instead of holding down the PS4 with out any games.

That issue here is its going to piss a lot of people off who already purchased the system.

Sony should've done this early on.....its too late!
Never mind my commit....this article got me fooled. Thank U for clearing this up (Zachriel)
#18 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
sigfredod  +   784d ago
Unlikely, Sony don{t even had official bundles until recently all the bundles offered for preorder were put togheter by the retailers
JonnyBigBoss  +   784d ago
Fake news for hits.
Nik_P757  +   784d ago
They're not forcing. If people don't wanna wait and want it launch day then they have to upgrade to a bundle that will be available on launch day. If they don't wanna get that bundle then they wait until more standalone systems are in stock. Being blown up for no reason.
N4G_IS_SONYS_WHORE   784d ago | Spam
WeaseL  +   784d ago
They need to be careful of forced bundles Sony may withhold or redistribute PS4 stock as it may violate there TOS.
Brix90  +   784d ago
Funny seeing fanboys over react for nothing. No company would mandate bundles especially since Sony's whole philosophy has been about giving gamers a choice.
gamer1138  +   784d ago
Then you're ignorant. This is happening. Go into any GAME and ask them.
Brix90  +   784d ago
Yes I'm ignorant because I haven't been to all retailers to ask them. I'm sorry let me fit that into my schedule as soon as possible because lord knows I don't have anything better to do.
Pancit_Canton  +   784d ago
Lmao. Best buy does this most of the time. They add third party accessories on the console tape it together and called it bundle. Best buy and other retailers can do whatever they want it on the console except sell it on mandate release date and raise the MSRP suggested by the company.
Lucreto  +   784d ago
From what I can tell they are not forcing anyone to do anything. They are giving people a choice to upgrade to either bundle. I expect people who are already getting Killzone have already pre-ordered it and will upgrade anyway.

There is no point in ordering a console and no games
gamer1138  +   784d ago
They are being forced because there is not enough non bundle stock. It's being allocated on a first come first serve basis. If you're at the bottom of the list you have not choice. Some people have been told they have to pay £100 more than they were expecting. AND a camera they didn't want. Sound familiar?
Ketzicorn  +   784d ago
This is from pixelenemy the same website that reported DR3 on the 360. Credible source their especially when people have been posting pics of other sites like Amazon giving you a choice of 4 options.
despair  +   784d ago
They are making this into something bigger than what it really is. Sony has a limited amount of stock, some are bundles and some are standalone units.

You have a choice buy a bundle or the standalone and they will not sell Retailers only standalone but a combination of the all bundles as well.

Now when the retailer runs out of stock of the standard then they are not 'forcing' you to buy the bundle but giving you the only choice to get one launch day (before christmas). You can always wait for the standard console to come back in stock if you want one.

This is not "evil" or "forcing" this is simply supply and demand and options. Wayyy blown out of proportion by these people.

Its just as if stock is low and you have to wait for an item, nothing more to it.
ALLWRONG  +   784d ago
Best Buy is bad with overpriced "forced" bundles. With Sony pushing it the retailers are going to get worse.
lodossrage  +   783d ago
That's assuming Sony is even "pushing" retailers to do this to begin with.

Notice pixelenemy is the ONLY one reporting this. All we have is this person's word that he/she is calling around to retailers asking about such. This person literally says he/she did a lot of calling around and digging. Yet only has an "anonymous" quote from an employee.

Long story short, this is a RUMOR for a reason. This carries actual weight when you at least a more official source coming out with facts rather than "I called this store" conjecture.

And for the record, the FORUM post pixelenemy stole this "article" from has been update.


Puts things in perspective doesn't it :)
#28.1 (Edited 783d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Mr_cheese  +   780d ago
oh @allwrong, always, always with the trolling.
kingPoS  +   784d ago
So Sony stands to loose money from each PS4 sold, not a lot but it's still a loss. Now - what's the quickest way atm for Sony to absorb those losses.

#29 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
gamer1138  +   784d ago
I work at one of these retailers and I can confirm this is actually happening and it is coming straight from Sony. They have only given retailers a third of their preorder stock as solus machines(£349) the rest are fixed bundles starting at £399 with a choice between kill zone and watchdogs. People are not happy. They all want FIFA or COD. Sony never told retailers this was going to happen.
Hicken  +   783d ago
You are such a liar.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   783d ago
Yeah, I call major bullshit.
#30.1.1 (Edited 783d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
THC CELL  +   783d ago
I work in game Leeds, just left a meeting. We are giving people a choice to upgrade not forcing upgrades. And to be honest it works out cheaper than.buying games separate.
shuuwai  +   783d ago
not at gamestop. I remember this so well. The good part is that I pre-order my X1 and PS4 at Amazon.
In addition, what I did was all my pre-order for games was on E3 Week. All new games are 26.99-39.99, from vita to PS3, and PS4 and few X1.
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