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Submitted by antbolton89 849d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft bets big on short-but-sweet exclusives

PS4 and Xbox One are just a few weeks away; if you haven’t already made up your mind, now’s the time. In the second of three examinations of the next-gen launch line-up we comb through Microsoft’s small but sweet array of exclusives. (Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

2cents  +   849d ago
On discussing the Xbox one "it’s looking a bit grim for the core early adopter"


I don't think so.
nukeitall  +   849d ago
If you are a core gamer, and looking at games for launch and launch window, there is only one console that has it all, Xbox One!

Titanfalls alone is a console seller, let alone Forza 5, Killer Instinct, and Ryse.

The long term, neither Xbox One or PS4 has really shown us much in terms of games. So much can change their, such as Agent and Guardian, that never saw the light of day. It cruised through the entire previous generation.
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Ult iMate  +   849d ago
Microsoft is yet to prove that it is capable of keeping such a rate of exclusive games over the years for X1.
Sony frequently starts slow with games at the launch but gains solid momentum over the time.
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Irishguy95  +   849d ago
I have to agree about day 1, but during the launch window Ps4 has it down.

I also agree with UltiMate, MS have proven twice now that they will abandon their console years too early. Xbox got abandoned before the X360, X360 was abandoned years ago. It's a major turn off getting the system
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amiga-man  +   849d ago
Long term Sony have proved themselves far more than M$, even with the PS4 round the corner the PS3 is still getting great support from Sony, while M$ left the 360 pretty much abandoned to third party support 3 years ago.

For me the PS4 has the better launch games but I realise that is subjective and a matter of opinion.
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christocolus  +   849d ago
i agree there was a lack of 1st party titles on 360 but you guys seem to forget ms didnt invest this much into games last time..they had fewer 1st party devs made up of smaller teams but they seem to have recognised that mistake and created more studios..All the existing studios have been hiring great talent too.they now have bigger and better teams at those studios and ms is investing big time into games development and e3 they mentioned that the 15 exclusives announced(including sunset overdrive,titanfall,quantum break,halo5 and blacktusks ip) would be released within a year of the xbx ones release and dont forget the new devs like soho and ms victoria or the larger ones with multiple teams i.e rare,lionhead,343,blactusk and ms osaka working on unannounced exclusivess..then you got 2nd party exclusives epic,playground,remedy,crytek, insomniac games and the japanese partnerships phil spencer talked about at tgs...i dont want to say much but i know the xbx one is going to have more than enough exclusives this time around
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DigitalRaptor  +   849d ago
"there is only one console that has it all, Xbox One! "

Really? You're are so full of it it's not even funny.

Xbone is missing free-to-play, indies and MMOs. So really it doesn't "have it all".
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christocolus  +   849d ago
its going to be great...just keep the exclusives coming in ms..i sure hope that by the end of 2014 ms will release another 1billion dollars for creation of more games on the xbx
ger2396  +   849d ago
Titanfall is not a launch title.
DigitalRaptor  +   849d ago
It's also not an exclusive.
koolaid251  +   849d ago
So try and buy it for ps4 right now. ok ill wait.....You can't lol.
DigitalRaptor  +   848d ago
How does that negate what I just said. It's still not an exclusive.

But guess what I can buy it for right now? PC.
donman1  +   849d ago
I am more curious to see the percentage of hardware failure the XboxOne will have. More so, will it be worse or better than the Xbox360 that peaked around 30+ percent.
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ceedubya9  +   849d ago
I'm not sure if they are making fun of the whole fitness thing or not, but Xbox Fitness could be BIG. if they make the subscription to that reasonable after the free period is over, and update it with newer workout programs over time, then that could sell a few xbox's for Beachbody fitness fans.
xHeavYx  +   849d ago
Fitness games always sell good, but end up collecting dust after a while. I'm pretty sure that game with all the celebrities will have a subscription cost.
I always wonder though, why not going out to exercise? That's where all the cute girls are
ceedubya9  +   849d ago
Lol. Yeah. But beach body workouts are pretty popular, and there is a convenience factor to working out at home. Of course there are other free options out there as well, but everyone has their own preferences. This will be a free entry point for xbox owners to some of these workouts too (initially). And it is much less a game than it is a video workout program with feedback. Definitely a benefit there for people that see value in the total xbox one package.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   849d ago
Seems like history is repeating itself.Xbone coming out strong, then the "exclusives" go multiplat, and all 1st party support completely fades in 2-3 years and they coast off gimmicky dance titles until the gen ends.

No thank you MS.I had my fill of your koolaid.
BABY-JEDI  +   849d ago
I'm looking forward to playing Killzone Shadowfall. However. I'm not really blown away by the launch titles on either console. But I have a whole lot more faith in Sony who continually support their consumers with AAA exclusives, who continually support new gaming genres, who are now really listening to the gamers & the developers. MS on the other hand?

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