How The Watch Dogs Delay Solved my Next Gen Dilemma

Clickonline writes "thanks to Ubisoft’s great Quality Control and (perhaps) slightly less great time management, I’m really not forking over a half grand for a single solitary game!"

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wheresmymonkey1738d ago

mine too mate, it was the only thing tempting my to get a ps4 in november and now i can eait till at least april when there should be some more stuff out for it worth getting as well.

This christmans is now all about playing mario on the wiiU

gillri1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I cancelled my PS4 a few days before this as im totally not finished with this generation, theres a tonne of things I want to play again and buy to play also. I didnt want to buy the PS4 just for the sake of buying it

Watch Dog being cancelled just re-affirmed my decision


my Xmas game is gonna be Zelda : A link between Worlds on the 3DS and possibly Rayman Legends

KUV19771738d ago

It solved a problem for me too. Between Killzone, DriveClub und ACIV I wasn't sure where I would have found the time for Watch_Dogs. Problem solved.

evilhasitsway1738d ago

just alittle info I wouldn't buy drive club just do to that fact that plus members which if your going to play online you have to have anyway you will get a cut down version of the game free. so if I was you I would just get that since its free and you can try it if you like it then go buy it. as for me I got bf4,killzone,ad madden and got ufc on reserve even though it doesn't come out till may. and I got some extra stuff headset extra controller and my brother reserved a few games for me for my b-day whis is the 16th. plus we will have dc, planet side, and some indie games so I think ps4 is set for launch and we got some really good games coming months after release like infomus

KUV19771738d ago

Thanks for the advice. I knew that. I am a plus-member since the service started and also played DriveClub at GamesCom. It's pretty good but I am sure that the free edition will be enough for me. It's just great that I have an awesome shooter (Killzone), a good racer (DriveClub and for free too) and a great open world action adventure (ACIV) at launch. That should hold me for a while. PSN+ user also get Resogun for free, which I am not super-excited for but for free... maybe it's great. I haven't even really thought about all the free to play stuff, although I will surely check out Warframe and Blacklight. Even if there should be a small gap before the next blockbuster I have a serious backlog on PS3, so I am ok with Watch_Dogs getting more improved and thus a little delayed.

mushroomwig1738d ago

I'm disappointed but thankfully there are plenty of other launch titles to choose from.

ForgivenZombie1738d ago

If you cancel for just one game, you're not a hardcore gamer. Does it suck? Yeah, but there's plenty of other games, not to mention all the free to plays.

gillri1738d ago

what you said doesnt make any sense :/