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DICE: making Battlefield 4 look the same on all platforms would be "the coward's way out"

"You should compare it to other games on the same platform," not different versions - executive producer Patrick Bach. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

dirigiblebill  +   685d ago
Seems fair, but it's hard not to focus on what you're not getting with the current gen version when all they show in trailers are high-end PC graphics...
Neixus  +   685d ago
They actually have released a x360 trailer, if you didn't know.

dirigiblebill  +   685d ago
Mad Aizen  +   685d ago
gimping, EA, and microsoft? eh who knows if they'll be bullied or not, but judging by the corporate players involved in this 'dumbing down' scenario and their collective histories, i'm not holding my breath.

judging by what we've seen GG do w/ KZSF, there's no doubt that BF4 couldn't look anything less than stellar on the 4 if Dice really really wanted it to be that way. i'll believe it when it see it.
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DatNJDom81  +   685d ago
dice thinks they are slick. Of course he means the current gen and next gen will have a difference. But next gen, as in this gen, they will program for the inferior box (xbone) and then port it over to PS4 even though PS4 has been praised to be easier to develop for. Why do I say that? Because microfalse specifically asked that any game on xbox consoles cannot look better on any competitor system. Do not get it twisted. Next gen multiplats will not push PS4 to the limit. As in this gen, everyone must rely on exclusives to show off the power of each specific console.
Army_of_Darkness  +   685d ago
Well in that case, when i compare killzone shadowfall to bf4 on ps4 its no comparison cause killzone sf looks freakin' amazing!
Bf4 on ps4 should be 1080p hands down. Anything less is just dumbing it down for the sake of equality.
morganfell  +   685d ago
When companies make preemptive remarks it usually means damage control ahead of a PR issue. They'll push for parity and will have no excuse when other developers do not.
ambientFLIER  +   685d ago
Army of Darkness -

How do you have so many bubbles while spouting nonsense like that? You think BF4 SHOULD easily be 1080P/60FPS on the PS4 with huge 64 player maps, destruction and tons of other stuff going on, versus Killzone, which can't even hit 60fps in single player and is much smaller in scope overall? Jeez...
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Sono421  +   685d ago
uhh did you guys even read the article?

"You could take the coward's way out, and just set the bar at Xbox 360 and PS3, and make it so that all games look the same on all platforms, but that's not who we are. We want to do our best with the hardware"

From the way it sounds they aren't talking about Xbox One and PS4 they're talking about current gen vs next gen.. which should really go without saying like wtf? So does this mean still no maximizing PS4?
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Army_of_Darkness  +   685d ago

I didn't know I also said 60fps....... my baaaaaad..
Kleptic  +   685d ago
edit: oh, I didn't see that...i stand corrected...
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BallsEye  +   685d ago
so now all the fanboys saying ps4 version isn't 1080p full high end pc detail because it needs to look on par with XO can shut up. With the claims that ps4 is so easy and fast to develop on, and rumors that XO is having such bad tools, is rushed and is hard to work on, we can expect ps4 version to be MUCH MUCH better. If ps4 version won't stand out then ps4 is just not a wondrmachine and is not 50% more powerful than XO. As for me, got it preordered already!
Hicken  +   685d ago
Good job not reading the article.
sync90  +   685d ago
Another xbot talking rubbish to make them feel better about the shit that is the xbone.

Oh and btw.... RYSE??????? GTFO
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BallsEye  +   685d ago

Good job reading with understanding. I did read the article and it clearly talks about using maximum power of every system instead of setting the bar at lowest common denominator. You get it now? Glad I could help.


Conclusions? Whats with you people here on n4g, seriously. learn to read, man. I wrote ps4 version SHOULD LOOK MUCH BETTER. If it will happen then great! If it won't be much better then all these rumors were lies or there is something more to XO or ps4 that we don't know. Simple as that. I fail to see where I made a conclusion that ps4 is weaker.
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kB0  +   685d ago
Your comment is flawed, considering the ps4 sports 50% MORE shaders and over all faster ram...I don't see where you would draw your conclusions from?

@ BallsDeep

You need to learn to remember what You said in your comment..and I quote "is not 50% more powerful than XO".

That is exactly what I touched up on.

Thank you
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kingduqc  +   685d ago
I am a company showing off my game,wanting to impress people here is few options:

-Show the game running on 7 year old hardware, choppy framerate and low resolution (ps3/360

-Show the game on low/medium end hardware (ps4/xbone) with somewhat low resolution (900p/1080p)

-Show the game running all the latest and greatest tech, down sampling the fuck out of the video to make sure it looks as crisp as it can on high end hardware (pc)

Humm I WONDER WHAT IS THE BEST OPTION? the game will be about the same on every platform, some just get more eye candy.
xKugo  +   685d ago
People playing this on next-gen hardware going to be so shocked when they see how horrible that version looks compared to the PC version and the videos we've seen so far.

However, I won't be getting this game anyway because the battle packs system is lame as fuck. Grind forever just for a chance to get attachments I want or just buy them. Yea...fuck that.
Magicite  +   685d ago
every developer must push every console to the max, no parity!
Vote with your wallets!
Mithan  +   685d ago
The PC is far far superior to the consoles that are coming out (albeit it at a far higher price). Obviously, people are wowed by graphics and that is what they CARE about, so that is what DICE shows them.
Hayabusa 117  +   684d ago
Totally agree.
donman1  +   684d ago
So why limit the PS4 version so it can be more inline with the lower spec XboxOne.
Pancit_Canton  +   685d ago
Third party developers should take notes. Unfortunately, BF4 looks like _____ on all platforms.
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BiggCMan  +   685d ago
Uhhhh, nope. Looks fantastic on PC, and that's just in the beta.

On a related note, I agree more devs need to be this way instead of compromising other platforms just for parity. I say treat multiplat developing as if each different version were an exclusive title basically. But this will never happen due to Microsoft is what I think, but that's just me.
WarThunder  +   685d ago
I agree with some of your points, about MS.

But i played the PC beta and honestly i don't know whats the buzz about BF4 graphics sure it has some good looking effects and particles. Overall looks good, but nothing fantastic special about it. So called "next gen"...
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papashango  +   685d ago
You do realize that Developers have been saying that next-gen won't be as impressive as PS2/Xbox to PS3/360 for awhile now right?

Next-gen should have been about making 60fps 1080p w/ high res textures the standard. Not a huge jump but it's coming out that "next-gen" consoles won't even be able to handle that.

It's not about what you saw when you played it. If you played it at max res 60+ fps. You would probably know why it's impressive on pc. But I somehow doubt you were.
Nocando  +   685d ago
Playing the beta on PC on max settings, it's nothing special.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   685d ago
Hey papa, don't lump both next gen consoles in the same category.PS4 is rocking everything at 1080p native so far, except BF4 which is still undisclosed.And lots of games at 60fps.

Just because xbox can't keep up doesn't mean next gen is a wash.
BallsEye  +   685d ago

Ah I love your fanboy comments. I really didn't wanted to reply but it's just so fun to read your delusional "facts". Xbox can't keep up? Please show a single game on ps4 that looks any better than Ryse. Full HD screenshot from direct feed would be best (no shitty youtube videos). I can post you plenty and you will be ashamed thinking 1080p is benchmark of next-gen. Those ps4 games run in 1080p with no AA, low poly models and few effects. Now I'm not saying ps4 is not capable, for sure it is but i'd rather have 900p stunning graphics, lighting, particles etc than a shitty looking game forcing itself to be 1080p just for the sake of it.


holysh!t 1080p next-gen!


That trees and jaggies and textures look next-gen too!


Look at that second son enviroment! The trees on the left are mindblowing!

This is all direct feed and no i didn't re-program these games just to make them look like this and do screenshots.

So the bottom line is, unless you stick your nose to the tv you won't see ANY difference between 900p and 1080p with good scaler especially when HUD is native 1080p (yep, layered scaling) and you WILL notice big difference when textures are worse, models or lighting. Stop trolling already will you?
Haules  +   685d ago

I love how MS fant**ds are in damage control. You have been contentiously posting those same images over and over again.

I like how you hand picked the Infamous Screen with the LOD glitch.
While Infamous is yet to release in 2014, they said their demos wasn't finish and they have a lot work to be done.

And to tell you the truth the first KZ SF screens are pretty impressive and better than anything on the X1


Lets see knack

And btw Knack was never about graphics and more about gameplay but still looks good.

Lets see Infamous Second sun latest screens


Hmmm these screens look pretty impressive to me and all of those great lookin game will run at 1080p 60fps. Not to mention seeing these games in motion.

Lets see your flopza and why it runs at 1080p

So the real bottom line is, your beloved piece of plastic (X1) has inferior hardware. FACT deal with it... And no one is stopping you from buying it.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   685d ago

Nothing you said changes the fact that every game on PS4 so far (BF4 too?) Is native 1080p.That alone is impressive enough, even more so when most are 60fps.

While Xbones games are all 720p/30fps or 900p/30fps.With the occasional 1080p multiplat

You can pick and choose random screens from games that aren't even released yet all you want.My point still stands.

KZ already looks miles ahead of ryse
dirigiblebill  +   685d ago
"a game"?
KillrateOmega  +   685d ago
Either you are a troll or just have some unrealistically high standards.

I'm guessing the former.
Magicite  +   685d ago
u need high-end rig to run it on pc at ultra.
MightyNoX  +   685d ago
Hopefulyl it means no parity and that the PS4 version won't be gimped.

Please don't be bullied, DiCE.
Nocando  +   685d ago
Serious question, and think before you answer, what would your attitude be if the X1 was more powerful?
MasterCornholio  +   685d ago
You still believe in the dual GPU rumor from MisterX?

Didn't you know that Penello debunked that a long time ago.

Anyways my belief is that developers should develop each version according to the consoles capabilitys. What I mean by this is that the weakest console should have the worse version of the game and the strongest one should have the best.

Nexus 7 2013
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madjedi  +   685d ago
Then the xbone version would be the superior console version and dice shouldn't gimp the xbone due to the ps4's weaker specs.

Hypothetical question answered, now back to reality.

The xbone is significantly weaker than the ps4, both by roughly 700ish gflops and is handicapped by the ddr 3 and edram.

"Serious question, and think before you answer, what would your attitude be if the X1 was more powerful?"

I would guess potential xbone owners would be happy that they aren't paying $499 for a console that is significantly weaker than a $399 console, but a more powerful one.

That little what if would require ms to not have shifted away from gaming as a priority 4+ yrs ago.

"Playing the beta on PC on max settings, it's nothing special."

Okay right, it will still outright murder both next gen versions with ease, like all pc games assuming you have a good enough rig.

Here is what is holding back everyone pc, xbone and ps4, the ps3 and 360 versions of bf4.

Powerful/more powerful is useless without a sense of scale, you have $100+ card up to guys rock triple titans in sli.
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PR_FROM_OHIO  +   685d ago
I'll believe it when i see it!! Never trust EA
Jovanian  +   685d ago
Lol at the people foolish enough to think even next gen consoles will match the PC footage they've been showing...
The_KELRaTH  +   685d ago
As the 1st thing that's required is upsampling to 1080p the next gen console versions will never look like the PC version.
SeanScythe  +   685d ago
To the PClitist who's PC are we comparing consoles to? Mine? Yours? EA? Bill Gates? Sorry to burst your bubbles but everyone's PC isn't the same, my $700 PC is not the same as a $1200 pc and that one isn't compared to a $3000 so on and so on. But My console is the same as all my other friends who own that same console. I don't have to hear from them that their version looks better than mine because I can't afford a $300 video card or more memory or a faster processor.

Now my next-gen console will have the same gameplay as the PC will regardless of the PC's ability to have prettier graphics. 60fps, 64Players online, same size maps, same weapons, same everything. But lower resolution... I think I'll live.
Jovanian  +   685d ago
You'll be playing with a controller..an FPS game with a controller. The gameplay is fundamentally altered from the PC version, you just aren't using the best input method.

you'll be playing a version of BF4, but it won't be the best one, and it will not have the same gameplay, just as a result of not being able to use accurate input methods to play it.

You also don't have options for greater field of view, and just little things that make the experience much better, more immersive, and more tactical for PC.
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Bolts  +   684d ago
PS4 fanboys= The PS4 is the most powerful console ever! Specs matter! Greatness Awaits!

PC Master Race= Oh yeah? Your graphics sucks and my specs are X4 as yours.

PS4 fanboys= specs don't matter.

Gotta love that fanboy logic. Everything about the PS4 hardware advantage is important, until is it faced with a truly superior platform, then all the sudden specs don't matter anymore.

The irony of all this is that Xbox One and PS4 specs are astoundingly similar, if there's ever a comparison where specs don't matter its between the Xbox One vs the PS4. Yet to the PS4 fanboy eyes it's light years apart. Go figure.
Ashby_JC  +   684d ago
I just wish everything was out so we could actually play some games!!! looking forward to 64 player action!!!!!!

I just pre ordered my next gen system!!!

People going back and forth posting pics and arguing specs is funny and pathetic at the same time. Entertaining and annoying!!

It wont stop at all .... human nature.
SeanScythe  +   685d ago
BS I never liked playing with mouse and Keyboards on FPS's. That's your choice, the FOV come on really? It's the same damn game you gave a BS response. That's like saying oh you won't be able to check facebook at the same time because the console can't multitask. Or you can't use Hotkeys because it's not a keyboard.
Jovanian  +   684d ago
Keyboard and mouse is best input for FPS games. Preference will not change that fact. And the FOV thing is little but opens up so many more gameplay options, which is what the PC is all about. Gameplay options that make it the defining version in terms of gameplay.

I'm sorry but you're just not getting the same experience I'm getting when you play BF4 on a console.
Ashby_JC  +   684d ago
I agree that M KB is a better option.

BUT......I dont PC game just as allot of others dont. So they wont know or CARE about the differences.

ME....if they ever had the option for consoles...I would JUMP on that sooooooo fast lol. But as it stands....controller or a frag fx device is your only option.
InTheLab  +   685d ago
The problem, Dice, is that you always show the game on some god-like PC and never show off the other versions....which is also cowardly.
Jovanian  +   685d ago
Whats the problem? they are advertising the game on the platform on which it was meant to be played. The platform that battlefield has best been played on since battlefield 1942
Hufandpuf  +   685d ago
Why not advertise their game in the best light? At least they don't use CGI like many other devs.
Mini0510  +   685d ago
why would you do that if there are "better" ways? Advertising the game for PC must have grabbed some people's attention, even those console gamers.
MidnytRain  +   685d ago
Hardly "god-like." You don't need to spend much to get what you see in their ads.
Oschino1907  +   685d ago
But that isn't where it sells best so the cynic in me says it will be bf3 all over again (and the cynic in me was proven correct that time around).

Console (in sales) pays for the pc version which will have more time, effort and polish behind it but get a "half assed" version that runs just ok enough to release.
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Jovanian  +   685d ago
don't hate the devs, hate the hardware. If the hardware was better they could enjoy the game the way that the developers intended it to look
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konnerbllb  +   685d ago
Bf3 sold more on PC than both consoles combined. Look it up.
Pandamobile  +   685d ago
God forbid DICE choose to show the game in all it's glory. If I spent years working on a game, the last thing I'd want to do is show it off without it looking its best.
Ashby_JC  +   684d ago
Exactly why would they show BF4 running on lets say x360 or PS3 at a show etc??

Show it in the best light. Yes there will be some who will buy it on consoles thinking they are going to get what they see in videos.

But for the informed such as myself...i NOT expecting PC type graphics on Xbone or PS4. Im expecting 64 player action. Good not great gfx. Smooth gameplay and lots and lots of FUN!!!!!!!!!

I had a blast playing BFBC2 on the PS3 and never did I think to myself...man I wish I was playing on PC etc....for the console I was using I had a great time and will do the same on Xbone/PS4.

Im not getting a PC anytime soon. Not interested.
GirlOnFire  +   685d ago
I thought they meant the PS3 version would be better than Xbox 360. Same for PS4 would be better than X1. ^~^ Just because the headline.
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AceBlazer13  +   685d ago
Sometimes I forget that dice and EA are to different entities so while dice may feel this way I highly doubt ea would
buynit  +   685d ago
Yes it is the coward way out! Take advantage of what each console has to offer..

I have a question though thats been bothering me.. if I start intalling my games on the xb1what am I supposed to do when I fill up that 500gig? Its not like I can buy another hdd and I dont want to be deleting and reinstalling games..
#9 (Edited 685d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Ashby_JC  +   684d ago
Not sure but allot of things can be stored in the cloud. I dont know the number but they I believe bumped up the cloud storage significantly.

If you fill up 500g and need more space I guess your going to have to do like I do THIS gen...erase older games you dont play anymore.

Me...im never playing more then 2-3 games at any given time period. Like now....NBA2K14 and GTA5 is in heavy rotation.

Nothing really else out I want until next gen.
buynit  +   684d ago
Yea I can just delete the older games it just seems like a step back.. I just dont understand why ms cant handle the hdd how sony is doing it. Especially since ms was/is pushing digital distribution so why limit the hdd like that? It just seems stupid and im surprised no one really talks or complains about..

I used to delete my games this gen too but then I got a 1tb hdd for 80 bucks and really never have to worry about space again. I know thats what im going to do with my ps4 when that fills up its just dumb that I cant do it on the xb1..
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quenomamen  +   685d ago
So the order for DICE games this gen in terms of best to decent is PC, PS4, XBone ? Makes sense, of course this only applies to DICE games. If you're talking about the hacks over at Infinity Ward it's more like Xbone, PC, PS4. The'y sell out their own mothers for a paycheck from MS.
cellfluid  +   685d ago
I can c that my video game collection is going to b small I'm not buying any game that's made identical to microlost xfolp done ps4 is more powerful so use the hardware to its fullest.. Don't dumb the game down to accommodate xfolp
yewles1  +   685d ago
WOW, this article has problems...

"You could take the coward's way out, and just set the bar at Xbox 360 and PS3, and make it so that all games look the same on all platforms, but that's not who we are."


"There's a 2 GB mandatory install, plus a 12.4 GB optional install comprising 6.6 GB of single player content, and 5.8 GB multiplayer content. It's not clear whether this is also true of the Xbox One version."


This article is hilariously BS...
Sadist3  +   685d ago
Um,if you read the article that you are referencing, it indicates the statements are not confirmed, you buffoon
Mini0510  +   685d ago
I think you are not understanding this correctly. They aim for equal performances for the next gen consoles. in the vg247 article you linked. Ok that makes sense right? They want equality among xbone and ps4.

Here, they want to say that they don't want to set the standards to current gen consoles. Would you be mad if the PS4 version looks similar to the PS3 version?

I think it's amusing that you are not understanding the mentally of the DICE developers.
cell989  +   685d ago
what a stupid idea it was for Microsoft to release a console without an HDD sigh....
cyclindk  +   685d ago
That's what I like to hear, but I DO hope this applies to CONSOLES of the same generation, cough, PS4 and Xbox One.

Use each of their strengths I say and if one pulls ahead of the other somehow DON't gimp the other!
justiceabove  +   685d ago
I think I speak for the entire PC Gaming Master Race when I say: Come join the dark side, we have cookies....and 1080p.
#15 (Edited 685d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
KontryBoy706  +   685d ago
I got nothing but respect for DICE for this. They are not compromising for nothing and not being SELL OUTS. Do not make the game look worse on a certain platform because another platform may can't perform as well in certain areas. Use each hardware to the best ability. Like they said.... compare it to other games on the same platform not their game on other platforms.
PS3n360  +   685d ago
aiming for parity across platforms is bad for gaming. Its a race to the bottom with companies potentially even conspiring to release "equal adequate" hardware rather than pushing boundaries. Even this upcoming gen has failed to wow me the way the last gen did. I am particularly disappointed in MS. I really only gamed on my 360, not a fanboy it was just preference. I am definitely leaning to PS4 this gen. Also have to admit I am looking at a budget this go round and if i have to pay for live or ps+ I have to give the leg up to ps+. Really if you are on a tight budget you could get a ps4 and ps+ and never pay for another game and still get sore thumbs with the free games and free to play offerings. Sorry MS I fear you have blown it and that bums me out a little.
PS3n360  +   685d ago
hmmm I just realized I wandered way off topic there. Oh well.
ATi_Elite  +   685d ago
finally a reasonable non-fanboyish discussion on why you're choosing one platform over the other.

what you wrote makes a lot of sense.
Ashby_JC  +   684d ago
I once read that the reason 3rd party devs ain to make games the same on lets say (360/ps3) is that statistics showed that if on one system the game was significantly better that sales suffered on the lesser perceived GIMPED version.

So games like BF4 will be as close as possible.

I do understand why one would be upset if there system of choice COULD have gotten a better version graphically. But what can you do?? Your still getting a good/great game regardless.

I feel that if they did indeed make one better then the other it would just fuel this silly fanboy war even more.

Because we all know the people who really get serious about this pissing contest use anything for ammo...I mean literally the smallest meaningless tidbit of info is used as "my system has x y or z and your doesnt!!"
ATi_Elite  +   685d ago
DICE: making Battlefield 4 look the same on all platforms would be "the coward's way out"

Best comment I have heard from a Dev this YEAR!
Obscure_Observer  +   685d ago
I can "feel" the desperation on comments made by some fanboys. Yes. This was supposed to be good news. Like, "now we´ll see the PS4´s BF4 version destroy the X1´s.

But insecurities are flowing all around the page. People are too afraid of the possibility of the X1´s version be similar, ou even worse, BETTER than the PS4´s.

Come on, PS4 is about 50% more powerfull than the X1 isn´t?

So...where´s the happyness? Where is your confidence?.

In a few weeks, all will be revealed. Cheer up guys.
urwifeminder  +   684d ago
It does look good on pc ultra but I am used to engine already so its not amazing anymore lol looking forward to seeing more unreal 4 engine though.

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