Raising the Bar with Direct3D

Microsoft has revealed how developers can use Direct3D 11 to unlock the full performance potential of the Xbox One.

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The Meerkat1289d ago

The XB1 is like Cartmans Trapper Keeper.

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JohnJ1289d ago

Starting to get very excited for my xbox one now...
Hope the tv features don't take too long to rollout in the uk, I want to use my xbox to control all my entertainment, if I can do it by voice and gesture all the better! No struggling to ring the lost remote!!

heliumhead20301288d ago

Yup November 22nd can't come fast enough

XB1_PS41288d ago

I'm gonna be pissed looking at all the Ps4 Players on here bragging for a week. lol.

JohnJ1289d ago

P.s I want more details on sunset overdrive!

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The story is too old to be commented.