In-depth Review: Dragon’s Crown - Electronic Theatre

The European release of Dragon’s Crown has been a long time coming, but even so it’s more than likely that most serious hobbyists will have caught wind of the videogame many months ago. It’s a title that got noticed not for its gameplay or its art style – despite both being of noteworthy quality – but rather for its art direction. A shame, perhaps, but clearly an intentional misdirection on behalf of Vanillaware.

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can you guess the right answer.

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Why did you "boo" an 82/100.

For people that can't comprehend...

82/100 is a good score. It means the game is definitely worth playing and among the better games of it's kind.

We throw around 9/10's way too often now.

What most would give 8.8 is really 8.2, so think of the score like that.