Can You Really Cheat on Your Spouse in a Video Game?

CCC Says: "“I hate to have to cheat…but it feels better when I sneak.” - Ray Parker Jr.
The world of gaming has certainly become more complicated. By complicated, I mean a little dangerous. When I say this, I don’t mean it in the same way as the media; which, for example, would try and convince you it’s dangerous. I don't believe GTA will make you violent. I don’t believe kids murder their parents because of Call of Duty. However, there’s no doubt we’ve moved away from the simple days of telling your significant other that you’re “going to play some games,” and she knew that consisted of a 16-bit romp in Techmo Super Bowl. Now, with technology spurring new innovations in gaming (allowing for the creation of virtual worlds and identities), it seems that one side effect (some might call negative side effect) has arisen."

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ZBlacktt1809d ago

Oh brother.... next up. Can you really cheat on Spouse with thoughts that run through your head? Well, I guess everyone in the world is cheating then.

Pandamobile1809d ago

If you can cheat on someone via text message or Facebook, you can sure as hell do it through a game.

iamnsuperman1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I guess you can emotional. Cheating isn't really just a physical thing as there is an emotional level to any relationship. I think a lot of people would say their partner is cheating if they are acting out sexual things (talking sexual) to anybody on the internet. It is when your doing it to an AI it becomes tricky ground but I still think you are jeopardising the emotional bond with your partner if you did such things