GameTap: Project Origin Preview

Due to some corporate shenanigans that would take too long to explain here, Monolith's next title, Project Origin, is the direct sequel to F.E.A.R. It might sport a different name and a different protagonist, but it continues right where F.E.A.R. left off; in fact, technically, it actually starts 30 minutes before the big explosion that ends F.E.A.R., although it puts you in a different set of shoes.

You now play as a Delta Force operative sent in to take Genevieve Aristide (the woman who initiated Project Origin in the first place, which led to the events in F.E.A.R.) into protective custody. On the way there, the big explosion happens, and you get separated from the rest of your team. Now you're trying to figure out what's going on in the post-explosion world--one where Alma, a little girl with powerful psychic powers, is running around freely.

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