Capcom Store Drops Prices on Remember Me, DmC, Revelations, and Lost Planet 3 to $20

Hardcore Gamer: Capcom's online store has some crazy-good deals going on right now. The newest Lost Planet game is fairly new and has received decent enough reviews. It is only $20 now, alongside DmC, Remember Me (which includes DLC), and Resident Evil: Revelations.

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Jhandville19921782d ago

Thanks for the heads up! :)

AsimLeonheart1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Actually, all of those games bombed. That is why CAPCOM is laying off staff in NA and EU. They are just reaping what they sowed. They did not want to listen what fans wanted and drove one franchise after another in to the ground. Now they are paying for it. People are tired of CAPCOM, their nickle & diming DLCs, their westernisation of Japanese games and their multiple versions of a single game.

Deadpoolio1781d ago

What game other than Street Fighter and 2 versions of MvC had multiple versions? LP3 didn't bomb because a western developer made it...It bombed because LP has always been mediocre.

Hell they haven't even had on disc DLC since SFxTK which fighting games should have anyway otherwise you don't get to use those characters online...Whats amazing is $5 per character for MK is OK....Extra classes and lvl boosts on Borderlands for $5 each is OK and they are all on the disc are again OK.....Yet Capcom wants less than $2 per character in a game that already had 42 on PS3 and it was the end of the world....Gotta love Hypocrisy

KUV19771781d ago

Remember Me was great - for me anyway!

CrossingEden1781d ago

Games going on sale is not indication of a game bombing, hell, ubisoft just put a bunch of their games on sale. People like you need to stop pretending to be analysts.

fsfsxii1781d ago

Not THAT close to launch. And its called common sense

Mr_InterNational1781d ago

HA! Still not buying any of their greedy garbage!

AsimLeonheart1781d ago

I am glad people have wisened up to CAPCOM's greed and exploitation. I still cant believe how CAPCOM fooled people in to buying multiple versions of SFIV in millions along with the DLCs. Even after all those editions we are still getting the ultimate edition of SFIV.

CalebZachary84111781d ago

I heard Remember Me was decenT?

KUV19771781d ago

I think it was better than decent. I enjoyed it a lot. The story and artstyle are great. It's not without flaws but at that price I would highly recommend it.

CalebZachary84111781d ago

Thanks, It's sold out on Capcoms website. Seeing if Amazon will price match.

Kyosuke_Sanada1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Capcom supposedly only have 152 million in the bank so they are scrounging pretty hard for sales now.......

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