Stuck loading Grand Theft Auto Online? Try these fixes

Here are four fixes that could get you past Grand Theft Auto Online's loading problems.

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Sadie21001750d ago

About 10 million people need to read this.

uncharted561749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

OMG after two days of trying I finally got in and played but it seems like races, deathmatch still don't work as most people are stuck joining them and everytime it kicks me out to sp saying session timed out if I try to join any kind of event like a heist, race, tdm or dm.

MysticStrummer1749d ago

None of those have worked for me, and I've tried them all multiple times.

Donnywho1750d ago

It's a complete mess. If you do manage to make it past the tutorial your character will just disappear on you eventually. I'd love to be wrong, but I don't think it's going to work right for a long time.

xHeavYx1750d ago

I was able to do the first race against Lamar, but when it finished, the screen changed as if it was going to switch characters, but nothing happened

Donnywho1750d ago

Yea when you get stuck in the clouds, just listening to the air. I hate that.

seanpitt231750d ago

Cannot even do the first race it just sticks on launching session screen with music playing

GarrusVakarian1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Speak for yourself. Ive been on it with 2 friends all day today and yesterday, connected first time at 9 oclock this morning and haven't had a problem since. The Jet dogfights are amazing, one of the best online modes ive ever played.

Donnywho1749d ago

You know you're a douche bag, I'm just reminding you Lukas.

Goro1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I really really wanted to play this 2 days ago when it launched but couldn't get into a lobby so i started TLOU, and now i don't even really care about GTAO, at least not until i finish TLOU.

Aleithian1749d ago

Honestly, I don't think GTAO is that great, and I've been playing it awhile now. Loses it's wow factor fast. Keep playing TLOU and maybe give Kingdoms of Amalur a shot if you got that free and haven't played it already.

Goro1749d ago

I'm not going to bother with Kingdom of Amalur, Doing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD next

hankmoody1750d ago

The problem I keep running into is the corruption of the character save data. So basically, even on the slim chance that I do get on (twice so far, woohoo), I'll basically lose any and all progress I've made with the character once the game locks up and corrupts my save data. And the worst part is having to watch that intro cinematic each time I have to create a new character and attempt to get on. I swear to God that if I have to hear Lamar greet me at the airport one more time, I may kick a hole in my TV. It makes no sense to get on until a relevant patch sees the light of day.

xHeavYx1750d ago

Don't create a new character. When you create one, it is saved to the R* cloud, so if you get disconnected from their cloud, the character will "disappear". Once you get access back you should be able to get your character back

hankmoody1750d ago

The problem with that is that since I almost always have to reset the game because it's infinitely loading, I think the data gets corrupted being that I'm resetting during the loading process. The game is amazing too, which is the biggest shame of all. I can't wait until they work out these bugs. Yesterday, I took on a motel full of gang members and then other players showed up and started shooting at me in the middle of the whole thing.

creeping judas1750d ago

Hank I have the same problem!! But I've done it about 10 times now!! I hate Lamar with a passion now!!
last night I made it thru the tutorial, I quit the game in free roam so at least when I left it would save all my data, I immediately tried logging back in and it said my character save data was corrupted!! I thought the same as you that it was being corrupted because I was stuck in the infinite laod screen, but alas no. I even unistalled the patch file and the reloaded it, but even that didnt work.

Heavy, how do yo know if you are connected to the R* Cloud? Is there setting maybe Hank and I haven't set up correctly?


hankmoody1749d ago

One thing that was weird was that the second time I was able to get on, it just threw me into the world with a completely random character, skipping the intro and everything. I was so happy... that is until I had to turn off the game later and repeat the process.

PsychoSupaman1750d ago

Never had an issue to be honest. Took about 3 times before I could get into the 1st race and smooth sailing since.

GarrusVakarian1750d ago

Lol people disagreeing with you because they can't get online. Pathetic.

hankmoody1749d ago

I had people straight up accuse me of lying about getting on the other day. I guess because I have this urge to impress people that I have to lie about stuff...?

PsychoSupaman1749d ago

Yeah, is that Incredable or what? Some ppl never cease to amaze me.

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