Metal Gear - The Man Behind The Bandana

In a time where the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was a new video game console, there was one particular game that was released for the console back in 1987. That game was Metal Gear. The main character of the game was part of a special forces unit called FOXHOUND and one of the members was Solid Snake.

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DEEBO1750d ago

some last,most fade away,but only the best are considered classic's.MG franchise is classic.

GrandpaSnake1749d ago

i always knew snake would last a while ever since i got my hands on the first metal gear.

Whitefox7891749d ago

Yet this article has no mention of the MSX2 games that are actually canonical games.

exceeding091749d ago

Whitefox789, thank you for pointing that out. Since you pointed that out, I just updated it. I wasn't sure if some people know about the MSX2, so that's why I didn't add it in the first place. I was going for MG games for the consoles. I appreciate your comment.

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