Why Haven't I Played as an Astronaut Yet? And 3 Other Experiences I Want From Games

Video games tend to stick to some tried-and-true experiences. But what other experiences could games provide?

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Grave1812d ago

Soon as I saw this I remembered the movie Abyss. Man I wish I could have some of that in a video game.

3-4-51812d ago

It would have to be future astronauts, because an entire game where your living space is as big as 4-5 cars would get boring quick.

* Astronauts on a space station 1 mile wide, however would be very interesting.

Grave1812d ago

You might be right, but i'm pretty sure the underwater lab was much bigger that.

Also, look at Rapture in Bioshock. You could have subs that let you explore out to other underwater bases as well.

NiteX1812d ago

There's tons of PC games where you play as an astronaut.

cyguration1812d ago

Yeah I was just about to make this comment.

Just because it's not an AAA blockbuster astronaut game where you're out-running space explosions and killer asteroids from angry aliens while trying to save the planet in a nuclear powered space craft doesn't mean more reasonable space simulators don't exist.

Pintheshadows1812d ago

I always get out of my ship on X3 to repair it myself.

oof461812d ago

The author never played Solar Jetman?

jackanderson19851812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

kerbal space programme anyone? (yes i realize s/he said AAA games)

isn't Risen 2 exactly the pirate game he described?

and i'm sure there is a deep sea game somewhere

cyril sneer1812d ago

There is a game that has been greenlit called world of diving not sure if it will have deep sea stuff in it.

But it looks quite interesting i have a close eye on it atm.

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The story is too old to be commented.