"Siren: New Translation" Demo Coming Soon

According to the official website for upcoming PS3 horror game Siren: New Translation, a free demo will be available for download from the Japanese PSN Store on April 25. The demos file size is 550 MB.

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Fishy Fingers3894d ago

hmmm.... whats the odds of it being in English? Id really like to give it a try but only if I can understand whats going on :)

callahan093894d ago

It's possible, though I'm not sure how likely. The audio samples that were on the teaser website were all in English.

Fishy Fingers3894d ago

Oh yeah, they were. Well I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

This really looks like it can put the willies up you. As it were.

callahan093894d ago

Indeed. I'm always up for a new horror game, so I'll definitely be trying out this demo next week.

Skerj3893d ago

I always play demos from that store, the Armored Core 5 demo is SOOOOOO dope so I guess I will be getting this one sometime next month.

sonarus3893d ago

Usually the demos are half half. Could be half english half JP. Hopefully more ENG

Ghoul3893d ago

actually the trend in japanese videogames is at least english audio and menus, textures and such do still contain japanese letters and such.

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name3893d ago

-_- More japanese only crap. They got dual shock 3 first, prolouge first, they got yakuza's sequal(s) exclusivly and a bajillion other japan only games. I wanna play this remake badly, but odds are I'll have to import. so gay

lodossrage3893d ago

True, there are alot of jap only games (and i agree it sucks and isn't fair)

But things are changing. There is a fair chance this will come stateside.

heyheyhey3893d ago

not necessarily

both Siren 1 and 2 came out in all regions so there's no reason why this one can't

fenderputty3893d ago

to stimulate the JP market anyways. Give them all the games they want. Just stop buying the damned Wii. lol

Milky3893d ago

they got the worst version of GT5:P though. No AA in mirors, less cars etc.

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Expy3893d ago

I think it'll be English, because the Trailer has English voicing in it.

name3893d ago

I'd still like to play the demo at least. We didn't even get a prolouge demo like they did either.

Fishy Fingers3893d ago

Just DL it from the Japanese store dude. You know how to make an account? need help give me a shout.

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The story is too old to be commented.