Call Of Duty 4 Map Pack Delayed To May 4th Now

InfintyWard via Community Relations Manger Rob Bowling's Blog Have Now Delayed The Map Packs Release In The EU Which Was Scheduled For May 1st Further Back to May 4th.

This Will Surely Anger Fans Thoughtout The EU

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acertainkid1023894d ago

That sucks. How much longer are we gonna wait. I've been waiting for a long time

pharmd3894d ago

snooze ya lose IW, i'll be in liberty city!

Close_Second3894d ago

...IW can go to hell for releasing the maps late and also for releasing COD4 with the crappiest lobby system ever. New maps won't change the fact that I am connected to 20-30 games per night where my connection is 1 red bar!!!!

I challenge anyone from IW to come to New Zealand and see just how sh*t their lobby system makes the game.

mikeslemonade3894d ago

Why would you buy that map pack? Just play UT3 and you won't get tired of the endless amount of maps. Paying money for a 1 or 2 maps is ludicrous.

Feihc Retsam3893d ago

I've been playing these b*tches for over a week now on the 360. That sucks.

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boodybandit3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I don't think this is going to go over well for IW with GTA IV being launched a few days before the map pack.

Omegasyde3894d ago

Wow, who besides people who absolutely hate GTA4 will buy this in the beginning?

Its like releasing Area 51 Blacksite, A week after halo 3.

Commercial Suicide. They might as well as delay the update until later in May, hoping that GTa4 effect could wear off. This would be smarter, since some people would need a short break from GTa4 by then.

Chris_GTR13894d ago

you know ps3 is hard to develop for when even downloadable map packs get delayed.

mikeslemonade3894d ago

It's really microsoft paying to have the map come out first for the 360. It clearly isn't a techinical issue when both versions of COD4 are 720p and run at 60 frames. How you got 3 agrees is beyond me.

caffman3894d ago

are you wearing a tin helmet so the aliens don't look in your brain? Microsoft NEVER gave IW money to delay the release of the maps.
And I made a mistake a while back and said that IW said the 360 version would be out in april and the PS3 version in early May. Looks like I was right on the button!

justgamez3893d ago

and I guess you believe Rockstar just willingly went multiplatform with GTA IV? You honestly don't think that money changes hands? I guess you also don't feel that reviews are influenced in any way by advertising dollars and all politicians actually tell the truth?

I would love to believe any or all of that.

Bombomb3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

so pathetic....

the 360 is where the money is at. it's that simple and stuff is more streamlined on the back-end. psn is still a baby. deal

look all the fanboys are crying dmc4 all over...haha

everything is because of ms...yup such delusional fools.

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eddierivera3894d ago

COD4 isnt the only multi-player game thats on the ps3 anymore, so I wont be too stressed out about the new maps anymore. I hope everyone on the psn boycotts the map pack. I dont see why the heck they gotta be [email protected] about this and making us wait like COD4 is the only good game out right now?

I think that this would have been a big deal about a week or so ago. Too bad everyone is still gonna buy the map pack,, I wont though, I too will be chillin out in Liberty City, and though I wanted the map pack really bad, I wont buy it, cause I feel that they really didnt give the ps3 users the attention and content that we deserve.

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