7 crime games you should play right now ... that aren't Grand Theft Auto V

Not into the Grand Theft Auto series? Here's seven recent crime games you can play instead, courtesy of GamesBeat.

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Sadie2100980d ago

Haha, I forget that Sly Cooper is technically a criminal!

JeffGrubb980d ago

All raccoon are criminals. Adorable, unruly rapscallions!

WeAreLegion980d ago

Not a crime game, but you should play Just Cause 2. After a few days of GTA V, I just wanted to play JC2 again...

wishingW3L980d ago

a bunch of sub-par games except for Hotline-Miami. I rather play GTA V for the rest of the year... Seriously.

coolbeans980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

I heard Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is pretty darn good.

WeAreLegion980d ago

It is. It's no PayDay or PayDay 2, but it's a very fun game to LAN or play online with friends.

barefootgamer980d ago

Monaco is definitely a fun game...if you're playing with other people. Not so much if you're by yourself.

porkChop980d ago

What? Sleeping Dogs is amazing, that was one of the best games in recent years.

ShutUpDonny980d ago

Agreed. Sleeping Dogs is one of my favorite games of all time. And, honestly, I think that the combat mechanics was way better than GTA5! It was like the best things from GTA with the combat from Batman and one of the greatest video game story ever.

WeAreLegion980d ago

All of these are fantastic games.

karl980d ago

what about mafia?

u cant forget that one.

barefootgamer980d ago

Mafia is a good series, but the list is for more recent games.