Kojima: The Phantom Pain will be 300 times larger than Ground Zeroes

The map size of Ground Zeroes in Metal Gear Solid V will be about 1/300 the size of the area found in The Phantom Pain section.

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first1NFANTRY947d ago

hopefully this is true and across all platforms. I expect nothing less for next gen consoles.

crxss947d ago

it will be, wont be much difference. though i'm starting to think ground zeroes is going to be a lot like the tanker incident in mgs2 and phantom pain will be more like big shell. still gonna love it though.

mewhy32946d ago

I just hope that the quality holds up to the hype.

assdan947d ago

Hopefully this will mean that the phantom pains is huge and ground zeroes isn't tiny lol.

Jughead3416947d ago

Either Ground Zeros is really short, or Phantom Pain is insanely huge.

showtimefolks947d ago

Kojima announce a release date and a kickass collectors edition, you already have my money

i hope this game gets a release date soon, but i know it won't be anytime before fall 2014

also how will this be released?

will we get 2 games? one via psn/xblive other retail disk?

TheFamous1947d ago

These images are next gen right?

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nirwanda947d ago

Which from the bluray will installed straight on the much faster access hdd.

KingPin946d ago

and to think once upon a time microsoft said blu-ray wasn't needed. digital was the way to go.

TheXgamerLive946d ago

It wasnt needed last gen but this is now and next gen is upon us. Bigger storage needed.
Most new games will probably be anywhere from 15 fo 50 gigs from the start. Some new RPG titles maybe 60 to 70 gigs. Tbe depth/details of a title such as Desfiny will be even greater.

ravinash946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Nothing in gaming is 'needed', but thats not to say that more memory, more space on the CD, more processing power makes things better.

WeAreLegion947d ago

I thought they were the same thing...

What did I miss?

Nyxus947d ago

GZ is the prologue. TPP will be much bigger, and will take place nine years later, I believe. Both sections together make up MGSV.

WeAreLegion947d ago

Oooooohhhh... That's weird. Haha. I'm so excited for this though! Thanks for the info! +bubbles

MasterCornholio947d ago

Sort of like the tanker then it switches to big shell.

Typical Kojima.


I love his work though.

HeyImBen11947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Its like Gran Turismo Prologue and Grand Turismo 5 :).

pacosanchez88946d ago

XD nice job Koyes, when i read his comment, that exactly what i thought.

elhebbo16946d ago

No its like every other MGS game -_-.....

amnalehu947d ago

im so confused. how many new MG games are there now? I thought these were one in the same. and what difference does it make how much larger it is than a game we don't even know the size of? It's like telling someone 20% off the price without saying what the original price is.

wishingW3L947d ago

well, one thing is for sure, you can't argue with fanboys because you'll never win anyway.

KwietStorm947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

They're the same game, 2 different periods/sections of the story as a whole.