GamesRadar: Warhammer: Battle March - first impressions - It's hammer time

GamesRadar writes: "Screw futuristic alien armies and lame realistic combat skirmishes. Warhammer: Battle March brings real time strategy back to where it all began: fantasy. Slamming into your Xbox 360 this fall, Battle March enables you to jump straight into beating the crap out of opposing armies, without having to wade through boring resource management. We had a chance to check out an unfinished build of Battle March and came away impressed at what was shown.

Battle March uses a simplified control system, deviating from the radial menus of other RTS console ports, while maintaining controls that won't alienate hardcore players. The basic controls are A to interact, Y to follow unit or Garrison your troops, B to clear and X for Master Select or Jump to unit. Because you don't have to spend time building or maintaining bases so much, the controls make it easy to select a unit and flank your enemies."

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