Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Humanity for 3DS Gets First Information and Screenshots

Spike Chunsoft released the first information and screenshots of the 3DS exclusive Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Humanity.

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Inception1795d ago

As a fans of Attack on Titan, i hope this game got localize >.<

GrizzliS19871795d ago

just finished first season of it, refusing to watch the rest in manga. waiting heavy on the second season! though id like to see this manga adopted on next gen consoles, it would be an awesome concept

princejb1341795d ago

anime is much better than the manga
but i hate waiting so i read the manga anyway

GrizzliS19871795d ago

wait till new season of Hajime no Ippo comes out, OHHH MY GOOOODDDDDD

Inception1795d ago


Well, i don't know if SpikeChunsoft have the budget to make Attack on Titan for next gen consoles. It will be cool though to see that happen.

Oh and you should read the manga. Yeah maybe the artwork will make you puke as soon as you turn the 1st page XD. But the story still awesome and the mangaka improved his drawing a bit in the latest chapter.


It's obvious isn't it? But i took both anime & manga.

PurpHerbison1795d ago

Attack on Titan almost rekindled my love for anime. But with shows like Breaking Bad currently going on, it's hard to find any room to care about AoT. I'll try again after Breaking Bad finishes, 2 more episodes to go! ^^

Inception1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

AoT is a must watch, so finish your Breaking Bad asap :)

Oh, and i'll suggest try to watch Black Lagoon, Hellsing Ultimate, and Deadman Wonderland. Those are some of my reccomended title and i'm sure they will bring back your love for anime again.

PurpHerbison1795d ago

Definitely going to give anime another shot. I'll try those after AoT. :D

HALOisKING1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

u need to watch naruto shippuden MARDARA HAS AWAKEN!! its epic and fairy tale ur love for anime will explode also try watching angel beats its a really good anime and sad

Kalebninja1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

some of those recommendations are trash bro watch btoom or guilty crown DEFINITELY watch xam'd and also check out zetsuen no tempest, zettai karen children,and k-anime those are all top notch... i dnt think i have to mention gurren lagann but there is a chance u didnt see it..its one of the best
edit: dnt watch naruto just play the games

PurpHerbison1788d ago

Watching Welcome to NHK right now and I enjoy it.

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hollabox1795d ago

Home consoles please! I love this show but I would like to see what home consoles from the X360 to PS4 can do with this amazing series.

TongkatAli1795d ago

This is going to be awesome.

king_george1795d ago

Holy crap i love the anime! I hope the game is good!

gedden71795d ago

This anime series is kinda crazy i wonder how the game plays?? Looks cool!

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