Battlefield 4 Open & Early Access beta dates officially clarified by DICE

Battlefield 4 Open & Early Access beta dates officially clarified by DICE

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HeavenlySnipes1650d ago

I'll probably still be playing GTAV lol

I have premium so I might as well download and play a couple matches to see what the games like

xPhearR3dx1650d ago

GTA Online is released Oct 1. Sorry Battlefield, you'll have to wait.

HeavenlySnipes1650d ago

Lol damn

I don't know how long the beta will last tho, so I'd probably play it sporadically so I don't have it wasting space on my harddrive

xPhearR3dx1650d ago

I would say it will be open all the way up to or pretty close to release. If I remember correctly, that's how BF3 beta was.

awi59511649d ago


And the beta didnt play like the release at all the beta wasnt that graphic intensive at all. Untill people found out you need more than one card to max the release copy.

Kleptic1649d ago

the tentative schedule i saw for the fully open beta (according to battlelog, anyway) was 2 full 14 days from October 4th, one would assume...about 17 days for premium users...

and, as usual, feedback will be incorporated into a release day patch on Oct. 29th...

I just want to see the gpu offerings AMD is about to announce, and see what specific gpu bundles with bf4 are offered...I'll be playing the PC beta on an A10 6800k apu, waiting to decide which discrete card to buy based on whats offered in october...BF4 on a desktop apu...this is going to be interesting to say the least haha...

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REDGUM1650d ago

Really looking forward to this game. Looks epic.

younglj011650d ago

Going to wait until the PS4 version but I'm going to play the hell out of the beta on my PS3...

Ducky1650d ago

Medal Of Honor pre-orders get the beta 3 days early?
Oh I bet they are just so ecstatic right now.

EPiCDiNGO1650d ago

What about the people who bought Medal of Honor premium :(

Fil1011650d ago

Yep these incentives to buy games jus because you get early s**t are really not worth it.