Pixelitis Postcard Review: Wings 2: Aces High

(Editor’s note: In the Postcard Review, members of the Pixelitis staff write small, easily digestible reviews big enough to ‘fit on a postcard’ – hence the title. It can be about the whole experience or just a small piece of the pie. No scores needed.)

"Upon plugging in this aged SNES cartridge of Wings 2: Aces High and listening to the inspiring introductory drum roll, I prepared to once again take to the skies in a nostalgic flight back to the 90s. Unfortunately, I was grounded pretty quickly when I realized how dated the game feels.

Wings 2: Aces High was supposed to be a more realistic simulation of World War I biplanes. This means that those fancy acrobatics and loop-de-loops are nowhere to be found, instead replaced with a strict adherence to slowly moving left and right. When I say slow, I mean I panned right for five minutes in order to try and catch an enemy fighter from behind. And barely three seconds after catching up, he would be gone, necessitating yet another fi...

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