Rev3games- GTA V Review

Rev:Adam reviews the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.

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NukaCola1769d ago

Love this review. Adam makes games a lesson in life and culture.

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Feralkitsune1769d ago

Hehe, I'll like this game in 2014, if I get to play it. Until then, I can focus on the dozens of games I still haven't beat.

dcj05241769d ago

Same here lol. I had $82 but i bought Killzone and Payday 2 with that.and Christmas money is being sucked up by PS4+BF4.Maybe I'll buy in January or if i run into money in October/November.

Loki861769d ago

Rockstar is brilliant by not pushing this to next gen. They knew that the hype for next gen was through the roof, but by making it now, with a two month filler till next gen. They draw the entire audience in, instead of segmenting it against the plethora of next gen titles. Also, Adam's reviews are always incredible.