Call of Duty: Ghosts Trailer Defended By Community Manager

"The Call of Duty series is well know, some might say, infamous, for its over the top set pieces.

Call of Duty's attempts to constantly up the ante when it comes to these explosion filled, adrenalin inducing moments have led to mockery from some quarters as these set pieces increasingly stray into the unbelievable.

It was to the delight of those detractors then to find that the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer gave us Call of Duty, IN SPACE!

According to Activision community manager Dan Amrich, however, the scenes of orbital bombardment that we see in the trailer are not as ridiculous as some might expect."

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itsRehabTime1683d ago

People moan at COD for being the same each year but when they try do something a little different they get yelled at :/

xHeavYx1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I thought you couldn't fire guns in space, but then I read this.
Another link that talks a little about it, from one of the best YouTube channels (Vsauce)

ExCest1683d ago

Hmm but I figured since the bullet has a small(or big, relatively) propulsion from the initial explosion, it should go in space. Wouldn't bullets be even more effective in space since there's no air friction, resistance, or (significant) gravity compared to Earth's crust?

torchic1682d ago


Heavy's link explains it well. the frictionless nature of the vacuum in space would allow the bullet to travel forever, but its momentum would be far less in space due to the lack of gravity. the higher the value of gravity, the more effective the bullet would be I think.

mario191683d ago

They try something a little different.

Good game developers do not do little, they do big

jonboi241683d ago

Really Sony has some really good little digital games.

mario191683d ago

And some BIG creativity

Mystogan1682d ago

Battlefield 3 and 4 are not that different for PC gamers.

GarrusVakarian1683d ago

Its the "little" different part that we are yelling at.

ThanatosDMC1683d ago

Fish AI.

I swear new games are making fun of "Fish AI" like Pay Day 2 and Shadow Warrior.

Angeljuice1682d ago

Is that ArtiFISHal Intelligence?

Mystogan1682d ago

I thought the trailer was pretty good. And I might pick it up once the price drops. Just for the campaign.

MWong1682d ago

Those rods crashing in from orbit was from G.I.Joe Retaliation. I'll play the single player of Ghosts, but not the multiplayer. I don't honestly think they did anything too drastic over BO2.

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blacktiger1683d ago

it doesn't matter if you can fire in the space or not. But shooting in the space is unnecessary I think.

Chapter111683d ago

"There are explosions, and its in space, and there are guns, and BOOM, SPLASH, AHHHH, CRUSH, ARGH, GRRRR, DUNNANANANANA, KAPOW!

What's there not to love?"

jonboi241683d ago

Did I really see a dog take down a helicopter?

Swiggins1682d ago

Damn right you did.

If I can't command Riley to take down a Tank next, well then color me disappointed.

testo61682d ago

don't be surprise if they release a trailer with Russian Fish killing dogs and taking down F-35's and aircraft Carriers....
DAT FISH TECHNOLOGY... so next gen...

Voozi1682d ago

I can't wait for the dramatic ending when you're on the ground with blurred vision and a shaky camera as the main villain is stands above pointing a gun at you.

Just when you think it's game over, your dog who you presumed was dead because of the prior mission, comes out of nowhere and bites the dude causing him to drop his gun. As he's struggling with the dog, you gather enough strength to crawl towards the gun, pick it up, and shoot the bad guy in the head.

The dog comes rushing towards you and begins licking your wounds as you wait for an evac. You're then picked up and credits begin to roll.

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