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GTA 5 Latest Information

If you have been living under a rock for the past few months then you need to open up your eyes and see that GTA 5 is going to be a very promising title! In case you haven’t been up to date, I’m going to fill you in with some of the latest GTA 5 news (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

US8F  +   630d ago
Only Wii U/PC gamers will be lurking the comment section after September 17th. Dark times ahead.

"GTA 5 will feature not 2, not 5, but 15 different species of dog" I never knew about this

This game is going to fire in all cylinders, heck that would be an understatement
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GameBlinx  +   630d ago
Yup PlayStation and Xbox players are all going to disappear once they get their hands on this. It's amazing how realistic and how detailed this title will be!
TotalHitman  +   630d ago
I'm glad to be a console gamer. I don't have to wait a few weeks to a few months longer for a game to release except for rare cases.
Hydrolex  +   630d ago
You have no idea how much better this game will be on PC...
maximus1985  +   629d ago
Hydro neither do you lol
xJumpManx  +   629d ago
I plan on beating it for both thee ps4 and 360. Have to do something until Next Gen release Week in November.
colinf438  +   630d ago
Don't get too excited... there are 15 species of animals, not dogs. The author of this article has misinterpreted some information.
RedSoakedSponge  +   630d ago
hes updated the dog information. it was actually meant to be 15 kinds of animals, not dogs.
limewax  +   630d ago
That doesnt exactly make sense. I will be taking a break from AC3 on pc and Wonderful 101 on Wii-U to play GTAV on my PS3 on the 17th. Owning multiple systems is still a thing
Jneal7  +   630d ago
15 species of dog? Dog is a species -_-
uncharted56  +   629d ago
lol breeds yes. species no haha
aLucidMind  +   629d ago
Its the same as people referring to our species as the "human race" when "human" is the name of our species. Theres a lot of words we use that are considered interchangeable even though they should not, mainly because most of our species is too stupid to comprehend the differences.
steve30x  +   629d ago
I'm a PC gamer but I will be going to Gamestop on the midnight launch to buy the Xbox 360 version for my Xbox. You cant paint every PC gamer with the same brush.
tdogchristy90  +   630d ago
Hearing all this hype and just skyrim-esque in terms of detail and scope I'm intrigued. Now I played Vic-city with a friend way back when in highschool. Aside from that I've never been a fan of gta (loved red dead redemption) cause I just felt it was too thuggish with hookers and drugs and just too Mayham crazy with no real story or substance. But again, this time around I'm definitely intrigued and I don't know why. Any thoughts or suggests on jumping into this?
nrvalleytime  +   630d ago
Go in no-holds barred. GTA V is looking like a culmination of Rockstar's generation long pedigree, so you really just need to go play and enjoy it for yourself. Have fun. :-D

Oh, and as always - the cake is a lie.
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GameBlinx  +   630d ago
I can definitely relate to what your saying. I used to take turns playing vice city on my friends PSP back in school but I never really got into the bigger console versions because of the depth it goes into. GTA never disappoints though when it comes to quality gaming content and missions, and you can still play through it without going too crazy into the stuff you rather not see. I mean the story is going to involve a lot of drug usage and stuff like that, but I feel like the gameplay definitely makes it worth playing. When it comes down to it the gameplay is reason I buy a game in the first place so I would say go for it if you find yourself interested at all.
TheFamous1  +   630d ago
Because from what it looks like this will blow every GTA game out of the water.. it really seems like their is a SHIT LOAD of more stuff to do than just missions and running around. I don't know of any game that has the level of detail that GTA V will have. The amount of customization and options are mind blowing. I'm excited.
MrReeves  +   630d ago
I would probably give this a free giveaway if you pick up and collect/10
CocoWolfie  +   630d ago
feels weird to say its coming out in like 12 days.. :') should be really good, a lot of people game for open world games like this and lets just hope it doesnt dissapoint
Steezo  +   630d ago
12 more days!!! On a gaming hiatus until I get this lol.
SchwoererBear  +   630d ago
I've been resting my ps3 to make sure she survives gtav!
Nafon  +   630d ago
I let my 360 rest for a few months but turned it on to watch Netflix a few days ago, and was greeted with terrifyingly loud fan noise! opened it up and blew the dust out of the heatsink for the first time (It hasn't been replaced in 5 years) and now it's quieter than i can remember it being! I was seriously worried I would have to buy another 360 (or a ps3) to play GTA V!
SchwoererBear  +   630d ago
I vaccum out the ports of my ps3 every once and a while and i also keep open space under it so it stays cooler. I really need to get a new controller for gtav too, mine have seen a lot of action haha
ShaunCameron  +   630d ago
I think I might have to buy a new 360 controller, because I wore out the left stick and cracked the RT button after playing Rayman Legends.
Hurricane4343  +   630d ago
Its fifteen total species incompetant journalist. Stop lying to people, there are not 15 different types of dogs http://translate.googleuser... http://m.jeuxactu.com/gta-5...
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SchwoererBear  +   630d ago
It would be cool to have that many different dogs. I knew it sounded too good to be true. I hope they have little dlc packs that add things to the world like an animal dlc, car dlc, gun dlc, and I really hope they update the soundtrack every once and a while for free
GameBlinx  +   630d ago
Corrected** Sorry about the mix up! There are a bunch of sources out that are saying dogs instead of animals and I didn't realize.
Truth  +   629d ago
Dear lord, no need to call the guy a liar. He corrected it and while he probably should have dug a little more to find out the correct information, there's no need to attack him. Everyone makes mistakes.
SmokeyMcBear  +   630d ago
I hope there is an english bulldog so I can make it look like my dog nacho.
AJ Hartley  +   630d ago
You named your dog after a porn star ?
SmokeyMcBear  +   630d ago
I named my dog after ignacio libre... there is a pornstar named nacho? why would a girl pornstar name herself nacho?
colinf438  +   630d ago
in a article, they say there are 15 different species... not dogs. I believe the author of this article has interpreted that fact in the wrong way.
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GameBlinx  +   630d ago
I corrected it, sorry about the mix up.
colinf438  +   630d ago
Awesome good work man
Drakesfortune  +   630d ago
You can ‘Make it Rain’ while in a strip club, you also have the ability to touch the girls if your into messing around with digital chicks

WHattt thats crazy...they literally have thought of everything
goldwyncq  +   630d ago
GTA V's gonna be the ultimate sandbox game. Can't wait for the 17th.
delicia  +   630d ago
12 days that seem like 12 months. I cannot wait any longer! :x
SKULLFACE  +   629d ago
GTA V has to be great! I mean firstly its GTA , secondly you can switch between THREE characters at will , u can fly plains , buy houses , jets , buy stock , pull of heists , and if you have nothing to do just fly a jet and jump out of it!;)
Truth  +   629d ago
One of the confirmed things I've read (IGN play through) is that people will acrue money from heists, missions, etc and if they don't deposit it at an ATM and they die, their wallet floats above their body ripe for the taking. Imagine have a "make it rain" contest in a strip club to single out the people that are loaded. After the festivities you follow them outside, gun them down and rob them blind. The possibilities in this game are virtually endless! The wait is unbearable...
JD2013  +   629d ago
Good lord. Using ATM's and having a debit card in game? I wonder if we have to stand in the bank queuing for hours on end, filling out the paperwork to open the bank account?

Seriously this game looks so detailed and brilliant. Can not wait for launch day. Rockstar look as though they have truly outdone themselves with this game.
HarryB  +   629d ago
Man imagine doing a mission and you a really nice car and you and your dog jack the car and the cops tryin to catch you and run out the car to get the cop car and your dog assists you lol. I hope dogs get like ranks everytime they help you.
robert  +   629d ago
Definitely value for money, the GTA franchise never fails to deliver, it will probably be the the last big one on the old faithful ps3 for me.

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