Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s "Bad" Launch Is Great News For The Elder Scrolls Online

Blaine Smith of Camelot Post writes:

You have probably read as far as the end of the title and you’re already preparing to spam the comments section with threats of violence, but please give me a few moments of your time before your don your cloak and dig out your pitch fork.

"If Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn can attract 218,000 players on launch day with basic MMO launch day problems and a subscription package, there is no reason that The Elder Scrolls Online can’t emulate that same success. This week has meant great things for Final Fantasy fans but it has also given those of us a bit skeptical about the pay-to-play ESO launch, a shining ray of hope."

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Abriael1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

boy what a stinking mess of an article I'm not reporting it as lame out of pity...

Mind you, FFXIV got 218k (actually 230) concurrent connections, it attracted a LOT more players overall.

CaptainCamper1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Did you bother to read any of the article or just the highlighted content on N4G? :D Also, can you throw me a source for the 230k so I can adjust the article? Would be greatly appreciated :D

Abriael1809d ago

I read it, and it's based on all kinds of wrong assumptions.

And here's the source.

kalkano1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Yeah, I plan to play ESO, not FFXIV. But, let's be honest. This is NOT good news for ESO. When the "bad" thing about your game is that TOO MANY people want to play it...things are looking good.

Edit: Yes, I jumped the gun... ;)

Bigpappy1809d ago

Agree this is not good news for ESO. But it also does not predict how they will do upon release. ESO and FFXIV attract different types of RPG fans.

CaptainCamper1809d ago

People that hoped ESO would be free-to-play were worried that a mainly console-based RPG could not be successful with a pay-to-play model

FFXIV has proven that's not the case.

Abriael1809d ago

No, while I hope it will, it didn't prove anything yet.

A MMORPG doesn't prove success until it retains those subscribers. Selling boxes is easy. Keeping those subs is not.

CaptainCamper1809d ago

Lol, do you play MMO games? Today's pay-to-play titles are not trying to keep subscribers for years and years. The era of WoW type profits is gone.

The subscription model, along with original purchase cost, is there purely to offset the cost of development before the inevitable switch to F2P. FFXIV has more chance of remaining P2P than ESO but I expect (and many others with common sense) to see a F2P transition in the first 12-18 months.

Kte1809d ago

Yep, what Abriael said. They have time to fix this, hell they will fix the issue before ESO is released (+content) so I'm not sure how this is good for ESO.

PersonaCat1808d ago

FFXIV will not be going to free to play. Considering that FFXI is still P2P and has been around for an incredibly long time. Also Yoshida has said he would sooner end the game then go F2P showing how much he believes in the model.

JD20131809d ago

I am sure that Zenimax and indeed Bethesda are watching this all very closely. But, that's not to say they should be compared. Final Fantasy has a huge Japanese following, willing to plough money into it, while Elder Scrolls appeals more to the western audience. Comparison is futile with regards to these two titles.

I'm certainly going to be playing Elder Scrolls Online. I have no desire to play FF XIV and I'm a huge RPG nerd and a fan of both series. It is indeed heartening to see that people will pay for subscriptions. I for one have no problem with Elder Scrolls having a sub if they provide a premium service of regular patches and updates and content additions.

As stated, box sales don't mean a great deal. It's if they keep the subscribers subscribing to their service. Nothing more. Time will tell. For both titles.

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