Kinect Hands-On: It works….kind of…

Gameondaily had the opportunity to put the new Kinect sensor through its paces at Gamescom with Kinect Sports Rivals. Opinion on the hardware is mixed, at least as far as motion control gaming is concerned.

(Warning: Video contains mild swearing)

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sAVAge_bEaST1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

That lag is still noticable,.. Heck, M$ can't even get MIDI lag right,. as there is still lag on windows OS,.. but zero lag on mac's OSx,. So it doesn't surprise me Kinect still has slight lag.

(miniscule, but still noticeable.) imho -there should be none.

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malokevi1906d ago

Expecting Kinect to meet expectations in party games and 100% Kinect games is like begging to be disappointed.

I'm looking forward to Kinect coming into its own in mainstream integration. Things like voice control, face and body mapping, subtle integration like leaning in shooters, Spark style motion capture, maybe physically punching dogs in the face in COD... there's gotta be tons of cool integration that devs are/will be working on.

Not to mention tings like UI surfing, controller swapping, activating and signing in, voice recognition, app control. Right now, those are the things I want most. Waking up n an alcohol induced haze, activating the console and turning on netflix without moving a muscle... those types of scenarios will make my interaction with the console that much more fluid.

I find it hard to think of negatives, and therefore find it difficult to take the diehard critics seriously. I never expected that 1 to 1 would mean 0 delay... to me it means 1 to 1 tracking in the literal sense. So far, it's looking pretty awesome to me. In 2 months I'll be the judge.

ScorpianusNoir1905d ago

You wake up in an alcohol induced haze and your first action is to turn on Netflix? Do you think Kinect will be able to decipher your, possibly, alcoholic slurred speech pattern? What a life you must lead.

On Topic: The Kinect 2.0 does not look much different from Kinect 1.0, but it doesn't matter to me because I will not be getting an XBone.

malokevi1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

ahahaha. Get off your high-horse. A ps4 fanboy would resort to meaningless and childish ad hominem insults in the absence of any real argument. Compare my well thought out post to your pathetic blurb. That's common around here. Funny how drinking is the ONLY thing you took from my post... because it's the only thing you can even remotely criticize. Thanks for confirming my suspicions and validating my beliefs :)

Yes, I drink on the weekend. As do many Canadians. My parents/friends/grandparents/c ohort. Thankfully I'm old enough to make that decision.

I lead a social life with friends who are fun to be with. Judging by your comment, you aren't to lucky! That explains why detracting for a piece of consumer electronics you have no interest in buying means so much to you... because you've got nothing else... lol. :P

And when I wake up after a long night of partying, I watch TV, because it's relaxing and easy on my body. How nice it would be to utter a few phrases and have my Xbox do all the work for me.

"On Topic: The Kinect 2.0 does not look much different from Kinect 1.0, but it doesn't matter to me because I will not be getting an XBone."

Well that pretty much confirmed everything I just said. Why do you even bother?

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redwin1905d ago

They looked like they were having fun. Isn't that the idea?

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3-4-51905d ago

That looks like the complete opposite of fun.

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Kingthrash3601906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

lol 1:1 tracking yet ANOTHER lie MS has many does this make. my oh my I didnt expect them to lie so much. im really not feeling ms right now.......but I didnt need a video to show me the Kinect was a gimmick. X1 will fail....and no I dont want it to. its just they've lost their way, they are about money and thats all bad.

I understand this is a business and money is the focus, but you dont sell spam and call it ham. in business the customer is your boss and if you lie to them they will leave you. they will leave and go directly to your competition.....and this is why they will fail.

Mystogan1906d ago

They're not going to fail. This is Xbox. It has had a fan base of over 77 million gamers. You think that even half of these gamers are suddenly going to get a PS4?...NO. Xbox is going nowhere. Microsoft has been through much worse then this. Vista and RROD for example. This bad PR is nothing compared to those fails.
Xbox is not going anywhere. Its here to stay. So is Kinect.

Magicite1906d ago

thats number of consoles shipped, not number of players..

shadyiswin1906d ago

He's not taking in account how the Xbox 360 is the number 1 selling console 31 and very soon 32 months in a row,almost 3 yes in a row...insane,also not taking in account a "broken" outsold gran turismo 5 almost 5:1 in there weeks of release setting a world record. They magically think Xbox has no fan base after Sony backtracked on DRM and took there camera out at the minute AND gave you no games at there reveal,e3,games on and pax. Sony is being very cocky not understanding preorders account for less that 20% of all sales,just wait till Microsoft's billion dollar marketing blitz hits,I look forward to seeing how n4g will put twist on higher than expected sales and good reviews of forza,ryse,killer instinct and dead rising 3. Why kill zone,drive club and knack all come up very short. Just watch lol

Kingthrash3601906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

RROD is a great example...thats true 77 mil is the result of rrod because alot of repeat buyers including myself. thats not how many actual players its how many systems....smh
but this gen a few things are clear..
.1. no year head start

2. alot of people inincluding me will wait to see if there is another RROD debacle because im not going thru that again

3. ps2 was a huge success ps3 while successful wasnt as huge as ps2....why? price at launch. this gen x1 highest launch price.

4. 1st party support is really weak...if not the weakest. look at Nintendo...why is a company atill floating? it has the strongest 1st party games in gaming. period....weakest hardware strongest 1st party 2nd strongest CONSOLE hardware last in 1st showed in 360's last years.

5. trust customers dont buy stuff they dont trust....if I get bad chicken at a restaurant you better believe im not going back to spend my money on bad food...same goes for ms...all these lies, all these 180's, the rrod and lack of games for 360, the deal with it cockyness of ms gas rubbed alot of paying customers the wrong way.

I dont want them or anyone else to fail its just qhen you lie at every gaming event why should I believe anything you say? why spend money on a product that I had past problems with?


yellowgerbil1906d ago

they only have 77 million because of sony overcharging the ps3 so much at launch and coming a year later. they sold like 25mil original xbox. I wonder how many of the 50mil players who came onboard this gen will stay for the next gen?
I see sony regaining a lot of lost sheep

dantesparda1906d ago


That's only true in America, in the rest of the world the PS3 has been outselling the 360 for years! Try again kid

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devwan1906d ago

@Mystogan 77m xbox 360 sales does not equate to a fan base of 77m gamers. Just sayin.

IcicleTrepan1906d ago

Same can be said of Sony and their sales so come off it.

dantesparda1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Stupid MS fanboy comprehension levels being shown by you, Icicle. He's not saying that Sony's number are its total fanbase, while Ms's arent. He's just merely pointing it out to shady, who like you obviously doesnt get that. Thanks for showing MS fanboy intelligence levels though

MariaHelFutura1906d ago

"It works….kind of…"

This should be the slogan for Kinect and motions controls in general that aren't dance games w/ the exception of a few Wii title and a few PS3 titles motion control gaming as the focus just doesn't work. The sole reason I'm getting the PS camera is for Media Molecule's PS4 title, if anyone can do anything phenomenal w/ motion control gaming it's them, they're creative geniuses.

Other than that I have pretty much ZERO faith in motion control gaming at this point w/ what the technology has presented thus far.

Great article and site Septic, good job.

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Loki861906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Yeah Project Spark's full motion capture or KI's profile integration is completely overrated. Rather than a MM game we have seen nothing on, stop your low key trolling on every article it's ridiculous.

Kingnichendrix1906d ago

I really liked the look of project spark one of the only games that tweaked my interest

Shadonic1906d ago

I wouldnt say that, from the culmination of videos I've seen this had to be the worst for this game thought it seemed to be mostly the players fault since there moves were much more broad and exaggerated in this video while in others it seemed more subtle i mean I never seen anyone turn in the jet-ski demos until now. On the rock climbing it was clear that once you know how to play its pretty simple and actually works well.

Still I need to try it for myself.

Rhinoceros1906d ago

Don't feed the troll. MariaHelFutura is about as common and boring as the ubiquitous font he put in his name. This person would have diminished the early iterations of videogames to the point of nonexistence.

I gave the Kinect 1 a chance and was disappointed, but still I never gave up on the technology. Someone so quick to dismiss such a recent development in the gaming world has no place in it.

Xsilver1906d ago

hey its a free country

Heartnet1906d ago

Media Molecule are good at creating games that make the user create for them...

But that gives them 0 background in motion tech.. Why wouild they be the One company you rely on to do motion control when they have very little experience with the technology?

The People you SHOULD be relying on is Sony Studio's London who are the people behind EyePet as there core focus is motion controll....

Obv troll is obv but please suck up harder...

Your comment is equal to me saying "RTS SUCK" but Naughty Dog are creating one and if any1 can make a good RTS its Naughty Dog... Even though they have no experience creating one...

Please... if your going to troll and put Sony into every Xbox Article.. do it with research and knowledge..


MariaHelFutura1905d ago

Uhhhh. Because of the Tech demo is the basis of their PS4 game (link below) and the fact the made LittleBigPlanet. You know it won many GOTY's and is one of the highest rated series this generation.

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gaelic_laoch1906d ago

"It works….kind of…"

Not good enough.

Shadonic1906d ago

I agree I like the whole motion control thing but sort of is not good enough though there's still variables on how the player moved that play into the overall functionality. I just want a kinect fighting input MOD form what ive seen online since in that the lag was almost non existent.

Heartnet1906d ago

Lag will always be there but in games itll be less noticeable as they will have workarounds and things to make it less noticable...

and also the games will never track you 1:1 even if the techonlogy enables you to as its not immersive enough...

A good example of this is The Shrek game where you played as That Cat, The devs tried it with 1:1 motion tracking and the users werent into it so they just look for the slightest gesture and it does the animation.. This also helps motivate the player....

So alot of the lag will be reduced in things like this

ABeastNamedTariq1906d ago

Kind of? I don't particularly like the sound of that. If you're being forced to buy this thing for an extra hundred bones, it damn sure needs to be accurate like it says it is.