Fallout 4: What We Want and We Can Expect

Bethesda has done an excellent job at getting gamers excited for the next Fallout game — absolutely nothing! Bethesda is known for sending teaser videos and images out there via their Twitter account. Some of the images and trailers looked like they would be for a brand new Fallout game, but they were promoting a different game they were about to release. One of the games was “The Evil Within,” which did have an awesome Vine teaser associated with it. The other game I’m talking about was Wolfenstein: The New Order. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for something — anything — from Bethesda, but who knows when it will come?

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GarrusVakarian1733d ago

What i want: the game in my PS4

What i can expect: weeks of not going outside or washing, stopping briefly to eat and poop.