Submitted by ModernWarNegro 605d ago | opinion piece

What Happened To Custom Controls?

When a games controls are no good what do you do? (Culture)

KwietStorm  +   605d ago
I ask this all.the.damn.time. Is it really asking too much to give me the control? I understand you have suggested and well thought out presets, but more often than not, there's that one button that doesn't work for me in the one setup that does, and I can do nothing about it.
pixelsword  +   605d ago
Exactly; they act like the game will break if the controls are altered. Next gen consoles should be able to allow you to preset the controls for a genre and save them like if you play all of your fps games the same, save you the step and load a base control, then you can tweak from there if necessary.

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