Respawn Entertainment explains reason for PS3 controller in TitanFall video

Earlier today an image was passed around from the latest Respawn Entertainment "Interview with the developers" video. In this video, there are allegedly shots of a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 controller and a possible PlayStation 3 console.

This image immediately sparked interest in the idea that Respawn was, in fact, developing for Sony platforms along side Microsoft platforms; platforms that their upcoming "TitanFall" game is exclusive to for the time being. Well sorry to be the barer of bad news, but Respawn has responded.

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Dlacy13g1733d ago

most important quote: "just people are reading a lot into an old picture"

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Withdreday1733d ago

They've already said it could come to PS4 in the future.

For people to think an EA game is going to stay exclusive is just plain silly.

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Dlacy13g1733d ago

I do happen to think it will come to the PS4 at some point. I just wont be waiting for that to happen.

ZeroX98761733d ago

multiplatform games shine way more on PC than consoles, reason why I'm getting BF4, watchdog and titanfall on PC. it's nice to see X1 fans will be able to enjoy this game, but seeing that it's EA publishing the game, limiting the available platforms would only limit the income.

I don't remember seeing an EA game exclusive to a single platform and if I saw one, it didn't last as an exclusive for long.

Withdreday1733d ago


Fine, but is it worth $100 more for the weaker system? I surely don't think so. Now if you're playing it on PC, that's a different story.

That's the only possible thing I can see people buying or upgrading just to play this one game.


Exactly. The moment I saw EA on the mass effect series, I knew it was coming to PlayStation and it's the same thing for this. It's only a matter of time.


Here you go:

So keep dreaming that this will stay an Xbox One "exclusive" if you want, but they're probably tweaking it for the PS4 as we speak.

CRAIG6671733d ago

Ever played Gears of war Withdreday?

AndrewLB1733d ago

As of 7 minutes ago, it seems EA says Titanfall is going to be a PC, 360, Xbone exclusive. And they don't call it a "timed exclusive" either... instead they flat out say...

“The Sony platform and the Xbox platform are both very important to us. If you look at the previous generation we did tactical deals with both Sony and Microsoft throughout the cycle. Titanfall is different, it’s an EA Partners game – everything else is platform agnostic.

“Sony has been executing exceptionally well on the next-gen transition. Their hardware’s hot, they’re clear and disciplined and consistent with their policies, they are showing some amazing things with indies, so overall I couldn’t be more pleased with how they’re executing. I hope both systems are successful – EA succeeds when more platforms are doing well.”

When asked if this means Sony itself may see some PS4-exclusives from EA, Gibeau replied, “It’s a long cycle, and certainly there’s potential with Sony exclusivity deals too.” He later stressed, “I can tell you now, our internal games, the games we make ourselves, will be multiplatform.”

Titanfall is exclusive, but does this mean there could be more deals made in Microsoft’s favour down the line, or – as Gibeau suggests – is this just a rare occurance?"

voodoochildnyc1733d ago

yea but you're gonna have to wait fool! hahahahahahaha

ShinMaster1733d ago

I'm not a COD fan, so I'm not very interested in this game.

What I find amusing, though, is that some people keep bringing up Gears of War.
Just remember they said the same thing about Bioshock. Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, etc...

Withdreday1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


Of course they did. They want people to buy the Xbox One and PC versions and not to wait for it to launch on PS4.

Remember, EA even denied ME2 was coming to PS3 even after programmers spotted PS3 data in the source code, so them making a statement like that confirms nothing.


Take a good look at Titanfall's box art. Do you see "Microsoft Studios" anywhere on there? Didn't think so.

Titanfall will be on PS3 and PS4 this time next year. Print it!

WhyWai881733d ago


EA also said Mass Effect 1 will never come to PS3 because MS held the right.. but then The trilogy came out...

Dee_911732d ago

I mean it wouldn't be a day 1 for me anyway so I can wait however long it takes.

UltimateMaster1732d ago

And they replied by neither confirming nor denying.
Simply said they own all consoles.
Wow, N4G really post articles based on nothing lately...

awi59511732d ago

And bringing mass effect to ps3 killed the series. Because the game had to be dumbed down for the ps3 versions. It made it so your choices didnt matter and thats why masseffect 3 sucked.

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Christopher1733d ago

My only question: Then why blur out the PS3 console?!?!

Septic1733d ago

I do think Titanfall will come to PS4. I just think its a question of when as opposed to if.

ATi_Elite1733d ago

Do you people realize that Titanfall is running on the THE SOURCE GAME ENGINE!


Bobby Kotex1732d ago

If titanfall is the next COD, I'll pass.

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DoomeDx1733d ago

''We have got a wiiu also''

Haha like ''Nobody has a wiiu. But we do. So it deserves a mention''

MestreRothN4G1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

More like "it obviously won't be released for WiiU and still we have one"...

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iamnsuperman1733d ago

"we play games at work so we have all systems"

How dare you play games at work. I want my Titanfall :P

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