Gamescom: Battlefield 4's Graphics Lacking on PS4

This week at Gamescom, DICE is offering hands-on with Battlefield 4 running on a PS4. How does it look? The answer might surprise you.

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Wizziokid1610d ago

Well lets hope they sort out this for launch...

s8anicslayer1610d ago

Your going to see this for all console ports which really is a damn shame. The game looks beautiful running on PC lackluster for PS4 and a no show for Xbox One...hmm!

black0o1610d ago

DICE always works on PC 1st thn consoles .. let's wait and see the game on launch then let's have this talk then

if BF4 can look anything like KZ sf I hve no worries

Muerte24941610d ago

This is a none issue for me. Battlefield 3 felt alot like COD so I bought it and never even played it. Killzone will be holding me over until I upgrade my PC.

tuglu_pati1610d ago


You cant compare BF4 to KZ multiplayer graphics because one has planes, choppers, vehicles total destruction and the other not. All this affect graphics and performance.

LOGICWINS1610d ago

Comparing KZ to BF isn't fair. Shadow Fall doesn't have the same scope of BF and GG devoted ALL their time and energy on the PS4, as opposed to DICE who had to spread out their resources over five different platforms.

AlexanderNevermind1610d ago

People must understand that the specs of the PC used to run BF4 demos would smoke a Console (Dual AMD Radeon HD 7970s and AMD FX-8350 4ghz). I run an AMD FX 8350 and a single 660ti. So my personal machine doesn't compare. Also the majority of PC gamers aren't running in SLI yet. So even they won't match the performance of the rig used for BF4.

All that being said of course the PS4 un-optimized demo will look subpar. Way to early in the game to bitch and moan about the PS4 demo specs imo.

Blackdeath_6631610d ago

yeah it really seems PC is the way to go. i've made the switch to pc just in time for BF4

ABizzel11610d ago

The whole last paragraph of the article sums this up.

"As uninspiring as my demo was visually, it's also important to remember that we are still months away from Battlefield 4's release. It's clearly a work in progress. And most importantly, the game itself is still very much a blast to play. But if today's demonstration is any indication, DICE's commitment to supporting 64-player games and maintaining a solid 60 FPS on next-gen consoles could very well come at the cost of visual fidelity, and as a franchise renowned for its state-of-the-art graphics, it's an unexpected compromise."

It's a work in progress, and if they optimize the game then this is what you should expect to be playing come launch.

660 (PS4) vs. 650 Ti Boost (XB1)

PS4 (7970m)

But with them making BF4 for PC, PS4, XB1, PS3, X360 this is what happens.

StoutBEER1610d ago

@Muerte If you felt like Battlefield was like CoD but you love Killzone?? Imma stay the hell away from Killzone.

1610d ago
GiggMan1610d ago

This is not surprising and it's also the reason I picked up the Killzone SF bundle with my next gen purchase.

Killzone is the only shooter that is coming out with just the next gen in mind. Most AAA games coming out this year are all coming out on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U etc. They are all going to be watered down experiences for the PS4 and Xbox One.

We are going to see the same thing with Watchdogs, AC4, CoD and any other game coming out on current gen hardware being ported to next gen.

NewMonday1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

BF4 was running on a frigging $4000 PC

$4000 vs $400

is difference in graphics 10x ??

thezeldadoth1610d ago

its not going to get much better between now and launch.

JsonHenry1610d ago

If it bother you that much to have subpar graphics then just go buy/build a PC like the rest of us.

If not then enjoy it on the consoles.

We have options people. Just choose yours.

morganfell1610d ago


And Killzone has a hundred times more detail in the environment. Have bothered to look at the game recently?

Ju1610d ago

You can't compare this to KZ:SF? You blind? The opening sequence of KZ dwarfs BF4 in every respect. The draw distance in the cityscape is unmatched. The water shader used for all those water falls, real time reflections, lighting, the "air strips" with moving vehicles, ton of NPCs is nothing but amazing. Given the SP runs 30fps - and yet, all those weather effects made it into the MP and it still runs at full resolution and 60fps.

If Dice scales BF4 down just to reach 60fps this is a massive mistake. But not really a surprise after what surfaced here lately. It looks the same as previous games. Disappointing. Really.

mewhy321610d ago

If it looks bad on the PS4 then the bone version will look like last gen.

SnotyTheRocket1610d ago

Does it have 64 players? Check. Does it have 60FPS? Check. 720p or 1080p? I could care less. If it's fun, and doesn't look worse than BF3 on current gen, I'm fine.

MidnytRain1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


You won't NEED a four thousand dollar rig to max out Battlefield!

NegativeCreepWA1609d ago

Like I said months ago, I don't care what BF4 looks like as long as it has 64 players like it should.

ProjectVulcan1609d ago

It'll always look better on a good PC. The question is merely how close can DICE actually make the console versions.

Its a big ask knocking out so many versions stretching your team and on new console hardware. If you get 720p/60FPS and similar assets to maximum on PC then you shouldn't complain

Br0nc0B0y271609d ago

they showed BF4 gameplay at microsofts E3 press conference...

thereapersson1609d ago

@ 1.1.18

Ju, that is a (+) bubble-worthy comment you have there!

mikeslemonade1609d ago

I'm not impressed by this game regardless if it's on console or PC. It's visually average in both respects.

The_HarryEtTubMan1609d ago

Yea I switched to PC too. I have so much more fun on PC and if you have the money you should. There is still fun on the consoles, but there is a huge difference in PC and console gaming. And PC gaming is booming too so nows the time to join! Just built a PC with a 7950 about 2 weeks ago and I am so happy I did.

timl2411609d ago

First there was an article stating that BF4 will run at 1080p at 60 fps. Then there was an article saying it would only be 720p. Now this. Do we all see why this website might stretch the truth a little bit. Now granted, I understand its still in its alpha stage, but the console is out in 2 1/2 months. They really shouldn't be having these issues

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Thisisjuju1610d ago

I do hope they get it looking swish before release.

I remember think how awesome BF3 looked when they released the trailers and then being somewhat disappointed when playing the multilayer on consoles.

I hope BF4 is not the same story. With it being 64 players and 60FPS I am more confident that it wont be.

BlingBlaine1610d ago

How much $$$$$ do those pc's running bf4 cost? 18-2000$?

PS4 $400

So IGN is trash media and we know it, terrible article nothing new from IGN.

andibandit1609d ago

the cheaper the better,

im getting it on ps3[200$]

Andronix1610d ago

The article is comparing the graphics from a tricked out super pc with the PS4, which is silly. Comparing the PS4 to Xbone is understandable - although that wasn't done here.

MWong1610d ago

Hell where is the video footage of this game play that had you worried? That's my question?

I really want to see some BF4 footage on the consoles.

Deadpoolio1610d ago

Thats becasue you can't compare the PS4 to the One80 at the moment since every scrap of every game shown for the One80 were all running on PCs running Windows 7 with Nvidia graphics cards...There has not been one piece of any game shown actually running on a One80

solar1609d ago

We were told by Sony the PS4 is a "Supercharged PC". If it can't produce what a PC now does, it's a bold face lie.

extermin8or1609d ago

@Andronix well other games look superb-killzone, infamous etc so really if its the developers who cant get it running when others can whatever their reasons its on them not the console or Sony's fault

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thetruthx11610d ago

The Xbox version will take advantage of the exclusive directx 11.2 so it'll more than likely perform better

Gozer1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

With the esram, hypervisor, and tiled resources you could possibly be right. They did show BF4 singleplayer running on an X1 devkit at E3 and it looked good.

Mkai281610d ago

I would like to add the X1 has the move engines that takes loads off the GPU/CPU as well..(you know when the PS3 had the weaker GPU but still came out on top due to the cell processors) It also has a custom audio processor that can help the CPU.
So you have DirectX 11.2, 32MBs of eSRAM, hypervisor, custom audio processor, move engines, not including the cloud because its unproven until otherwise.

Sitdown1610d ago

Could you imagine what would happen to the world, or at least n4g,if this game looked better on the xbox one than ps4? There will be riots and looting to the likes that have never been seen before. Or at least reports that there was poor coding and the developers don't understand how to unleash the power of the ps4,all while pointing to Killzone.

Evilsnuggle1610d ago

Thetruthx1 if xbone was the Superior version of battleflied 4 Why not show it on xbone Instead of PS4 . Why would dice want all the Negative stories and negative press I have read 5 Negative Articles on battleflied 4 . The PS4 is the best Game console version that is why they a showing it. All xbone game are having frame rate problems Except for forza 5.

thezeldadoth1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

do not speak such blasphemy on n4g. sony could release a weak tablet and somehow people would claim it has better graphics than xbox

windblowsagain1610d ago

The onebox one pushes less pixels, has less rops, less texture units. Wtf are you on.

I'm surprised they can manage 60fps on it.

Ju1609d ago

Where did this game actually run on physical Xbone HW? Link please.

slimpickens1609d ago

This is incredibly funny! It's like gamers on both sides are looking for any reason to call the other console inferior lol. The Sony fans are trying to keep the momentum going and the Xbox fans are trying to get it started but late to the punch because of MS and there new stance. If they announce the console release on the same day I'm sure we will have many fights. Tupac-station vs Biggie-one

pyramidshead1609d ago

@gozer, no sources. Telling. :)

papashango1609d ago

I also noticed the sony crowd trying to stop the M$ momentum from building on n4g. Fruitless effort as the x1 hype is building.

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testo61610d ago

Dice says that Battlefield 4 on ps4 is not optimized yet... so...yes its going to look awesome at launch, they have like 3 months to work that out. :)

NextGen24Gamer1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Only problem is we are only a couple months away from launch, yet a game like TitanFall is 6 to 7 months away and looks WAAAAY better. I would be a little worried, optimized or not. It's getting close to launch time.

Now on the flip side, they actually had a demo at E3 playing on xbox one HARDWARE and it looked great.

So I don't understand how it could look so crappy on the ps4 so close to launch. Isn't the ps4 have more RAW SPECS??????????

Please Sony Fans come defend, please come explain, please tell me how can this be?????

P.S. I'm getting my popcorn out and I'm going to just LOVE the defensive responses.

2 months from launch PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

DeadlyFire1610d ago


You have no idea how much can change in 3 months time of development.

Titanfall is using what game engine again? Source. Runs at close to 100+ fps on new PC hardware. How hard would it be to lock that down to 60 fps.

ABeastNamedTariq1610d ago

"...yet a game like TitanFall is 6 to 7 months away and looks WAAAAY better. I would be a little worried, optimized or not. It's getting close to launch time."

I SURE hope you don't mean graphically. On Source Engine? GTFO.

Sitdown1610d ago

August 23, 2013 + 3 months = November 23 > ps4 launch date.

How quickly do games ship after going gold?

thezeldadoth1610d ago

^ Source engine > Frostbite

MrBeatdown1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


I like how you immediately blame the PS4 hardware without even comparing it to Battlefield on Xbox One, which would be a far more accurate method of determining that the issue lies with PS4 hardware, rather than anything else.

You're definitely a logical, reasonable person, and definitely not someone I'll mark for obvious trolling.

andibandit1609d ago

these last 3 months will be devoted to testing and weeding out bugs, not some major overhaul to improve engine performance on ps4.

papashango1609d ago

have been a fan of battlefield for years. DICE has never made massive changes months before launch. This is merely damage control from them.

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ATi_Elite1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


No one can talk bad about the Almighty Playstation 4 and expect to have another article approved on N4G.

I'm sure Sony fanboys are boycotting IGN as we speak.

Clearly BF4 on the PS4 will look 10x better than any $4000 PC.

Why? cause a $400 PS4 made by Sony is ALWAYS better than any old $4000 High end bleeding edge hardware PC.

.....and as an Enthusiast PC Gamer I'm SHOCKED and in total disbelief that a PS4 couldn't run BF4 the way a PC could.

The Nerve of IGN to write such a BIASED article especially during this moment of Sony chest pounding and PS4 Hype!

(Cause BF4 was made PC first then ported down cause that's the way it's suppose to be done, Good Job DICE we know your still PC first)

Allsystemgamer1610d ago

Youre making us look bad...

DeadlyFire1610d ago

They could have made 1box version first and ported across. Never know really. It would explain why PS4 version has some touching up to do.

All 3 should look fairly similar at launch. PC is luxury platform so its always going to look the best.

SonyPS41610d ago

I am definitely getting this on PC. That is how to truly experience the game in its full glory.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

controllers.. ugh..

Takes 3 hours to turn left.

getting this on pc.

Glad to see devs use pc in full rather than try to make it 1:1 with console version.

"But up until now, all of the demos we've seen of Battlefield 4 have been running on supercharged PCs"

Poor Mark Cerney lol

Ju1609d ago

What has this to do with the PS4? This does not match any of the games we have seen so far. Blame Dice, not Sony. Or EA if you will.

Mini05101609d ago

whatever, a $1000 new pc will run this high to max. Just turn down the AA. 4x AA kills your frames

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seanpitt231610d ago

The article dosnt say anything about the ps4 graphics lacking somebody has just changed the title of an article that I have already seen.

assdan1610d ago

Yeah, because I'm sure it won't run the same or lower on xbox one.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

needs more high end pc in it?

We forget ps4 is super powered tablet hardware?

plaZeHD1610d ago

Dice makes terrible ports for consoles. I mean Battlefield 3 looked utter shit on consoles, it's like they didn't even bother to optimize the game.

gedapeleda1609d ago

People always hope this but it never improves in graphics.

yeahokchief1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


Yes you can compare KZ with BF4. If one is more fun to play because it has been optimized for the PS4 instead of being the gimped version of a pc port then KZ will be the handsdown winner on the PS4. It will deserve the money spent on it.

I'm not buying BF4 until i see PS4 gameplay and know all the facts. I will wait until they bundle all the DLC in and give it a price cut on a black friday next year.

Gonna be too busy playing GTA V for either anyways.

BallsEye1609d ago

I can already see the top comments if this would be an XO article. XO inferior ! ps4 will run at 1080p bla bla ram bla bla.

I gotta addmit that kind of sucks but better than 1080p and 30 fps. When you have big tv and sit 2 meters away you won't really see the difference if there will be good AA.