By the numbers "Next-generation console software showdown"

ARS: Following Monday's post in which we broke down Microsoft's list of 50 announced Xbox One games, and Tuesday's post looking at the 23 launch titles for the system, we got a few comments asking us to put the PS4's lineup through the same treatment. This is easier said then done, though, since Sony hasn't followed Microsoft's lead in releasing an official list of software that's been announced for the PlayStation 4, or an official list of games that will be ready for the PlayStation 4's November 15 North American launch.

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killcycle1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

42 console exclusives for PS4 and XBONE has 21

It has exactly double. Nuts

pedrof931516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Maybe more exclusives will be announced at TGS.

By the way @Georgenoob used to say that they had more exclusives.


"EA will definitely release on PS4 after a year."

Release what ?

Muerte24941516d ago

There are still a ton of things we have yet to see with Xbox One. We haven't seen their streaming functionality or anything else for that matter. They have showed us upload and Live TV functions. TGS is the last major event before these consoles go on sale. With so much still left unseen, you have to kind of be worried a little. Also with the numbers coming in for PS4, EA will definitely release on PS4 after a year.

pyramidshead1515d ago

well the hell IS georgenoob btw.. did he get downbubbled off the website?
He was a horrible troll but was still fun to read :(

morganfell1512d ago

Its amazing this article didn't become the hottest on the site. I guess there are some people really hating simple math now.

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gaelic_laoch1516d ago

Cannot argue against your Mathematics!

Maddens Raiders1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

$399 > $499

Stronger hardware vs. Weaker hardware

Sony has positioned themselves brilliantly for this generation and it's obvious with nary a reversal, so more exclusives is simply icing on the proverbial cake at this point.

That's why my money is going to the PS4 first.

pedrof931516d ago

"$399 > $499 "



HammadTheBeast1516d ago

In terms of consumer value malokevi.

malokevi1516d ago

No, I get it.... but really?

I think people understand the value equation. "this number is greater than that number" would have been sufficient.

I'm just being a dick, anyway.

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avengers19781516d ago

Total games announced PS4 79 XB1 55
Original ips PS4 42 XB1 18
Indie games PS4 24 XB1 5

HugoDrax1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Can you do a comparison for indie games on Wii, X360, iOS, and PS3 as well? I want to see what the numbers are for this gen as well.

Thanks in advanced!

MysticStrummer1516d ago

I actually saw someone say "PS4 has no games" and another person say "PS4 has no day 1 games"

N4G really brings out the best and brightest sometimes.

avengers19781516d ago

And there's still more to be announced from first party devs

okmrman1516d ago

yup youre a true testament to your statement :P

gamingfriend1516d ago

Agreed and xbox boys come back with is titanfall, hello timed exclusive and ea are involved with it ea= money money imfamous second son looks better.

buynit1516d ago

I think everyone in the game industry = money. So stop singling ppl out cause it makes you look desperate.

HugoDrax1516d ago

With Microsoft = money money money money, plus what does infamous have to do with TitanFall? You obviously wish TitanFall wasn't releasing on XB1 and PS4 hahaha. This fanboy crap has to stop...

buynit1516d ago

I can't wait t play on Both consoles.. That's how I role, f that fanboy crap I'm not going to limit my game library.

Shang-Long1516d ago

More power to you for having deep pockets

buynit1516d ago

Gaming isn't cheap and my pockets ain't that deep..

It just wasn't that big of a secret that both was coming out with a console and knew it wasn't going to be any less then 400, it's amazing what putting 40 a week to the side can do..

A decent job and a good budget goes a long way..

ravinash1516d ago

If you have the money and time to play all these games, then more the power to you!

buynit1516d ago

Yes I have the money I been saving it for some time.. Will I have enough time to play all the games? Probably not i have that problem right now with ps+, such an amazing subscription.. But I don't plan on buying every game, just every great game and let's be honest it's not not we get boatloads of great games..

Shang-Long1516d ago

That's what I was gonna do, for getting a ps4 out afew on the side. I'm only choosing one only based on preference and price lol. I love my don't systems but I've own others . I'm actually considering getting a 360 so I can finally play fable and lights if the old republic 2

buynit1516d ago

It's perfectly fine to only get one I'm not trying to force anyone to buy both or one over the other. I just don't get how some ppl can be gamers but have so much hate towards a gaming company, the hit I read on here just be crazy..

I never could get into the fable games, forget the 360 now... Just keep saving your money till your ready for the xb1, and I think they are working on some kind of fable game on it..

Hicken1516d ago

Why is having a preference- or not being interested- all about fanboys?

If I don't like how one company does things and so decide not to support them, why is that dismissed as nothing but "fanboy crap?"

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green1516d ago

Ohh so we like the term 'console exclusive' now? WHat happened to all our Titan equipped PCs?

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