Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer brings changes, improvements, and a few concerns | Gamer Horizon

On the surface, Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer may seem like very little has changed, but looking closer reveals a lot of changes that could be great. But there are areas of concern as well.

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venom061794d ago

not alot of changes at all, but enough to keep the CoD fanboys happy and enough for everybody else to know that there's no innovation, and the series is now just about marketing/MLG and YouTube hype...

3-4-51794d ago

He's kind of right, and you obviously disagree. BTW, one sentence, does not = a story.

I've owned every COD game, they are fun, but you will die from dumb grenades still. You will be spawn camped, you will have dumb teammates, and everything else that comes with COD.

PROS: 16 new maps ( eventually more with DLC )

* 30 new guns - actually is pretty cool

* Sound


* Map Design

* Color Scheme/Palette

* Guns all have too low of recoil making them all too similar.

* Still basically playing MW1, but patched.

After this one, once people see all the other FPS games for next gen consoles, COD won't be selling as many as they did in the past.

N2NOther1794d ago

Eh. As a fan I don't need innovation every title. I like more maps and guns and the changes being made. I just don't like the way everything can and will be exploited. Then again, not every game is for everyone. Not sure why it matters so much what other people enjoy.

Johnsonparts231793d ago

@3-4-5 I mostly agree with you but some of the cons you put are things we don't know for sure yet as no ones played a final build of the game yet. Once it's out for a week and we get our hands on it, then we can start giving more accurate pros and cons.