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My problem with the word "gamer."

Yamilia from Twinfinite writes: "In which I probably offend some of you. I’m sorry if I do, but keep in mind that these are just opinions and I’m just a random person on the internet. My issues with being called a gamer stem from many planted roots. Like, the negative stigma that follows it. The stereotyping, too. Generally, how little I like to label myself or when others label themselves over something they simply happen to love. The article that sparked this debate with myself can be found here. I feel that if we truly want to find good representations of gamers, we should start acting like good representations of people that love to play video games." (Culture)

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Godlovesgamers  +   746d ago
You're like the female version of "ThatGuyWithTheGlasses&qu ot;. You should team up to combine your powers in an attempt at WORLD DOMINATION!!!

I do agree with how you and feel the "Gamer" label. I've felt as you do for about 4 years now. There's so much more to a person than their hobbies.
TrollCraftTales  +   746d ago
I don't like the name, "gamer" because there are so many dickheads that make "gamers" look like idiots...
FateoftheGame  +   746d ago
I'm not offended by this perspective.

However, I do think there is a lot of overthinking involved when one has a problem with the term "gamer."
Number-Nine  +   746d ago
who cares. it's a word. if youre afraid of what other people may think about gamers then maybe youre just insecure and ashamed that you play video games.
staticdash22  +   746d ago
BlackBeardGames  +   746d ago
Agree completely. I like my label.
IcicleTrepan  +   746d ago
It's a hell of a lot better than what the older generation used to call use kids that were addicted to pac-man.

'Vidiots'. This is because they used to think that 'playing video games rots your brain' and other stupid armchair science.
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TunaTacoTim  +   746d ago
Tell em how it is.
Stsonic  +   746d ago
Gamer stereotypes:

Anti social
over weight

The funny thing is life is just one big game anyway so I suppose we are all these things.
lizard81288  +   745d ago
Oddly enough, all of the people that I know that play video games are very fit and outgoing. I may agree with the nerd part though, but only to a certain extent. Not the looks of a nerd, but the smarts of a nerd and general interests, such as anime and comics.
Sketchy_Galore  +   746d ago
It's really a problem with the very act of thinking in labels. It doesn't matter what the word is, no human being can be entirely summed up by one word. There's really no such thing as 'giving a bad name to all ______'. You can only use the behaviour of one gamer to judge all gamers if you can empirically demonstrate that this person's behaviour resulted entirely from them playing videogames and was not even influenced by any other factor in their lives.
sonicsidewinder  +   746d ago
Overthought nonsense.
PositiveEmotions  +   746d ago
So me going out with family and spending time with my ex makes me "not a gamer" psshh please even gamers have a social life.

Theres many types of gamers im the type of gamer that ones i pass a game i stop playing it until a new game that has my attention is announce like knack, watch dogs, deep down and infamous second son.

Theres also certain games that i love keep playing.
cyclindk  +   746d ago
Stubborn bangs...
TunaTacoTim  +   746d ago
I understand, If you don't like being called a gamer then don't call yourself a gamer.

What I don't understand is how something you're uncomfortable with should effect how I identify myself. If me identifying myself as a gamer bothers you, get over it.
Erdrick  +   746d ago
i love identifying myself as a gamer, the title will become popular just like how it's now cool to be a "nerd"
godofboobees  +   746d ago
Oh so you're a gamer? What games do you play? Mostly call of duty. Gtfo!!
cyclindk  +   746d ago
Oh and, it's all just entertainment...

Go to the movies you are not a "movie-goer" by title all of a sudden.

Or a person who watches TV is a what? Televangelist?? no that's not right... Teletubby (kinda) IDK.

You play golf as hobby or basketball you are NOT a golfer or a basketball player... you just play them.

You ARE those things when you do them competitively, in my opinion, even in the amateur arena, i.e. competitive gaming, you ARE a Gamer. League sports, you ARE a ____ Player, Golfer, et cetera (even if it is simply non-league but regular competition play).

I play games, table tennis, digital (video games), Frisbee, basketball, "get the paper ball in the trashcan" and so on ... end.
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TheDivine  +   746d ago
People who love movies are film buffs, football fans (or soccer for you Brits) identify by teams ie Packer fans or Bears fans (if they exist, its Chicago for Pete's sake), people who love golf are golfers, people who love liquor are alcoholics, people who love sex are sexaholics, chocoholics exc. Some are negative if used for an addiction, some are "normal" if describing interest in a hobby. Its all just a word to describe something your passionate about.

I myself am a Gamer for sure. I don't walk around calling myself that (outside of here) I just like games and the industry. I dislike people who act as if its a badge of honor or something specific makes them worthy of the label. One friend of mine got into gaming recently and decided he needed a collection and a backlog to be a gamer. Some think you have to have played such and such but I thinks it's someone who loves gaming period. We all share this same hobby to why divide ourselves? If you don't want a label don't apply one.

Call it what you want to call it I'm a f**ing game-a-holic.
trenso1  +   746d ago
The person talking in the video talks in such a annoying way.
caseh  +   746d ago
The term 'gamer' isn't even releveant here. You would never refer to someone who plays football as a hobby as a 'footballer'. It only becomes a term you can associate with your interest when it is done at a professional level, simple really.
thelaughingwiseman  +   746d ago
if you play any game: sports, board games, tv show games, or electronic games, then you, my friend, are a gamer. The word encompasses a large variety of games that usually all people are consider Gamers. It's just electronic gaming has become more relevant because of the rise of the techno society. Nothing to be ashamed of with being a Gamer.
thelaughingwiseman  +   746d ago
That chick in the video is a poser. I'd agree with her/him if the word "gamer" was used in the pejorative. But it's not.
Ravenor  +   746d ago
No offense...but who are you again?

"Yami is Co-Founder and Co-Executive Editor of this fine establishment. When not ranting about video game advertising, she's trying to make the gaming community less cynical"

Oh there we go.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   746d ago
the word "gamer" doesn't bother me at all. are people still bothered by name calling? lolz it's not even a bad word, and that's even if you lump fanboys and other stupid cliches into it. if someone else THINKS you're something based on a sterotype, then w/e~ it's like if i said i didn't like being called an "asian" or "chinese" because of the sterotypes that are associated with them. i understand it's her opinion, but it's not even a big deal... or even any sort of deal at all. tbh, i think she just comes off as an elitist douchebag lolz it's just a silly title. get over yourself.
Stsonic  +   746d ago
your logic on the eating apples comparison is completely wrong. You can eat an apple in a game and that does not label you an apple eating gamer.

if you play games you are a gamer just as someone who enjoys skateboarding call themselves skaters.
mydyingparadiselost  +   746d ago
I tire of being labeled as a 'human' with a 'job' that pays 'bills' with a 'name' that's a 'guy'. As a creature of infinite grace and poise I prefer no labels at all! I am all or nothing, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end......... or maybe I just like video games and therefore being called a 'gamer' is the best way to quickly and concisely convey that idea without putting forward a resume.
ginsunuva  +   746d ago
For people who never played games, they ask "Do you play the video games?" And I'm not sure what that means.
Do you watch the movies?
Imikida  +   745d ago
I honestly hate the word gamer now a days. Because people are always like "You're not a real gamer if you don't do this or if you play that." When really who is anybody one to say that another person doesn't deserve that label. I mean honestly its just a stupid label nowadays, and taking so much passion in it kind of narrows you down to one type of person.

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