Free-to-play on Xbox "is the future and we have the freaking financial proof", says Victor Kislyi

Wargaming "helped" Microsoft realise the business model's importance.

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Burrito26a1471d ago

"Free to play on Xbox" is not free.

sarcastoid1471d ago

"But I have a Gold membership so this shouldn't be an issue to anyone else huehuehue"

cleft51471d ago

Exactly, as long as "F2P" games are put behind the pay wall, they aren't F2P at all. Hopefully Microsoft sees the wisdom in allowing F2P games be truly F2P.

dirigiblebill1471d ago

World of Tanks is a multiplayer game, so I guess you'd need to pay for PS+ if it came to PS3/PS4. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Serg1471d ago


"World of Tanks is a multiplayer game, so I guess you'd need to pay for PS+ if it came to PS3/PS4. Just thought I'd throw that in there."

Wrong. PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution are all free to play online games, none require a PS+ subscription to play.

Besides, PS3 and Vita multiplayer will remain free, only PS4 needs PS+ for buy to play multiplayer games.

KwietStorm1471d ago


Guess what? Planetside 2 is multiplayer, DC Universe is multiplayer, Warframe is multiplayer, Blacklight is multiplayer. Now guess what they all have in common? Hint: you're wrong.

dirigiblebill1471d ago


Calm down, darlings - I apologise profusely for intruding my ignorance upon your spotless understanding of such matters.

MestreRothN4G1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

^ Right.


In all honesty, yes, F2P seems to be the future and it also seems as horrible as possible. Imagine Demon's Souls 2 with the Candy Crush life limit.




Time for Sony to save the gaming industry again saying: It seems we will be the only big console with complete games (thus forcing MS to make their 7th 180º).

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mcstorm1471d ago

Well free to play is not free to play any anything really. You buy a PS3 you had to pay for the PS3 so it was not free. Same with free apps on phones you have to pay for the phone it just all depends on how you look at it as most things that are free in life are not free.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1471d ago

Please don't try to be technical, you're doing it VERY wrong.

blitz06231471d ago

I know right? I mean you also have to pay for your internet, electricity, a keyboard, a mouse, a controller, a TV, etc. Yeah it's not free at all!

GribbleGrunger1471d ago

Dear Lord, I don't think your argument could get any thinner.

KwietStorm1471d ago

lol nice sarcasm. You were being sarcastic, right?

Robdeagle1471d ago


Don't forget about the house you gotta buy to put all of those things in.

Now we're looking at around 100k- whatever k just to get that damn F2P game.

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pedrof931471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Sony has better F2P games available right now.


Actually I was talking about DC universe, Planet Side 2 and Everquest. I meant games owned by SOE.

cleft51471d ago

I am really loving Tekken Revolution on the ps3. I wasn't really into Tekken before that game, but I really enjoy playing as Asuka and the overall feel of that game in general. I will definitely buy the next major Tekken game that is released.

spicelicka1471d ago

Isn't it going to be the same case with ps4 now that Sony introduced a paywall too? Or are the free to play games gonna be free for all members with an internet connection?

If its not the latter then i think both MS andd Sony should receive backlash.

KwietStorm1471d ago

Free to play games on PS4 are free to play.

FamilyGuy1471d ago

Free-to-play games on PS4 won't require a PS+ subscription for online play.

3-4-51471d ago

It's AN answer not THE answer.

This person obviously doesn't comprehend the difference.

EX: Where can we get food ?

There are thousands of places. Does that mean McDonalds is THE answer ? Nope, there are much better choices.

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_LarZen_1471d ago

Free-to-play my behind. You are being remeinded all the time that you should buy this and buy that.

And in the end you have to pay up to be competitive and end up paying way more then a standalone game.

Developers are not launching these F2P games because they want to be nice and give free stuff around. They know people will end up using more money then normal.

F2P is cancer in the gaming industry.

Fireseed1471d ago

Yeah you just described a bad F2P game, good F2P games don't give paying customers a competitive advantage.

And GOSH! do you actually think a developer wants to go home with a pay check?!? D:

HammadTheBeast1471d ago

League of Legends. Everything can be bought with in game currency, except for skins, and we all know skins are OP /s.

thrust1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Dunno why people have a problem having to pay for live it is totally worth it and only costs £25 a year.

I feel sorry for poor people when it's time for next gen releases.

No_Limit1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Yea, these are the same folks that spend $5 on starbuck everyday like it is nothing but complains that 4-5 is too much per month on a hobby that they are heavily invested into. I got mine every year for $35 at Amazon and have been enjoying a service that I love for years now.

thrust1471d ago

I agree mate, you wanna know what the real problem is?

The fact it is MS and that's the reason to moan about it, it's ok now tho Sony is doing the same thing.

That, or they can only afford one console (cheapest one).

cleft51471d ago

I just canceled my XBL subscription and I am not going to renew it again. The only reason I paid for XBL Gold was to play my games online, I never felt like it was worth it. It was a price I had to pay to get the full use out of my games.

I solved that problem by no longer buying mp games for the 360. Meanwhile, I love paying for my PS+ subscription because it is truly of value to me.

thrust1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

But they are the same now mate, ps+ is needed to play online unless your happy with just planetside 2 which is good but I have played that to death on my pc for ages.

You must of missed out on alot of great mp games, talk about bite your nose off.

So your in the same boat again.

Ps+ is good on the ps3 because of the free games but there will not be free good games on the ps4 for a long time because they are not going to give away games like bf4 when it has only just came out.

Like I said its £25 a year, that's nothin! Some people are cheap tho.

Am going to have both like have already now

DigitalRaptor1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

DriveClub, Outlast and Don't Starve on day one, along with PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, Warframe and Blacklight Retribution. Most of those look pretty great. Especially Outlast, man can't wait for that.

There will be good to great games every month on Plus. And don't forget that this is a cross-platform subscription. It's value out the ears.


I've said this stuff for years. Breaking down your subscription to dollars per year or cents per day makes absolutely no difference on principals and how a company treats its consumers. You'll still be supporting a company that insults by charging for free-to-play games, free apps and has charged for Peer to peer online connectivity for years. There is no value in that - none. All I'm seeing here is corporate apologetics. I mean do you even want me to list the ridiculous number of apps that are behind the paywall to prove how unreasonable MS are?

To be fair, both companies can ask for a charge for online now because their online infrastructures are offering higher-bandwidth solutions and are providing dedicated servers across the board. In fact, Sony has been using dedicated servers on its PS3 games for years, and you didn't see them charging for them.

redwin1471d ago

It's easy, if MS wants to sell hardwear they must have some games like WORLD OF TANKS to be playable with XboxLive silver and they can keep games like COD or BATTLEFIELD remain the same.

GodGinrai1471d ago

Im sure that is what the devs of this game want too. They have said this much. I dont think it would hurt MS to do that with a few games. Some of those people may find themselves more tempted to buy the full gold sub, so they can see what other games they like playing online...that copy of forza 5, bf4 etc. And the moment they make some online friends..thats it..a new active, paying cutomer. that they were not planning on playing online may suddenly become more tempting.

staticdash221471d ago

How is it "free to play" when the games are locked behind a paywall? If I'm a casual gamer planning on getting a next gen console, I'm looking for one that's gonna save me the most money. There are lots of people who have no plans for buying Xbox live gold or PS+ right away. What can they use on the console without having those? Sony's business model is very compelling to the everybody consumer. Basic features shouldn't be locked behind a paywall. If I'm already paying for Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll and basic internet, I should be able to use those apps, not have to pay for xbox live gold.

Anyway, its not free to play that gamers hate. Its' Pay TO Win that we hate. The way warframe does it, is fair and not intrusive to the overall game.

CYCLEGAMER1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Do you honestly believe that the average person is going to buy a next gen system (xbox or playstation) without getting one of the paid subscriptions?? There are not to many people nowadays that play video games without going online. I personally only know of one person who doesn't have xbox live, and that is because he simply does not care to game online.

It kills me that you guys try to pretend like we we are paying for these apps twice. I get xbox live to play multiplayer games, everything else is just extra. All of those other apps a services are available on my tv, cable box, pc, and cell phone. Who cares about the pay wall. You are paying to game online.

staticdash221471d ago

Why are you responding to me? I have no intention of responding to you unless I ask for an opinion. I don't care for your opinion, thank you.