Build a Crysis 3 PC on a Budget

When the original Crysis dropped six years ago, it quickly became the gold standard for visual splendor—and enthusiast agony. Gamers the world over fired up the demo, only to find their previously potent GPU coughing and sputtering. Thus began The Great Upgrade Rush of 2007, as we all upgraded just to play Crysis, and the game became the benchmark for PC gaming for years to come. Whenever a new GPU arrived, the first question on everyone’s mind was, "Will it run Crysis?" When Crysis 2 came along it was a console port, and somewhat scaled-back technologically. The environments were small by PC standards, and developer Crytek didn't expose advanced settings for us to mess with. With Crysis 3, though, Crytek has claimed it would make your PC its bitch, and we must say after benchmarking it that we agree; bitches will be made.

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zeal0us1689d ago

$1,615 PC isn't a budget PC.

Transporter471689d ago

I rather just play it on my PS3/360 fuk that shit.

Autodidactdystopia1688d ago

Im being honest here....

There really isn't such thing as a "Crysis 3" pc on a budget.

maybe a "Crysis" pc on a budget.

crisis 3 is quite literally the most demanding game released in years, well maybe metro LL but they look fantastic when up at full settings, In my opinion full settings is worth every penny but to call that "on a budget" either ends with 17-28fps or not a budget at all.

ThanatosDMC1689d ago

Wow, this is overpriced when you can go to newegg's combo deals and pay for something more than half the price of this and be able to play anything on high-ultra settings.

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slayorofgods1689d ago

That has to be the crappy budget build I've ever seen. A 120 dollar case and 120 dollar psu are not required to play a game. You can easily pay 70 for both on a budget build.

Overpaying on the mobo. A lot more unneeded features for Playing crisis 3. On a budget, cut what you pay in half and then some.

CPU - you can easily downgrade to a i5 or dare I say even older Phenom 2 for 125 and still max out crises 3 with a good gpu.

cooler - NO THANKS I'm on a budget

GPU - If you are admit with graphics, ok not a bad one... If you are me and on a budget you'll try cutting another corner at not pay more then 200 on a gpu and get a gxt 660.

SSD - F That. I'm on a bidget.

FantasyStar1688d ago

The word "budget" is subjective. To me, that's a pretty cheap build for a rig. Also you forget that it's MaximumPC. Not your ordinary outlet for console-afflicted gamers.

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KazHiraiFTW1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Crysis 3 is definitely not worth building a new PC for. Metro Last Light has better graphics and is actually a great game.

badz1491689d ago

I don't think the author knows the meaning of the word "budget"!


awi59511688d ago

Yeah the guy that wrote this is crazy. I never spent that much on a pc to max a game ever. I blow my was on a gpu that can run the game on max settings all that other stuff is unnecessary. I get a average cpu thats enought to run the game at 60 fps anymore than that is just crazy. My games run fine my cpu doesnt bottleneck and i have a 850 watt corsair powersupply.

ATi_Elite1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

That case is UGLY and I'm a Corsair Fanboy
You used a Seagate HDD, what an Idiot, Western Digital all day baby
for $375 u could of bought a HD7970 and had more power
$1615 is NOT budget

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WolfLeBlack1689d ago

I wish I had a budget of over a touch over $1,600.


Ha. Good one.

Lovable1689d ago

DAMN IT!!! My budget is $1616. So close and I would have gotten this awesome budgeted PC.

aquamala1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

on a budget with an i7, SSD, and $250 mobo? ok ...

Stsonic1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Every PC should have at least a 60GB ssd boot drive.

Eldyraen1689d ago

Definitely worth the extra cost in my book--can't believe I kept putting it off for so long.

slayorofgods1689d ago

Sure, but as a future upgrade. Not a budget build to get you started.

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Stsonic1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Well it's understandable to want a larger SSD if you are talking about a laptop but why would you not just have a small SSD boot drive in a desktop PC?

They are very cheap.

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FullmetalAlchemist1689d ago

Hey I have the same pc case c70 corsair. But I got mine in white.

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