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Build a Crysis 3 PC on a Budget

When the original Crysis dropped six years ago, it quickly became the gold standard for visual splendor—and enthusiast agony. Gamers the world over fired up the demo, only to find their previously potent GPU coughing and sputtering. Thus began The Great Upgrade Rush of 2007, as we all upgraded just to play Crysis, and the game became the benchmark for PC gaming for years to come. Whenever a new GPU arrived, the first question on everyone’s mind was, "Will it run Crysis?" When Crysis 2 came along it was a console port, and somewhat scaled-back technologically. The environments were small by PC standards, and developer Crytek didn't expose advanced settings for us to mess with. With Crysis 3, though, Crytek has claimed it would make your PC its bitch, and we must say after benchmarking it that we agree; bitches will be made. (Crysis 3, PC, Tech)

zeal0us  +   696d ago
$1,615 PC isn't a budget PC.
Transporter47  +   696d ago
I rather just play it on my PS3/360 fuk that shit.
Autodidactdystopia  +   695d ago
Im being honest here....

There really isn't such thing as a "Crysis 3" pc on a budget.

maybe a "Crysis" pc on a budget.

crisis 3 is quite literally the most demanding game released in years, well maybe metro LL but they look fantastic when up at full settings, In my opinion full settings is worth every penny but to call that "on a budget" either ends with 17-28fps or not a budget at all.
ThanatosDMC  +   696d ago
Wow, this is overpriced when you can go to newegg's combo deals and pay for something more than half the price of this and be able to play anything on high-ultra settings.
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slayorofgods  +   696d ago
That has to be the crappy budget build I've ever seen. A 120 dollar case and 120 dollar psu are not required to play a game. You can easily pay 70 for both on a budget build.

Overpaying on the mobo. A lot more unneeded features for Playing crisis 3. On a budget, cut what you pay in half and then some.

CPU - you can easily downgrade to a i5 or dare I say even older Phenom 2 for 125 and still max out crises 3 with a good gpu.

cooler - NO THANKS I'm on a budget

GPU - If you are admit with graphics, ok not a bad one... If you are me and on a budget you'll try cutting another corner at not pay more then 200 on a gpu and get a gxt 660.

SSD - F That. I'm on a bidget.
FantasyStar  +   695d ago
The word "budget" is subjective. To me, that's a pretty cheap build for a rig. Also you forget that it's MaximumPC. Not your ordinary outlet for console-afflicted gamers.
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KazHiraiFTW  +   696d ago
Crysis 3 is definitely not worth building a new PC for. Metro Last Light has better graphics and is actually a great game.
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badz149  +   696d ago
I don't think the author knows the meaning of the word "budget"!

awi5951  +   695d ago
Yeah the guy that wrote this is crazy. I never spent that much on a pc to max a game ever. I blow my was on a gpu that can run the game on max settings all that other stuff is unnecessary. I get a average cpu thats enought to run the game at 60 fps anymore than that is just crazy. My games run fine my cpu doesnt bottleneck and i have a 850 watt corsair powersupply.
ATi_Elite  +   695d ago
That case is UGLY and I'm a Corsair Fanboy
You used a Seagate HDD, what an Idiot, Western Digital all day baby
for $375 u could of bought a HD7970 and had more power
$1615 is NOT budget
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FantasyStar  +   695d ago
WD booo......
iMixMasTer872   695d ago | Spam
WolfLeBlack  +   696d ago
I wish I had a budget of over a touch over $1,600.


Ha. Good one.
Lovable  +   696d ago
DAMN IT!!! My budget is $1616. So close and I would have gotten this awesome budgeted PC.
aquamala  +   696d ago
on a budget with an i7, SSD, and $250 mobo? ok ...
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Stsonic  +   696d ago
Every PC should have at least a 60GB ssd boot drive.
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Eldyraen  +   696d ago
Definitely worth the extra cost in my book--can't believe I kept putting it off for so long.
slayorofgods  +   696d ago
Sure, but as a future upgrade. Not a budget build to get you started.
iMixMasTer872   695d ago | Spam
Stsonic  +   695d ago
Well it's understandable to want a larger SSD if you are talking about a laptop but why would you not just have a small SSD boot drive in a desktop PC?

They are very cheap.
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FullmetalAlchemist  +   696d ago
Hey I have the same pc case c70 corsair. But I got mine in white.
Father Murder X  +   696d ago
Crysis isn't worth building a pc for.
boya3gob94  +   696d ago
When will people understand that a pc cant be used for gaming
iamgoatman  +   696d ago
I don't know, when exactly did you land on your head?
Stsonic  +   696d ago
When idiots take over the world.

I actually find it quite hard to game on current gen consoles now with all the low res textures and laggy play.
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RadioActiveTwinky  +   696d ago
WTF is this Sh*t.
This is no Budget PC for Crysis 3.

They should drop:
SSD or HDD. One or the other is fine for right now.

The cooler especially if you want to go budget. Which means you wont be Overclocking the CPU.

They could of gone with an i5-3770k or an FX-8350. whichever you can find a good deal on.

Deff a diff case.

These are the type of articles that scare off people from enjoying PC.

This PC build is more for someone that already knows the ins and outs of a PC.

Definitely not an Entry level or mid level type of PC.
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ViolaNAtwell   696d ago | Spam
hiredhelp  +   696d ago
This is a bad example of a build to run crysis 3.
Holeran  +   696d ago
Or you could wait a while get a PS4 and 18 PS4 games for about the same amount of cash. HMMMM
FanboyCrusher  +   696d ago
Crysis 3 wasn't a good enough game to build a PC specifically for anyways. You're much better of building it for Battlefield 4, or any other demanding game on PC.
FantasyStar  +   695d ago
The most demanding game on PC right now is Minecraft with SEUS mod. God-damn.....

Or Planetside 2
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MonicaMWayne   696d ago | Spam
Tundra  +   696d ago

here's a nice budget PC. 1600 is no where near "budget"
FantasyStar  +   695d ago
There's a huge difference between Tom's Hardware and MaximumPC. Ask a noob-question on Tom's: you might get a good answer. DO the same on Maxi and you'll be ridiculed and LMGTFY links everywhere.
ninjahunter  +   696d ago
Lol, cmon site, there are $600 machines that can max crysis 3 out! Get your shizzle together!
cesuf  +   696d ago
Used, but new, $600 gunna be too low for max settings.

For ps3/xbox low settings, ya sure.
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manageri   696d ago | Spam
JackBNimble  +   696d ago
@ manageri
Bullshit! Maybe this gen, but not next gen , which is only a few months away.
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ninjahunter  +   696d ago
For anyone that does not believe me,
An ati 7850 with new drivers can play crysis 3 on ultra at roughly 35 FPS. And an Amd Fx-6300 CPU is capable of roughly 45fps average when not bottlenecked. (this is before overclocking)

At full price(amazon), new, these two components add up to around $290 or so. And you can definatelly budget all the other required parts for $310 Dvd drive, ram, motherboard, case and PSu. But, the downside is that an operating system will run you another $100.

Anyway thats the basics of a system that will max out crysis 3 at roughly 35fps in 1080p, no antialiasin other than Fxaa for $600.
FantasyStar  +   695d ago
Your standards for "maxing" Crysis 3 are absurdly low. 35FPS average at what? 13x7 resolution consistent? FXAA isn't "maxing anything". It's a compromise.

All due-respect, not everyone will care about consistent 60FPS at 19x10 with MSAA but when you see it yourself: you'll know what it means to have a "max'd" game.
FragMnTagM  +   696d ago

This will Max Crysis 3 with ease. For $766 that is one beast of a machine. Of course parts can be switched in and out to save some cash. You might be able to get this around the 600 dollar range, but I literally threw that together in less than two minutes.
thebudgetgamer  +   696d ago
That's not my price range at all.
Spoons  +   696d ago
This is why I don't pc game, cuz my budget isn't over a grand.
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The_Truth_24_7  +   696d ago
PS4 is still superior.
Yukicore  +   696d ago
I have a high end PC, but I don't have an SSD. FML...

About the article. i7 for gaming is useless, almost no difference in performance compared to i5. Only thing that matters are the clock speeds.

And they completely ignored the "without suffering crisis... actually that title is a fail, maybe someone wouldn't suffer from crisis even if they bought the most top-end hardware on their PC. It would have been wiser to title it a budget PC, but the PC is far, far out of mid-budget PC range.
KazHiraiFTW  +   696d ago
Crysis 3 actually makes good use of hyperthreading so you will see higher fps with an i7 than an i5. More games in the near future will be the same.
Yukicore  +   695d ago
You think so? Check this out - http://www.vortez.net/artic...

Most games barely take advantage of 4 cores, 8 cores is an over-kill for now. Maybe some day developers will make use of it.
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KazHiraiFTW  +   695d ago
lol, that was on a single 7970 so obviously gpu limited. Have a look at this:


Up until now most games do not take advantage of hyperthreading because the 360 and ps3 cpu's are so weak. With the new consoles coming out that will change and I would never recommend anyone buy a 4 core cpu w/o hyperthreading now unless they want to upgrade next year.
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ExCest  +   696d ago
Going supernova with the build and only going 8gb of ram?

And more, 8gb split into 4 sticks of 2gb? Ridiculous, I say!
cesuf  +   696d ago
Gaming uses a max of 4-6gigs. Where did u think you would use 8+? If it was a 3 monitor setup, ya ok then.
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ExCest  +   696d ago
And this build has an i7. That itself is useless in gaming.

Which is why I said this build was supernova. It's balls off the walls crazy and that makes me question why the ram is so sane (albeit stupid).
Murad  +   696d ago
Actually, the i7 is amazing with gaming, especially games that use multi-threading. But the AMD FX-Series is just as good in almost every way possible, as long as you dont' bottle neck it of course.
Murad  +   696d ago
Actually, some games use a lot less than 4, it really depends on the ram really. Also, most games now are starting to use the full four and above. Battlefield 3 is the only title I've seen so far that utilizes all 6 GB's or even close to 8.
ExCest  +   695d ago

What I meant was that the i7 has minimal performance difference in games versus an i5 and yet this article chooses it, adding an unneeded 90 dollars to the mix.
sourav93  +   696d ago
I can build a PC for Crysis 3 from £650 to £800. That may seem a bit high for some of our American readers here, but I'm more or less certain those same components will cost around $750 to $800 in the US. I literally lol'd at the $1615 "budget" price.
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Murad  +   696d ago
I literally lol'd when he said the price for a system or something was 5,000. I was like, no it's not.
kingduqc  +   696d ago
with 1600$ you can do so much more, their build is retarded...
SonyPS4  +   696d ago
My friend built a better PC than this, that also cost him about 400 less. Please don't build gaming PCs for a living.
Murad  +   696d ago
This is a terrible article. Didn't anyone look at the real specs? The guy bought a SSD along with a HDD. THere's really no point at all, considering a graphics card can easily be better than a SSD any day of the week. Also, you don't need an i7, you can buy a FX-Series that has 4.3 ghz, and that shit can make things run over 60 fps easily, and it's 200 friggin dollars cheaper. There's so many better things you can do than the ones that he set up.
Bladesfist  +   696d ago
I have a 128gb SSD, 500gb HDD and 2TB HDD but these are things I added over time when I needed them. Not when I first built a PC. (I have the 2TB drive exclusive to my steam install and have over 200 games installed and ready to play)
Murad  +   696d ago
Exactly my point. The thing is, this guy wants you to buy one right off the bat for that much. IN addition to that, let's be honest, the only reason you have so many GB is because you don't want to reinstall those games. While the only reason you have an SSD is to load OS faster, games much quicker and so on. No one in their right mind would do two hard drives, especially considering there's not a single game out there with more GB's than 100.
menghina  +   696d ago
I just build a PC to a friend of mine
i3 -3220
GPU HD7770
And it runs the games pretty well on 1680x1050.
Yukicore  +   695d ago
Pretty weak for Crysis 3 level games, how much you spent on it?
sourav93  +   695d ago
What settings does the game run on?

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