Saints Row 4 Inauguration Station is live for PC, Xbox 360

VG247:Inauguration Station, the Saints Row 4 account which allows you to create your character and download it into the game upon release is live on Xbox Live and Steam. According to Deep Silver, it will release on the North American end of PSN next Tuesday “due to circumstances beyond our control.” A video showing how it works is below. Check out the opening mission while you are at it. Saints Row 4 hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America on August 20, and across Europe on August 23.

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JohnApocalypse1750d ago

I was hoping they would do this

1750d ago
kostchtchie_1750d ago

ha ha great trailer, cannot wait for this game love Saints Row, so much do in there games, so much fun

bluetoto1749d ago

Seems they added nothing as far as character customization upgrades or taunts.