Reggie Responds To Twitter Question Asking For His Inclusion In Smash Bros.

NE: Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aime has been a gaming industry executive favorite ever since he climbed on stage, starred into the E3 audience and proclaimed he’s about kickin’ ass, takin’ names and makin’ games.

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zeal0us1805d ago

"If he wants, my body is ready." LMAO

Whelp next step guys is to get Sakurai to put Reggie in the game.

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AWBrawler1805d ago

i like how he took the meme that was supposed to mock him, and made it his own! Reggie is pretty cool IMO

Yep1804d ago

He actually started it himself at an E3 when he was testing out the Wii Balance Board and said "My-My body is ready."

But yeah, it's great to know that these execs are actually in touch with memes. I'm sure they've seen all the gifs too haha.

AWBrawler1804d ago

i know, and it was made to mock him because he said it

3-4-51805d ago

At first I was like " ehh wouldn't work", but the more I think about, it would be Legendary and he would fit in with Nintendo more than the Wii fit girl.

So yea I'm all for Reggie being in Smash Brothers because it would give it some of that funny Japanese weirdness that ends up making games so great.

LOL_WUT1805d ago

Apparently his body is ready ;)

kirbyu1805d ago

I actually would like to see him in.

And now that he's brought that up, someone should mod Ocarina of Time so you play as him.

the worst1805d ago

super smash bros is dead

Zodiac1805d ago

It's too mainstream, brah.It became crap after it became a system seller with melee.

Brawl was only good until it started selling a lot.

EcoSos31805d ago

No lolwut is just the second one above him...

_QQ_1805d ago

Nice opinion man, i respect your opinion and all,but sorry the numbers don't. :D

3-4-51805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

@ worst . Combo Master at the Arcade is waiting for a rematch.

Secreting bragging about your gaming skills ?

truechainz1804d ago

@the worst

haha good one


Not sure if you are joking, but if you are not then I guess we can't like popular stuff. Good luck conforming to nonconformity.

Zodiac1804d ago

Lol, i was joking. I'm super excited for Smash Bros on WiiU. Finally get to play smash on the go.

Just gonna branch out hear and say that Mega Man and The villager may need to be nerfed a bit.

truechainz1804d ago

oh haha good joke then. Bubs

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GreenRanger1805d ago

Wouldn't they have to pay him to use his likeness?

I bet his body is ready to get paid!

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