Stupid Console Games You Should Play: Binary Domain

"Binary Domain is a very easy game to recommend. Do you like Gears of War style cover-based shooters? Do you never tire of shooting at robots? Are you a fan of storytelling that is next-level insane? If you answered yes to at least two of those, I find it even easier to recommend this game to you; shine on, you crazy diamond." - Brian Acebedo of Str N Gaming

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TalesofDalton1689d ago

Binary Domain is one of my favorite B-games of all time. Wonderful style and solid game play. It's definitely a sleeper everyone should check out.

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brianace1689d ago

Agreed. Definitely an oddball game few have heard of. But worth tracking down, if only for the bizarre story. Plus it's cheap as hell.

delicia1689d ago

I also liked the way the enemies got destroyed. The guns are nice as well.

jc485731689d ago

shame on you if you bought Operation Raccoon City over Binary Domain.

Murad1689d ago

I haven't played Binary Domain, but looking back, Operation Raccoon looked amazing, seemed like it'd be hella fun, and actually had a great atmosphere. But when you actually played the game, it looked like crap, looked like crap, and is crap. Not sure tough, I might wait for the price to go down regardless.

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hay1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Absolutely the best shooting game for me this gen. Way too short for what I'd like to spend with this game.

jc485731688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

for a shooting game, it was pretty long. I also like the little Mass Effect moments they throw in into the game like they were experimenting with different gameplay styles. Remember, this game was meant to combine both Japanese and Western style together.

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zeal0us1689d ago

Binary Domain was a great game but I couldn't take the enemies in the game seriously. The robots in Vanquish were more intimidating than the ones in Binary Domain.

brianace1689d ago

Were you not a fan of the robot gorilla? I have heard only good things about Vanquish, it's on my list of free PlayStation plus games that I never seem to have time to play.

hay1689d ago

Play on higher diffs, and the look will start to become deceiving.

jc485731688d ago

Staffs of Vanquish also worked on Binary Domain

Benjammin251689d ago

This game was awesome. I love the squad mechanic. The way that if you sit back and do nothing, your team members will bring it up. Really would love a sequel.

games_FTW1689d ago

Binary Domain is one of the most underrated game.

it had great story and I like how the trust meter of your friends can effect the story and the outcome.

caseh1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Yeap, as a result it's one of the few single player campaigns i've played through more than once this gen.

If there was a game I would have welcomed DLC for, Binary Domain would be that game.

j-blaze1689d ago

great game wish it had new game plus

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